The Best Tricks & Products to Make Your Small Office Appear Bigger

April 16, 2021

 A Blue Home Office

Are you ready to design a home office you love but worry about having sufficient space?

Don’t fret. 

Having a small living space doesn’t have to mean working in a cramped environment. The right interior design ideas can make your small office appear bigger. It all depends on the kind of furniture you choose and how you arrange it.

Here are some home décor insights to get you started:

Design Tip #1: Declutter and Organize Your Workspace 

Yup, you heard us.

The key to creating a functional work environment lies in good old organization skills. Consider it the foundation of your home office layout. Creating an efficient storage system will ensure that you have adequate room for your essential items. These include everything from laptops, tablets, desk convertors to stationery items.

The tidy environment will create the illusion of having a larger working space. 

Here are a few decluttering tips to follow:

Opt for Vertical Storage Spaces

Whether you’re planning to get a bookshelf, chest of drawers, or filing cabinet, choose a vertical design when it comes to small offices. The sleeker, the better. That’s because the narrow design will leave square footage for other furniture. At the same time, its height will ensure that you have enough space to store your office supplies. 

Our colorful mobile filing cabinets and mesh desk organizers are an ideal fit in this situation. 

Hide Those Cables 

In this digitally-inclined world, there are bound to be loose cables and wires hanging around. We recommend using cable management kits, charging stations, or discreet desks with USB ports to ensure everything stays out of sight.

Invest in Multifunctional Furniture 

Modern workers are slowly embracing the ‘fewer the better’ motto for interior designing. The minimalistic approach makes your room look airier and roomier than spaces with more objects. 

Therefore, we recommend choosing statement items that strike a balance between style and functionality. These include desk bikes for fitness enthusiasts, all-in-one standing desks, standing desks with drawers, amongst other things. 

Let Things Go

After working at home for almost a year, you might have grown attached to some items. The question is whether or not they serve an actual purpose. Survey the cluttered corners to get rid of things you rarely use. 

If parting with them seems overwhelming, find a new home for them. 

These small steps will make your working area roomier than before. 

Design Tip # 2: Play with Colors 

Believe it or not, dark colors (like red, yellow, orange, and purple) make rooms look smaller. That’s why many corporate buildings have white interiors. You can follow suit by swapping your vibrant swatches for paler palettes. Trendy color schemes include cream, light grey, sky blue, and pastel pink. 

If you want to switch things up, you can paint the ceiling a darker shade. Its presence will attract attention and add more depth to your room. 

Here are some more ways to incorporate color in your working space:

  1. Color code your favorite items and arrange them heightwise. It will add additional depth and drama to your storage surfaces. 

  2. Wall hangings and artwork can add a splash of color to your neutral-hued walls. 

  3. Make your room brighter and livelier with potted plants, hanging plants, and miniature versions on shelves/window sills. 

  4. Use quirky stationery to add a striking contrast to the muted walls and furniture. 

  5. Choose colored desktops for your workstations instead of opting for black or white shades. Use the same strategy for filing cabinets and shelves. 

  6. Use ergonomic accent chairs, throwaway pillows, rugs, and other vibrant items to decorate the working area. 

The main idea is to get creative and feel free to add colorful things through small details. 

Design Tip # 3: The Mirror Effect & Natural Lighting 

If you are lucky enough to have a room with a view, ditch those dark drapes for sheer curtains. You can also keep the windows bare to let natural light into the room. Plus, you will enjoy the fresh air and ventilated atmosphere too. 

Apart from this, you can place mirrors in your home office.

There are several different ways to incorporate mirrors into your home office layout.

Our top picks include:

  1. Full-length vertical mirrors propped in a corner or near the bookshelf. 

  2. You can create an aesthetically arranged statement wall with multiple-sized mirrors. 

  3. Ornamental clay mirrors or other decorative renditions 

Like the windows, the room looks less small because of the reflective surface.  This illusion will make your small office appear bigger by giving it faux-depth. 

Master Spacing & Angling: The Best Products to Make Your Home Office Bigger 

Many homeowners make the mistake of shoving their furniture against the wall to create space. Unfortunately, this technique makes your working area look crowded. Try angling your furniture instead. It leaves more breathing room around the larger items.

Subsequently, this arrangement can make your small office appear bigger. 

Do remember that every inch matters when it comes to tight spaces. We already have vertical cabinets in our corner. Yet, sometimes you might not have enough room for them. 

If that’s the case, these practical products might work for you:

1. The Space-Saving Desk: L-Shaped Standing Desk E1L

Are you working from home? You need a standing desk. 

It’s an ergonomic strategy that many remote workers are implementing these days. The only trouble is that some home offices don’t have room for standard designs. Our L-shaped standing desk E1L can become a lifesaver in such situations. 

It’s got all the bells and whistles of advanced features of its counterparts, including a dual-motor lifting system, memory function for height adjustments, and an anti-collision safety mechanism. Plus, reversible panels for customizable desk space settings. The L-shape design, in particular, ensures that it doesn’t eat up your square footage. 


2. The Curvy Look: Seiffen Laminated Spliced L-shaped Standing Desk 

If you’re looking for a more conventional design, this one might strike your fancy. Its unique spliced L-shape layout mimics the previous product. As a result, you have more rounded corners. They offer more comfort and give you space to tuck in your chair. 

This one features programmable control panels for height adjustments and an anti-lock collision system like its standard mode. The integrated technology enhances the overall user experience and accommodates customized configurations. 

As a result, you have more flexibility when you work.

3. The Trusty Transformer: EdgeRiser Standing Desk Converters M8MB - 35"

 What if you don’t have room or budget to get a standing desk?

We have three words for you; standing desk converters.  The EdgeRiser Standing Desk Converters have secured the number one spot in this category. It’s all thanks to its dual desktop space that conveniently holds multiple devices (i.e., laptops and tablets). Adding to this is a spacious keyboard tray that can accommodate other working accessories if required

In this way, it’s a win-win situation for individuals who aren’t ready to commit to a standing desk. 

4. Discreet Storage Spaces: Floating Shelves WSF 1

Floating shelves are another space-saving product that works well for this situation. You can get them in sets of three at our store (dimensions: 17x0.98x 6.67 inches). They have adequate room and weight capacity for an assorted range of items. That means you can use it to keep books, miniature plants, photo frames, ornamental pieces, etc.  

Moreover, the versatile design features two hooks to hang potted plants, dream catchers, or something else to give your working area some personality. 

5. The Back Support Option: Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair  

Switch your oversized armchair with a healthier, back-friendly option. Its superior design provides 3D lumbar back support and a 4D cushioned armrest. Both features make your seating arrangement comfortable and painless. 

In addition, it’s more compact and sleeker than your average office chair. It gives your home office a professional look too. 

Final Step: Ready to Design a Home Office You Love?

In the end, base your design decisions on three things; functionality, organization, and ergonomic features. These aspects can ensure that your attempts to make your small office appear bigger do not compromise productivity and performance.  

If you are uncertain about making pricey investments, start small. Purchasing storage items, desk converters, and ergonomic chairs shall suffice in the begging. After that, you can move onto bigger things.  Achieve this feat by developing interior design goals that progress into a full-fledged makeover when you reach the last milestone. 

That’s it. You may begin designing ASAP.

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