The Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B: Why It Should Be in Your Workstation

April 30, 2021

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Low back pain is among the common occupational health-related risks among office workers.  Based on scientific research, the use of computers which requires too much sitting posture triggers pain in the lumbar region among employees.  Some jobs that require more focus on the computer are prone to what is known as musculoskeletal diseases. These diseases or disorders include injuries in the muscles, tendons, joints, nerves among others; diseases including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and traumatic fractures, and others. 

The World Health Organization reported on its online article that about 1.71 billion suffer musculoskeletal disorders around the world.  And lower back pain has the highest occurrence with 568 million people affected.  Moreover, these cases of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders are rising because of the increase in  population along with ageing   were also indicated in the health-related online report.  

In another health journal research article, it is said that ergonomic problems leading to musculoskeletal disorders were prevalent among office workers due to computer use. The research also has found other factors contributing to the health-related problems among office workers.  Some of them are physical conditions, “indoor air pollution” among others.  Poor lighting is also one of the physical hazards as shared by employees who participated in a survey research.

A survey was also conducted among employees working in a newspaper publishing company.  The survey revealed that those employees who have to do editing work and using computers for a long time and those who were working in “uncomfortable positions suffer musculoskeletal disorders especially back pains.  The use of computers was also indicated as the main reason for developing this disease and disorder along with poorly developed posture when working, ergonomic issues such as use of a mouse, and prolonged sitting posture.

With several researches done on the health-related risks suffered by office employees, the most common reason for these risks relates to the ergonomic design of office furniture and other office accessories usually associated with computer use. As such, for office employees and for freelance workers at home, it is necessary to check on the home or office furniture that we use when working. It is a fact based on several research surveys conducted that sickness may occur when we are not comfortable with the furniture we use and injuries are also possible to happen.

The most common working position among office employees and work at home workers is the sitting posture.  This is inevitable especially when we are besieged with paperwork, writing or editing work, and other tasks that need more focus and attention and we have to sit for long hours.  This situation may result in different injuries and pains especially in the lower back and neck.

An ergonomic chair is ordinarily defined as a chair created and designed to support a person’s body particularly giving more attention to posture, support, comfort and overall well being.  When sitting it is a must to sit properly and maintain a good posture to prevent health risks in the work area.  For example, an ergonomic chair can benefit a worker in many ways more than other kinds of chair used for working.  

Having an ergonomic chair in the office and at home, will enable you to work comfortably and efficiently resulting in increased productivity or work outputs. Moreover, using an ergonomic chair may reduce lower back pain and neck pain because there are adjustable ergonomic chairs that support the body for ease of movements thereby promoting relaxation and comfort. It will also reduce muscle strain, and prevent poor posture including slouching.  Adjustments can be made on an ergonomic chair for a cozy work experience. 

Minimizing back pains is one of the goals in the creation and design of ergonomic chairs.  When you sit on an ergonomic chair, it supports correct posture,” appropriate hip and pelvic alignment.”  As such, muscle strain on the lower back is reduced if not totally eliminated.

As ergonomic furniture and accessories come to fore in the modern times, creative and innovative furniture designers have come up with more designs that are more environmentally friendly and user-friendly ergonomic chairs that would promote productivity and wellness for workers.

One of the best furniture companies in the world is the FlexiSpot. It sells home and office furniture and accessories that are world-class because of the quality materials it used to create a wonderful product.  It is also known for having products that are ergonomically designed that would provide comfort along with productivity, and health. 

One of the most popular products from FlexiSpot is the Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B. Compared to an ordinary work chair, this exciting product is made with adjustable lifting headrest helps you to rest your neck and with the hanger built with it, you can also hang your clothes, uniform or jacket.  Could you believe that, a hanger on your chair?  So, it serves many functions for the owner.  

The Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B has also an adjustable arm rest that also helps the user to feel comfortable while relaxing during office breaks. It has 3-position lifting armrest so that you could have your resting depending on your choice of angles or height for the armrest. 

This ergonomic chair also has a lock-in tilt position. There is a 2- position tiltation system that allows the user to tilt on incline on either side for a better relaxation experience. The lock-in tilt will provide you with steady tilt so you could recline on either side of the chair and napping will be an enjoyable experience.  

Warranty is for one-year for this innovative product.  If you purchase this interesting product, a video manual will show and teach you how to easily assembly it wherever you want it placed and the video manual is downloadable.  So, it is worry-free. 

With an ergonomic chair like this, you have an assurance that you can work effectively and productively without a chance to be stressed out because this chair is especially made by its creative and innovative designers with you as a dedicated worker, in mind.

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