The Benefits of Using a Drafting Table for Left Handed Children

May 13, 2021

The Creative Left-Handed

In an article written online, it was mentioned that experts still could not understand why 10 percent of the population is left-handed. In some cultures, when a child is seen dominantly using his left hand, he is forced to use his right hand. It is because to avoid the stigma that using the left hand is awkward and because most people use the right hand especially in holding the utensils when eating. On the other hand, some right-handed individuals are fascinated with others who are left-handed. In Science, it is proven that practicing both hands in doing some tasks such as washing the dishes, brushing the teeth and others could stimulate the brain's function. Hence, enhancing and proactively nurturing a child with dominant left-handedness could help him do activities easily. This condition might be caused by the wirings of a person's brain.

In today's article, we would be talking about: 

● the causes of left-handedness

● the advantages of being left-handed

● problems encountered by the lefties

● tips on how to raise and nurture a left-handed child

● the benefits of using a drafting table for a left-handed child

As mentioned online, left-handed people think differently. Compared to a right-handed person, a left-hander's brain tends to be more flexible because their corpus callosum can be 11 percent bigger than the right-handers'. The corpus callosum is the broad nerve tract that allows both hemispheres to communicate with each other. Now, let's get into further details; let us know more of the:

I.Causes of Left-handedness:

Although it has not been proven yet, there is a theory which states that parents who are both right-handed tend to have a left-handed child, aside from that, there are other reasons linked to this: 

● GENES: There is a probability that a single gene might be passed from the parent to the child which may influence him which hand would he favor to use. As a result, the child inherits this ability, and his left-handedness prevails when he starts gripping things. 

● FETAL DEVELOPMENT: Experts propose that left-handedness is more of an environmental influence than genetic. They say that while the fetus is developing in the womb, the changes in hormones in the mother's body may influence the preference of the child when it comes to the dominant hand to be used in the future. 

● SEX: Experts also suggest that the male hormone testosterone influences right and left-handedness. 

It is also theorized that children experience the development of preferred handedness although in younger years they both use their hands because of convenience. For example, the toy robot is near them, regardless of their preferred hand. In that case, the hand that is near the object would be used. Meanwhile, a UK study suggests that handedness starts in the utero where babies found their handedness. In this study, it was found out that 9 out of 10 babies preferred to suck their right thumb more than their left thumb and this preference was borne out later in life. 

As said earlier, lefties think differently. Their characteristics are unique. Hence, being left-handed have advantages such as: 

II.Advantages of being Left-Handed

● They are on the edge when it comes to sports from fencing to boxing. 

● They can take the opponent by surprise. They have the unique style of winning the game because of their hand positions at times.

Despite these advantages, there are still problems encountered by left-handers and most of these bring difficulties in school or during their extra-curricular activities such as:

III.The Problems Encountered by the Lefties:

● They need to grab their hands so they could write without smudging the ink. 

● Left-handed people are forced to do the mirror writing wherein they write back to front. 

● Most of the young lefties find it difficult to operate on tools such as scissors because they are made for right-handers. 

In this case, when you discover that your child is a lefty, you must keep in mind the following ways on how to raise a left-handed child so he can live normally and get by all the tasks in school and at home.

IV: Tips on How to Raise and Nurture a Left-Handed Child:

● The parents may monitor their child's handedness

Whenever your child tries to reach the toy or grab food. At times, when they stir using a spoon, parents could closely monitor them; Right-handers stir clockwise while lefties stir counterclockwise. 

● Parents should understand well their nature

As mentioned earlier, their brains are more flexible however it is notable that perceive sound differently. The lefties process sounds more slowly than the right-handers because left-handers are right-brained people hence when it comes to sound, they can pick nuances in speech and music better, making them great songwriters. 

● Left-Handed people tend to be more fearful:

Due to the pressure that most lefties experience in interacting in a world full of righties, they are forced to use their shield hand often increasing the activity in the hemisphere of the brain that triggers fear according to Daniel Cassano, a researcher. 

● Parents must not force their left-handed child to do things using the right hand:

This may create confusion and possible improper grip of objects such as the utensils and writing tools. As a result, it may affect their handwriting and handling of utensils. So, if you notice your child be using his left hand there is nothing to worry about. 

● Invest in art materials and tools that are created for left-handed:

Lefties are dominated by the right brain hence most of them are very inclined to arts or painting. This would not be a problem because there are tools made for left-handed people.

V. The benefits of using a drafting table for a left-handed child

Aside from these tips, the most effective way to nurture them is to let them know that you support them throughout their journey. Explore their talent using a product from Flexispot. You may consider a standing desk that has a tiltable tabletop to ensure your child's convenience when sketching or drawing regardless if he is using his left hand. This standing desk or the Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B has an anti-collision system that could let your child enjoy drawing and sketching using his left hand without the worry of him getting injured or the product be destroyed in the long run. With this product, your child may enjoy his artwork without the fear that the table would just suit the right-handed.

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