Solutions for Standing Desk with Storage

April 22, 2021

standing desk with storage

Sacrificing Storage Space for a Standing Desk?

With the popularity of standing desks, people are getting fit from burning more calories and getting relief from back pain during their workday. But these benefits do not come without some compromise.

Generally, standing desks lack something that sitting desks have. A drawer. Storage that holds a stapler, tape dispenser, calculator, and extra pens among other things. The only place to put those items is the top of the standing desk. The clean workspace has turned into a cluttered mess.

Sacrificing a desk drawer to switch to a standing desk is something most workers miss. The loss of valuable storage space is a very big drawback of standing desks. Once the drawer is eliminated, the free desk space becomes a valuable property.

Space solutions for Standing Desk Storage

In storage options for standing desks, there are four categories: trays and drawers, hanging storage solutions, floor pedestals, and mountable hanging storage.

Storage for a standing desk can be as small and simple as a tray under the desk surface for pencils, pens, and paperwork. While this might be enough for the regular users, big users who work with a lot of paperwork, files or additional storage needs want more space. While big storage options could be the storage room or file cabinets with a lock, there are now some solutions for small items to be mounted to the underside of the desk’s surface. 

The mounted storage option has a similar experience to the more traditional style desk. The alternative free-standing options are usually mobile, allowing to move them from underneath the desk when the user decides to take a seat.

Fortunately, there are several varieties of trays and drawers for standing desks available for you to choose from.

These are the small storage options:

1. Swivel Pencil Drawer 

This small storage solution is the swivel pencil drawer. It has a max-width of 14”, max depth of 8”, and height of 1”. The swivel drawer has five separate compartments. One compartment is designed to store a roll of scotch tape and next to it for a small stack of post-it notes. Two smaller compartments are used for items such as paper clips. The largest compartment is large enough to store most types of pens, pencils, or markers.

The swivel pencil drawer is a good fit for a small amount of space for things like pencils, pens, post-it notes, etc. It removes some of the clutter on the work surface and provides easy access to the user’s items.

The disadvantage of the swivel pencil drawer is that if there are a lot of pens, pencils, or markers which it may be too small. Larger rolls of scotch tape do not fit in the swivel drawer’s dispenser. The swivel pencil drawer is only good for small items.

2. Full-Size Pencil Drawer

The full-size pencil drawer is the next small storage solutions list. This product is a bit larger than the swivel drawer. It is square in shape and is capable to maximize storage space. With the overall dimensions of 22.5” wide, 16.675” deep, and 1.75” tall, the full-size drawer takes up a bit more space.

Due to its full size, it will not work on 24” deep desks. It has five compartments overall; the full-size drawer has four easy to access compartments in the front section of the drawer. There is one large space in the back for larger items. The full-size pencil drawer has full ball-bearing slides to make sliding the drawer in and out easy.

The full-size pencil drawer is suited for people who want to add a good size junk drawer to the standing desk. The four smaller compartments located in the front are easily accessible pencils, paper clips, and similarly sized items. The large compartment can fit notepads, full-size sheets of paper, and additional items usually found on the desk’s surface. Being so large, it can easily store larger items like staplers, rulers, scissors, etc.

Because of its full-size drawer, it can be too large for knee clearance issues when it is lowered to sitting height. Also, there might no room for other items like a keyboard tray. Desks that are less than 60” wide might not be able to fit the keyboard tray and drawer, except by overlapping each other. It can also create additional clearance issues for your knees.

For Larger Storage Options

1. Hanging Box/File Pedestal 

This large storage solution can be attached to the desk. Its dimensions are 12.25” W x 14.75” D and 16.625” H. This option includes a single lock system that will lock the box and file drawer with one key. The Hanging box/file features a smaller drawer on the top that can be used as a junk drawer. This box drawer includes a small removable pencil tray. The large drawer on the bottom is designed to hold standard size hanging files. Because the pedestal file is smaller than normal, the hanging files hang perpendicular to the file drawer. It is available in a black or silver finish to match each desk’s frame.


Depending on the amount of storage needed for the standing desks, there are several solutions to suit your storage needs.  Switching to a standing desk need not sacrifice storage space. Paying attention to the dimensions will make sure the cabinet underneath won’t compromise legroom when sitting. 

It doesn’t matter whether sitting or standing, the drawers are an easy reach away. Having a standing desk does not mean accommodating storage space to your comfort. There always a way to adapt storage to the health of the workers.

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