The Multi-Talented Artist’s Studio

April 27, 2021

The Multi-Talented Artist’s Studio
Excelsia Tallorin

Artists have three masks. For the new people they meet, they shroud themselves with a mask of who society thinks they are. The special people in their hearts are in for a treat, because they show them ranges and faces of emotions that evoke a sense of intimacy and trust towards each other. Finally, the mask they show after the encore and once the curtains close are both the good and bad, the ugly and beautiful, the macabre and delightful. 

These three masks, however, are all authentic representations of themselves. It may seem that their faces hide something but the truth is, these faces keep their sanity whole. These masks need to co-exist with one another to reach the artists’ true potential. Which is why artists hone many talents and hobbies that they have. Just like the masks, all of these talents and hobbies create a person that is not a one-dimensional character. 

With that being said, an artist must create a sanctuary where the masks, arts, and dreams can collide. But where must one start? Well here are a few things to fashion a personal sanctuary to their heart’s contentment. 

  • The Pensive Writer

- An artist can be a writer with thoughts that come racing and crashing like the ocean waves at a stormy night. Their thoughts can also be as serene and steady. In both ways, their words come alive with every drop of ink that flows through their pens right down to the paper. 

For the writer who needs to capture ideas as fast as it comes and goes, the Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk by FlexiSpot is the perfect match.  Featuring PET high-gloss film, the 0.7” thick desktop which also doubles as a whiteboard has a smooth and sturdy surface would surely delight any writer. The need for thousands upon thousands of papers are lessened since they can easily jot down a thought and simply wipe it clean with an eraser. This standing desk can also match the writer’s position thanks to the advanced all-in-one keypad which they can use to easily save their preferred seated, standing, and even under-desk cycling heights.

If the writer’s thoughts come in steady ebbs and flows, the understated Theodore Standing Desk-48" W is an inspiring piece to help finish a novel. The timelessly traditional American Elements of this  standing desk would remind a writer to reach great heights like their heroes, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, and Edgar Allan Poe. Writers rejoice too because while this standing desk may seem like a rustic piece of history, the convenience of the future is evident through the wise inclusion of a built-in USB charging port that will make you say that retro is the future.

A writer’s thoughts are valuable and everlasting and their writing desks should be their holy ground. With the two options above, beautiful poems, novels, and anything they write would be sacred.

  • The Fierce Couturier

- Crafting breathtaking couture takes a lot of planning, thought, and artistry but couturiers are often overlooked. Rather than let the spotlight shine on them only, they want their handcrafted finery to take the center-stage instead.

But first, to aid the couturier’s process, one must have a mood board to draw and curate inspiration from. A simple cork bulletin board would do the trick for this crucial point.

Couturiers take their passion for fashion seriously so they only deserve the finest sewing table to create the garments to wow the crowd and take the world by storm. They do not need to look further though because with FlexiSpot’s Height Adjustable Sewing Table, their sewing would be on another level. 

The thoughtfully designed sewing table is fashioned with an electric height-adjustable frame to give the fiercest couturier the most memorable, comfortable, and ergonomic sewing experience. It does not matter if one chooses to hand stitch or use the help of a sewing machine to put together their creations because the adjustable sewing table offers the ideal height to help reduce body pains caused by sewing for a long amount of time. 

While crafting larger-than-life garments, a helping hand is appreciated by the humble couturier -- and thanks to this wide sewing table, every helping hand  is welcome to join in the fun.

  • The Illustrious Illustrator 

- The easel might be the first thing that comes to mind when a person thinks about an illustrator. While any surface can be the illustrator’s canvas, having a dedicated drawing table would be beneficial to give birth to the wildest creations that come from unadulterated imagination. 

The Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B is specially crafted for the illustrator who mixes and matches every medium their eyes can lay upon. Just like their brush strokes, artists need to have movement for life to be seen in their work -- which is what can be achieved with this drafting table

For the continuous flow of inspiration and imagination, the illustrator can easily switch between sitting and standing with just a touch of a button from the height programmable panel. It is also easy to satisfy the needs of the illustrator since this desktop can be adjusted from 0°to 40° to provide a better angle that can accommodate a wide range of motions and positions.

While an illustrator gets inspiration from just about anywhere, portraying emotions that would look life-like on paper can be difficult. So naturally, one must have a mirror to witness how the contours of their face change with every emotion. The perfection solution is the  Three-paneled Mirror With 2.3 Times Magnification and Led Light MR01. Its embedded LED light can illuminate even through the illustrator’s darkest hours. With the magnification, every dip and curve of the face can be easily noticed and sketched on paper

Once the illustrator is done, watch them smile for another artwork that is skillfully created thanks to the office solutions by FlexiSpot.

The artist has three masks and even with these, only an artist truly knows thyself. But through the talents and hobbies one exudes and shows, it feels like the world has understood them better.

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