The Rustic Ergonomic Workstation

May 12, 2021

theodore standing desk

Every worker's dream is to have a work space that would satisfy his job goals.  That is, the work space is well ventilated, ample space for movements, and an ergonomic workstation. When your workstation is well organized, that is,   all tools needed are within your reach on your desk and they are arranged so that they are easy to find, then, lucky you. You have an ergonomic workstation.  Moreover, in an ergonomic workstation, injury-related cases are remote.  Such that you can  be more productive in this kind of setup.  Productivity means possibly promotion, commendation or salary increase which every worker longs to achieve.

What are the possible scenarios of effects of non-ergonomic workstation or office furniture?  The recent ergonomics research shows that the ergonomics has "direct effects on productivity."  For example, if a worker's chair is non ergonomic, they may suffer some discomfort and pains especially in the lower back part of the body because the chair is not comfortable to sit on and it doesn't give  enough support when a worker has to move and reach for something on their desktop.  Aside from this, there are also potential risks when the worker is using a non adjustable chair.   Some movements may cause injury or freak accidents.  Non-ergonomic office furniture may also develop posture problems for workers.  Obese or non obese workers may suffer from different postural issues.  It is therefore significant to know how a certain  office furniture  may contribute to a worker's well being and productivity in the workplace whether he is working from the office or working from home.  An ergonomic,ic workstation should be fully equipped with ergonomic office furniture so as to ensure safety, comfort, and productivity among workers.

On the positive note,  an ergonomic workstation promotes good posture and there are no potential risks of injuries and accidents among workers and it gives the comfort and convenience that a worker deserves.  These elements as previously stated are directly related to productivity.  As a result, workers have the chance to gain success alongside with the company or the organization any worker belongs to.

How do you equip yourself with an ergonomic workstation?  First of all you have to plan and decide what part of your  home will be transformed into an ergonomic work area.  Of course, the decision should be consensus among family members especially when you have an extended family. It means that some relatives or senior members of the family,like grandpa and grandma live with you.  They also have a say in getting a general consensus of everybody.  When you have young kids,  they also affect the decision on converting a part of your home as your work area.  These family members have their needs and you have to consider that.   In other words, planning is one of the keys to an ideal workstation location.  

After getting the consensus of the family members, you can now choose your location for working. The target area must have proper lighting especially during day time when you are at your peak and engrossed in your work.  Proper lighting as everybody knows contributes much to a worker's efficiency because with it, you can see clearly and you can do your work efficiently.  If you're a night owl, good lighting effects are also relevant and necessary to carry out your daily tasks. 

Proper ventilation like good lighting is something that you should give high priority as you complete your ergonomic workstation.  Big windows with fresh air coming through gives a fresh feeling and sense of accomplishment.  With fresh air, everything seems to work out fine.  I'm these times of pandemic and following social distancing, we need more fresh air so the virus will not be staying in just one area. The air  must circulate around the room. An air-conditioned room these days is a bane for some reasons that, although not conclusive, contributes to having the virus stay in it and could cause diseases.  So as much as possible, fresh air should be present  especially when we are working.

Noise pollution like air pollution is an issue especially in big cities or urban areas.  Although some people can work with their headphones on with music, a calm  and serene atmosphere is preferable to enable us to work efficiently.  And noise poses as one of the  "environment pollutants" around us.  Generally, most people would want to work in a place  where there is not much noise.  Otherwise, your concentration and focus on your work will be affected. The presence of kids in the work area is inevitable.  And they are usually active creating much noise.  It is necessary that you can manage and handle them with diplomacy and care especially when they are your own kids. They could be sensitive to the tone of your voice.  So having kids around is also an important aspect in creating your almost perfect workstation.

Lastly, a set of an ergonomic chair and height-adjustable standing desk from FlexiSpot, will complement your ergonomic workstation.  This company is loved and trusted by millions around the world and they trust it for its products are  exquisitely and ergonomically designed  for comfort and durability. For example,  FlexiSpot offers the Theodore Standing Desk-48" W which is  elegantly designed displaying the old American design with the "cutting-edge ergonomic technology." The height is adjustable so that it leaves comfort to the user.  It is equipped with an "integrated storage drawer and a built-in USB port.  The 3-step quick install which gives the user an easy installation of the desk.   The Theodore Standing Desk-48" W is a great addition to your workstation as it is perfect for those freelancers and work at home workers.  It does not have a big space to have it placed and everything that a worker needs is with this wonderful desk from FlexiSpot.  The desk is durable and ideal for putting all your tools and organizers to help you finish and perform your job efficiently.  This desk is perfect for you.  

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