3 Ideal Ergonomic Standing Desks for Primary and Middle School Students

May 28, 2021

The Smart Students

Children are naturally clever. They are curious by nature hence, they need to move around a study area that could help them hone their skills and intelligence. Thus, Flexispot is here to bring the topmost ergonomic standing desk for our little geniuses. When we talk about the ideal kid's desk, three products could be recommendable. 

● Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk

The Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk is a 2-stage desk. It has a height range of 27.9-47.6" (without a desktop). With this kind of height, your schoolchildren would be able to do their homework or do their projects on the table without straining their backs or necks. We all know that the child's body is fragile and not helping him maintain a proper posture would harm his spine. Although this product has no memory presets that would record the desired height and it does not have a sit-stand reminder, this still has the height adjusting buttons that your child could turn on should he decides to sit firmly on the floor or he wants a little higher while doing his homework. What is also good about this desk is the low noise level that is less than 50 decibels. So, it would not create much disturbance even the desk is lifted from time to time. This product has a long period of warranty (5 years for the frame, motor, and other mechanisms while one would be given 2 years for the switch, controller, and electronics) that means customers would be guaranteed a superb service and would be ensured that the product would be maintained sustainably. 

This study desk also grows with your child because specifically, the table could be useful for kids whose height range from 4"8-6"3 so this desk could be used by the children for long years/ It's more economical because compared to the traditional desks, you don't need to replace the table year after year as your child grows taller because even your child reaches the height of 5'8 at the age of 14, you could simply press the buttons and enjoy using the table for his homework. 

This desk provides a smooth transition too no matter how much it's moved or set on a particular height; it would not make the objects on the surface roll, drop, or tumble. So, despite the busy activities of your child, you don't have to worry that the table or desk would shake or move compared to ordinary study desks.

Lastly, the Height Adjustable ErgonomicStudy Desk is proven to be robust because of the sturdy steel frames that give the right balance so it's proven safe for the children. 

Now that we have an idea on the first kind of study desk for our kids, we may decide if we would choose a manual type of study desk but grows with our child and can maintain the child's posture. This is not as fancy as the next type of study desk which is the Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk/Kids Desk-40"W but this can ensure your child's safety because of its robust features. 

● Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk/Kids Desk -40"W

The Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk/kids desk is the second type of study desk that your child could enjoy using for several reasons. This is also called the study desk SD1 that is has a brighter color than younger learners could enjoy seeing. Study Desk SD1 offers the height range from 21.7" (the lowest position) and 35" (the highest position) hence it is ideal for tall students too. Even our college students could enjoy using this desk. If your child needs to put a lot of books and a heavy bag, you don't need to worry about it because this study desk could carry a maximum load of 88lbs which's a total of 40kg. This is also a type of sit-stand desk that has an anti-collision feature and has frames that could ensure your child's safety from injury. All these fantastic features for only $239.99 (originally from $299.99-you can save $60). This product has a great price because imagine getting a product that has impressive safety features; your child would not just feel comfortable using it, he may also have meaningful study time. 

The study desks mentioned above are proven to be kid-friendly and would allow them to sit and stand as they study their lessons or do their projects. Hence, as a parent, you may choose which one suits your child's needs and could meet your budget. This last type of study desk maybe not just for working adults but may also be ideal for our little artists. If your child loves sketching and drawing, you may consider buying him the: Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B ED1B or the Height Adjustable Drafting Table from Flexispot.

One of the most amazing standing desks that offers an ergonomic solution, not for the adult workers but our little geniuses. This is a good choice for your young artist. It's because ED1B has a lifting capacity of 110lbs and the height range is from 28.7"-48.4". This shows that even middle school students could enjoy drawing on this table. If your child loves sketching or doing his homework using a device, the ED1B is also ideal because its desktop size is 47.2 in width and 23.6 in dimension so he could place his tablet or phone on the surface safely. You don't have to worry that the device would slide off or fall from the desk too this desk features a safety ledge stopper that could allow your child to place the gadget on the surface while he tilts the board on his desired angle. Lastly, the ED1B is pretty expandable so if your child wishes to do different artwork activities, he could simply extend the drafting table and finish his desired task by himself. ED1B indeed is an innovative convertible standing desk that would help your child achieve his masterpiece with ease. 

Final Thoughts

When thinking of our child's creativity and skill, it always becomes a challenge to come up with the best piece of equipment. What's good about this is Flexispot offers the best choice of standing desk for your little genius. So, with the right choice of a standing desk. Whether you want to go a little economical with the Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk or a little more creative with the Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B, you just need to make sure what suits your child.

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