What Are Ergonomic Gaming Chairs (and Why You Need One)?

May 10, 2021

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You’re here because of the hype around gaming chairs or because you're determining how to make your gaming experience better.

But why can’t you just use a regular office chair or, better yet, sit on the floor? How do ergonomic gaming chairs affect your gaming experience? Why does every other person have one?

The answer is quite simple. Ergonomic gaming chairs are so much better than sitting on the floor or office chairs because these chairs have been designed to induce proper posture during all those hours you’re wired in.

Simple Ergonomic Science

Besides just gaming, our modern lifestyle predominantly involves sitting. For instance, some researchers found that the average employee in France sits for approximately 10 hours daily. In contrast, people in the UK spend somewhere around 60% of the day sitting. This number jumps up to 75% when we’re talking about office employees.
Gaming chairs solve all of these issues with the help of simple ergonomic science. Instead of making your spine support the entire body while gravity does its job, gaming chairs are designed to do the job for you.

Gaming chairs are tailored with padded backrests as well as lumbar and neck cushions to provide support. Other than this, they also include adjustments for recline, height, and armrests to ensure your body is positioned perfectly before you go live.

How Were Gaming Chairs Invented?

The South Korean economy had crashed in 1997 and, just next year, Blizzard came up with its widely popular features called ‘Starcraft’. This game had become so popular in South Korea that thousands of jobless teenagers and adults alike gave birth to the e-sports industry.

While this was great news for pro gamers, the sedentary lifestyle that followed resulted in a lot of people complaining about chronic back pain. Identifying the root cause of this problem, DXRacer invented the first gaming chair in the world. This chair was a modified version of a racing set and featured numerous ergonomic features such as:

● A padded seat
● Thick arms and backrest
● Ergonomic pillows (that fit into the curve of the lower back and neck)
● 360-degree swivel
● Armrest adjustments
● Backrest recline
● The ability to lower or raise your seat

Nowadays, there are numerous areas of society that find these gaming chairs useful. This includes pro gamers, computer users, vloggers, and students.

What Are the Benefits of Gaming Chairs?

Gaming chairs are a great alternative to common chairs or sitting on the floor because they offer numerous health benefits to their users. To sum it all up, ergonomic gaming chairs help to boost vitality and posture.

When you’re sitting on a gaming chair, try to position your support cushions in a manner that supports the curves of your spine and neck. Also, set its recline anywhere between 100 degrees and 110 degrees before finally leaning into the ergonomic backrest and placing your arms over the armrests.
In doing so, the gaming chair will absorb all of your body weight with your neck resting on the pillow and your head balanced over your torso. This position helps to fix your eyes over your computer screen and your hands will be able to easily reach your gaming keyboard and mouse.

Consistency in Comfort

Granted, it takes a little time to break into a gaming chair, it wouldn’t be long before you start noticing a positive difference in your gaming experience and your overall quality of life. While getting accustomed to gaming on an ergonomic gaming chair, you should expect to experience the following benefits:

● Increased productivity
● Improved circulation and deeper breathing
● A noticeable boost in drive and energy levels
● Increased spatial and body awareness while sitting for long hours

The more time you spend on a gaming chair, the better it will be for your posture. When you have a good posture while sitting, you will start to enjoy your work or gaming experience.
Some gaming chairs may be so comfortable that you may even forget that you were sitting. While the chair is supporting your body frame, you can remain seated for hours while experiencing the ultimate gaming experience.

Improvement in Posture

If your gaming habits have resulted in poor posture, using an ergonomic gaming chair is going to be the equivalent of going to the gym for the first time. Since a gamer may have been slouching for years, their body feels comfortable while it's bent out of shape. This, in turn, tightens the muscles in the shoulders, neck, back, and legs.

In contrast, when you’re sitting on an ergonomic gaming chair, its design allows your tight muscles to expand. Naturally, this may initially be quite uncomfortable for a gamer with poor posture.

As is the case with every physical exercise, with a few days of use, every gamers’ body will begin to loosen up to the chair. During this time, they will experience a refreshing new way of using a computer while boosting wellness.

It doesn’t matter whether you spend a lot of time playing video games or only play for a few hours every day, an ergonomic gaming chair is worth investing in.

Computing At Eye-Level

After reading this article, if you come across a picture of how gamers compete in tournaments in the ’80s, you’ll think that they were being tortured. Players were made to sit on metal chairs with hardly any back support and had to start at TV screens that were placed too high.
Speaking of which, one important thing about ergonomic gaming chairs is that they allow eye-level gaming. You see, most gaming chairs are designed to offer height adjustability so you can raise or lower your chair as needed.

When you combine this with neck support pillows and the ability to recline your chair, you will find it very easy to make sure your eyes are at the same height as your screen. In this position, you will only need to shift your gaze along with all the action instead of your neck or head. This saves your energy and promotes laser focus and precision.
Of course, you aren’t going to shift out your chair whenever you’re watching a movie or a TV show or, perhaps, working from home. In either case, this chair will make sure your posture is perfectly aligned so your eyes are right in front of your screen.

Healthy Boost In Energy Levels

When gamers tend to sit for long periods and with a misaligned posture, their muscles tend to get strained. This can be a real problem because healthy muscles help keep our bodies in balance. If you have less than optimal sitting habits, you are bound to experience shoulder, back, and neck pain.

However, when you finally switch to an ergonomic gaming chair, the chair takes charge of supporting your body so that your muscles wouldn’t have to. As a result, you can finally say goodbye to muscle strain, and invite more energy levels for increased productivity.

What If You Could Combine Your Gaming and Office Chair?

Flexispot’s Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair features a 3D lumbar support system with 4D adjustable armrests, 135-degree lounge tilt and so much more. As a result, not only is it the ultimate office chair but

it can also double up as an ergonomic gaming chair.

Stop scouring Google to determine how to make your gaming experience better because we’ve done all the research for you. The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair offers various height adjustment levels and a simple rebound system to bring you back to the highest setting. What’s more, its backrest is elegantly curved to ergonomically conform to your spine and neck to provide the best lumbar support and headrest.

Are you still wondering what a 4D cushioned armrest is? Well, this chair’s armrest can be adjusted along 4 dimensions because this flexible armrest easily contours to the gamers’ elbows and arms to provide maximum comfort.

Speaking of maximum comfort, if you choose this chair for your gaming experience, you will rest your backside on the ultimate breathable mesh. This mesh is designed with pristine quality Italian chenille and temperature-sensitive materials. As a result, this unrivaled mesh design offers gamers maximum ventilation and helps to protect the most delicate fabrics.

Lastly, this ergonomic chair is certified by TUV/BIFMA/SGS and features an industry-leading Samhongsa Class-4 Gas Lift. After being tested in over 10,000 pressure tests, the Soutien Ergonomic Office chair will be able to handle whatever it is pitched against.

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