The Toddler-Zone Workstation

April 21, 2021

The Toddler-Zone Workstation
Excelsia Tallorin

Babies are a bundle of joy that need lots of tender loving and care. However, as they leave infancy and enter toddlerdom, parents can and should definitely expect a whole new level of fun, messes, and challenges that come with these rowdy bunch.

Toddlers now have their parents’ daily presence since we are now in the New Normal for office work. This means that toddlers have their parents’ care and attention since they are now working remotely.

But how do you, as a parent, make sure that your little one is getting the utmost care while you are working at home? Then turning your workstation into a toddler-proof heaven is your solution.

You might be wondering what are the benefits of making sure that your workstation is safe for your toddler. There are a lot of gains to be earned once you baby-proof your workstation and FlexiSpot is here to provide how you can easily transition your working space to an environment that is both fun and safe for the little rugrat. 

Keep on reading to make sure that your space is one of the best places your child can roam around.

How to start
As a parent, you should first consider the mobility of your little child. What you would want to do is to make sure that there is nothing that you have missed just because you never took the time to see the world through a toddler’s eyes.

To see the world through your child’s eye is to actually make an effort to get on their level. Do this while also keeping in mind how they move around your home. Are they just starting to crawl? Is there a lot of baby cruising that hopefully would not lead to a bad bruising? Is your child practicing walking now? If you said yes to any of the three, chances are that you would now know how to take the first baby step.

In addition, the saying “out of sight, out of mind” also rings true for these little humans because anything that they cannot lay their eyes on does not exist. So, here are a few basic things you must keep out of reach no matter your baby’s mobility.

  • Household cleaning products that can be highly toxic and volatile.

  • Medicines that can be fatal to your child’s health.

  • Laundry/dishwashing capsules

  • Cosmetics and toiletries 

  • Sharp objects such as knives, pens etc. 

  • Alcohol

  • Small items that can easily be ingested such as coins, buttons, batteries, older children’s toys with small parts etc.

  • Hot beverages

  • Appliances that conduct and emit heat

Once you have studied the whole area through their level, it is now time to get to the fun part.

If your child is a cutie crawler

Get on your hands and knees because this is how these cutie crawlers see your workstation. Try to use electrical covers that are meant to keep babies’ and their little fingers from getting electrocuted. It is also wise to install foam paddings that cannot be easily removed by toddlers on your work desk and chairs. These foam paddings are quite helpful to lessen the hurt that could otherwise be dangerous if the little ones bump their heads accidentally on the sharp edges. If you are not a big fan of these foam paddings as it can ruin the home office look that you are going for, then FlexiSpot’s Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top - 48" W is the perfect work from home desk that also cares for the safety your little child. With its rounded table corners, your crawling toddler stays safe at any height that you set for this ergonomic standing desk

In addition to keeping your cutie crawlers safe while they scuttle their little bums on the ground, electrical appliances should also be kept on high shelves that are not within the toddler’s reach. It is important to keep in mind that even if an appliance is not plugged in, its wires might cause strangulation if a child is left unattended.

As a whole, low-level terrain hazards like the ones aforementioned above are the things you need to keep an eye out for. Keeping your workstation floors free from clutter is also a great way to prevent your toddler from putting small things that can fit in a tiny mouth to prevent choking.

If your toddler is exploring standing

Seeing the young ones shakily stand up and fall down on their bums clumsily is a cute sight for every parent. But a standing toddler possesses another set of challenges and workstation baby-proofing that must be done quick! 

You should keep your stuff on just the center of your desk to prevent little nimble fingers from potentially getting hit by the things that can fall down or even be a potential choking hazard.

To take things up a notch, consider what type of desk you are using for your workstation. If you are using a standing desk, it would be terrific if it has an anti-collision function that guarantees safety by preventing crushing babies if they unintentionally get in the way of the height-adjusting table. Not quite sure what standing desk to get with this feature? Well then to take the mental workload out of your head, the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top - 48" W has this useful function that would let you rest easy because you know that your baby is in the safest environment. 

If your child is walking and doing more explorations

Once your little toddler starts walking around your workstation, chances are that you spend more time catching up to them and asking what is on their hand. 

Their tiny hands are also off to press more things that they can get their tiny hands on and get away as fast their feet can go. 

If you are already invested in the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top - 48" W then you are in luck! This ergonomic standing desk features a safe lock button that locks up the control panels to prevent babies (and even you furry friends) from accidentally adjusting your table which can hurt them if they are left unattended.

There should also be a spacious baby cot where they can play around safely because they are within it’s confines. In addition, make sure that the baby cot is within your eyesight. Remember, toddlers move around too much but they do not have the same physical dexterity to commander their bodies.

A toddler-zone workstation must both work for you and your baby specially if you are the only one looking after your precious bundle of energy. FlexiSpot makes sure that the products that you choose to spend your hard-earned money on also cares about the safety and happiness of your child. 

Ain’t that a bang for your buck?

For more products that care for your loved ones, head on over to FlexiSpot’s website and see their wide range of perfect workstation products that are not just ergonomic but also caters to every kind of employee.

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