The Diary of Dr. Frank: How to Deal with Psychosocial Stress

April 27, 2021

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Jaycel M. Borabien

On this article today, we will see diary entries that were written by Dr. Frank. We will see how he struggled a lot because of the psychosocial stress and how a standing desk helped him ease the stress that he had experienced in 2019.


June 29, 2019

Dear Diary,

I have missed one session with Jake today. Ah yeah, I forgot to tell you about Jake. He’s a psychometrician and a friend since high school. He knows a lot about me especially all the things about my work. He knows that I have been having a hard time concentrating because of the gossips I know they are using against me. I hate Marge the most, I know she is spreading rumors at my back. Told Jake about her and he told me we’ll talk about it on the next session Write to you soon.

-Dr. Frank


In his diary entry, we see how Frank perceives Marge. As a threat. He finds Marge as a person who talks at his back. He says it with conviction but he doesn’t say if he has already a proof that Marge is gossiping about her. We can see that he’s very upset about her and shows signs that he is stressed about the situation and the way he interacts with other people. This is a classic example of a psychosocial stress.

According to an article, psychosocial stress translates to the a perceived threat or a feeling of being alone when you are with a group of people. At times, the stressors that a person faces are situations involving other people; usually in the office where a lot of people interact with each other. In this situation, Dr. Frank even thinks that Marge is spreading rumors against him without sufficient proof that someone is slandering him.


Other Psychosocial Stressors:

financial stress- imagine missing a vacation with your friends because of lack of funds. This is an example of financial stress

relationship stress- misunderstandings, lack of communication, marital problems. These are examples of relationship stress

work stress- the example of this is the situation of Dr. Frank; heavy workload  

emotional stress- anxiety and worries

change-moving out of the house, settling down in a new environment

disease/pain- lifetime injury or illnesses


These are the examples of the stressors that affect the mental health and physical health of an individual. Some people have high tolerance on psychosocial stress but some easily give in to their problems or take a lot of things in a different light some people try resorting to abnormal eating patterns or go back to their bad habits. Now, let’s try to see what happens next to Dr. Frank:


July 1, 2019

Dear Diary,


It’s been two days since I wrote to you. A lot of things happened at the hospital today. It was very toxic and we had one patient, a 20-year old man, under my care was already under code blue at 10 am today. We gave him resuscitation but after 20 minutes of attempting we lost him. He had a cardiac arrest. I feel so guilty, Diary. The stress from work is giving me sleepless nights now. I started smoking and drinking again. The prescribed downers from Jake don’t work anymore. I have started smoking 10 sticks of cigarette and I noticed that I’ve have been eating a lot of hamburgers since I’ve felt that Marge was spreading rumors against me. I can’t help it but I still want to confront her about it. I hope Jake’s available today for a chat. I’ll write to you soon.


Dr. Frank

In his diary entry, Dr.Frank showed signs that the psychosocial stressors affect his well-being. Although there’s no sufficient studies yet can totally prove that psychosocial stress influences smoking but in the Trier Social Stress Test done, it was proven that these stressors especially when become acute increase the desire to smoke.

On this diary entry as well, Dr. Frank showed indications that he is becoming more impulsive and quick to accuse other people. He also has the changes in his eating behavior too. This behavior may lead to obesity as well. In a study done to show the connection between psychosocial stress and weight gain, Brunner et al added an analysis as part of a three longitudinal cohort studies. According to them there is a strong link between psychosocial stress and obesity; men with chronic job strain coupled with low social support among the co-workers were likely to develop obesity. In this situation, Dr. Frank finds it difficult to connect to his colleagues which becomes more likely a stressor for him. However, with proper intervention and creating a strong support group could help a person deal with psychosocial stress.


July 4, 2019

Dear Diary,


Jake called me 2 days ago. I was surprised with what he said. He told me a present would be delivered to my apartment today. Later that day, a standing desk with smooth adjustments and a 275 lb lifting capacity which makes it really durable. I was really happy to have this on my work area. I don’t have to worry about its stability. Now I got a desk that I could be the best nook for me when I write to you and when I pour out my feelings.  I checked the name of the product and I found it interesting. I’m going to recommend this Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk to my parents staying in Oregon; they’ll surely love it. I watched a video about it and I saw a lot of unique features of this product like the:

advanced functions: you would not worry putting your laptop on top and it’s not wobbly. It’s

broader desktops: you would not worry about breaking the surface even you step your foot on top of it

adjustable height range: this can be very useful for all people whether they’re doing crafting or they’re doing heavy tasks on its surface

I appreciated Jake a lot so I called him a few hours the desk was delivered to my address and he asked me if loved it. I said thanks to him for being not just my shrink but a trusted friend.

He told me that I owed him coffee; I chuckled but later he told me a piece of advice which I know I must do.


He advised me to:


consider working on with my conflict resolution skill

look for a stronger support group and acknowledge what I feel but I must not get stuck on it

shift my perspective

try working on my stress management


Through these, I will be able to connect and interact with the others healthily. So, I decided to call Marge the next day and everything went well. I guess my duties in the hospital will be more worthwhile.


Well, I got to sleep now. Write to you again soon.






Final Thoughts:


Conflicts and misunderstandings are inevitable. Differences in perspective are normal but we must always practice keeping an open communication and try to be more considerate of others because everyone has a battle to take. We must understand that their struggles are different from ours.  

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