Thrones Fit For Royalty

May 14, 2021

 Thrones Fit For Royalty

A royal's throne is a divine seat that has seen every glorious victory and destruction of a bloodline. The royal throne keeps the kings and queens on an admirable pedestal for their loyal subjects. However, the ceremonial seat is also coveted by those hungry for power and riches that one can only fathom through hearsays and pure imagination.

Fast forward to modern times; most countries have abolished the monarchy and opted for democracy. Yet, we still have bits and pieces of history from places that revere their kings and queens. So, maybe your dream of being royalty is not that far-fetched after all.

However, you still have a long way to go to be a part of the coveted royal lineage. But no need to worry since you can still have your very own royal seat in the comforts of your home. With four of FlexiSpot's best-selling ergonomic chairs, a throne made for royalty guarantees a healthier lifestyle and happier working hours to be one step closer to reach your goals.

1.Under Desk Bike V9U -- Best Standing Desk Mate

The Under Desk Bike V9U: Best Standing Desk Mate might look eons away from the usual regal look of a throne, but this 2-in-1 combo will surely delight you you any fitness guru. With the whisper-quiet operation of the pedal, you can get a healthy dose of exercise no matter who you are with and whatever work you are doing. You can also track the time, distance, and calories you have burned with the LCD embedded in this ingenious chair.

Along with the Under Desk Bike V9U's eight resistance levels, it allows you to exert an effort depending on your goal. Just turn the fitness knob and pedal your way to a healthier, regal version of you.

Your comfort would never be sidetracked as well since you can easily adjust this chair to your exact liking, thanks to the pneumatic adjustment level. Gently pressing the level would move the cushioned seat up or down to make it the ideal fitness option for your 9-to-5 hustle.

Customer Reviews:

"I got this several months ago and waited to write a review after giving it some use. The batteries last a long time. However, if you're not used to sitting on a bike seat, you will need some time to get used to it. Yes, it's sore at first. However, it's no longer uncomfortable for me at this point.

I love to use this while focusing on a project for work, and it helps my focus. Before I know it, I've bikes ten miles, and I'm sweating! It's perfect for days when I don't know if I'll get in much of a workout or when I need to help get my brain going. I love it, and it's worth the price! I'd pay $500 for it, honestly." - Kate

"I could not be happier with this purchase! It arrived quickly and was unpacked and functional within minutes. The seat is so comfortable, and the construction is solid.

I am the envy of my co-workers!" - Ann S.

"I ordered this to get some physical movement while I work at my desk job. For example, I use it underneath my table. Also, my son likes to use this when he's doing his reading homework. Especially when he's got some wiggles and feels like it's hard to sit still." - Archie G.

 2.Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 1388

The  Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 1388 may seem too simple for royalty, but it has all of the functionality that would make it a treasure to behold.

Working for long hours every day can strain your neck with all the typing, writing, and reading that you are doing. While you cannot absolve yourself from the responsibilities, you can have a multifunctional headrest instead. The  Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair has a well-crafted free rotating headrest that gives any user a comfortable position that would never compromise your overall neck health.

The ergonomics do not stop from there since this office chair comes equipped with excellent lumbar support to hug the natural curve of your spine. This helpful feature dramatically reduces the stress caused by prolonged hours of sitting at work.

Your arms have a special place to rest as well, courtesy of the ergonomic 3D armrest that you can fully adjust to your satisfaction. Position your arms any way you want as you can move the armrest side to side and back and forth to deliver the best office chair experience worthy of being a throne.

Customer Reviews:

"I love this chair. It was definitely what I needed as I have sciatica and a few other issues with my back. Every part of the chair that you would want to adjust that never seems to be adjustable on other chairs is adjustable on this one. A great buy, pleased with it. It's excellent as well because I work from home, so I'm forced 

to spend a lot of time in the chair." - Dustin

"A comfortable chair that's not difficult to assemble. I like the adjustable recline option' though I do think it goes back a little too far. I had a month-long course from home, but this chair helped avoid neck and shoulder pain. I also appreciate the adjustable armrests. Great purchase for the money." - Cate P.

"I'm delighted I purchased this product. It is well designed and easy to put together. The seat's flexibility with its material is very comfortable, but my favorite part is the little piece between the seat and back. That element brings the comfort and posture to have sitting in a chair like this all day (when one has lower back issues). You're making a great investment when you buy this chair." - Fallen A.

"Not only will you save yourself hundreds of dollars, but this chair fits my wife very well (plus size), which was the most critical aspect. The chair was reasonably easy to assemble by one person, and after having it for almost two months, we've had no issues whatsoever. It's comfortable, handles well when in use, and we have no complaints at all. This chair is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" - Richard J.

Head on over to FlexiSpot to find the best chairs that are fit for your royally pampered self.

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