Stay Basic: The Four Basic Homeowner Skills Your Growing Child Must Learn

April 22, 2021

Stay Basic: The Four Basic Homeowner Skills Your Growing Child Must Learn
Excelsia Tallorin

As a parent, it is your duty and responsibility to keep your house clean and tidy. Another one of your long list of responsibilities is making sure that everything runs smoothly inside your house. That means that your monthly dues are paid, the pantry is well-stocked, any appliances or furniture that need repairs are fixed, and that meals are hot and ready to eat.

All of those are very noble ways of showing that you love your family but a helping hand is always welcome. Which is why it is important to teach your growing children how to do some basic homeowner skills that will lighten your workload and help them be great adults in the future.

  1. Housekeeping and Cleaning

- A clean and tidy home is a relaxing sight to see and the perfect place to be in. On the other hand, a long stressful day at work is only exacerbated by a cluttered and dusty home-- if you even call it as such. Be honest, when you are tired from work, the last thing you want to do is to clean your house

Which is why, it is best to teach your children about housekeeping and cleaning while they are young. Since most children are still fascinated by the world around them and are enthusiastic little workers, you do not need to push too hard for the little ones to move.

The first thing you must do is to let them watch you clean around the house. This way, they would appreciate how clean and tidy your home turns after a few sweeping and wipes. Seeing the end result also teaches them the great value of hard work, which will also come in handy whenever they are ready to take on other tasks. 

In addition, cleaning up also instills to them a sense of responsibility and consequences. Knowing that if they make a mess, someone has got to clean it up as their mess is their obligation. Your children are also aware of the fact that a dirty home messes up with their health as well.

Once they learn how cleaning works, you will see that they are more than happy to offer a helping hand. Try to make an effort by making cleaning more fun by getting some small cleaning materials that they can easily hold and use. With the right and child-friendly equipment, your kids would make less mistakes and do their chores well.

Speaking of making mistakes, you must keep in mind that reprimanding them if they mess up while cleaning would only produce negative feelings. This means that your child would be less likely to try again and master this basic household task.

Furthermore, never make cleaning like a punishment by getting them to go to their rooms to clean it up because they behaved badly. As a general rule, it is best to try having a heart to heart talk first to discipline them

  1. Cooking

- The kitchen is considered as the heart of a home because this is where a family gets together over home-cooked meals loaded with love. As everyone knows, a fancy restaurant’s most expensive bestseller is no match to a parent’s cooking.

Also, children develop their unique palate through their parent’s cooking so it is important to expose them to the different food groups. By getting them to try healthier meals, you also  improve your children’s lives by guiding them through the right direction.

According to a study titled, “Frequency of eating home cooked meals and potential benefits for diet and health: cross-sectional analysis of a population-based cohort”, frequently eating home cooked meals is related to healthier dietary quality and lower risk of obesity. 

Now that you are enlightened by these facts, the best way to teach them how to eat healthily is surprisingly, through letting them learn how to cook.

If you are thinking of your child’s safety while cooking, be an attentive presence and keep an eye out for the way they hold the cooking utensils. This greatly lessens their risk of getting hurt by the things you are using to prepare a meal.

It is also important to remember that their hands are not as developed as yours so maybe leave cutting fruits and vegetables to the adults. Instead, give your children easy cooking tasks like washing the produce, mixing or mashing some ingredients, or supervising them to carefully pour the ingredients on the pot.

  1. Grocery Shopping

- While grocery shopping can be a fun activity to do with your children, we are not forgetting the fact that the COVID-19 virus can still be acquired no matter how you protect your child. Which is why online shopping is your next course of action to teach them this basic life skill.


Grocery shopping teaches them the value of money and why they should make an effort to spend it wisely. The act of choosing between their needs and wants also shows the reality that they must learn how to prioritize in life.

Hopefully, when the global pandemic is over, you can show your children how to choose the freshest produce for the best home-cooked meals that they also learned how to cook-- all thanks to their best parent in the world.

  1. Basic Sewing

Having new clothes is nice and all but for most of the time, old clothes are still usable if the little hole or missing buttons are just stitched.

Teaching your children the basics of sewing like patching a hole or replacing a button also instills to them the mindset that if it is broken, try to fix it first-- if it is still broken, then it is the only time to shop for a new one. Mending clothes by themselves makes them value their handicraft as well as  the art of mindful thriftiness.

Who even knows, your children might love sewing and take it up as a hobby. A great sewing machine should be your top priority if that ever happens. While sewing is a great skill and pastime, extended periods of sitting in front of a sewing machine is not swell for their spinal health.

Do not worry though because withFlexiSpot's  Height Adjustable Sewing Table, your children with a passion for sewing can have a more comfortable experience that would spur more creativity towards the newfound love for the craft.

Now that you have taught your kids the four basic homeowner skills, you can sit back, relax, and know in your heart that you raised them well.

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