What are the Advantages of Sitting on an Ergonomic Chair When You have Myopia

May 10, 2021


For years, I have been suffering from a condition of nearsightedness. It all started when I was fourteen and got diagnosed a year after. It had been a great ordeal for me because I needed to struggle more. After all, I didn’t stay much in front of the classroom (back in my high school and university years); Whenever there were activities written on the class board, all I could do in the back row was squint hard which resulted in straining my eyes more. 

Years had passed and I had to try harder because of working at the computer even with eyeglasses, I had to squint still just to see the small characters like I almost put adhesive on the monitor so I could focus more and see what’s written.

This resulted in worse conditions like stiff neck and severe headache. However, with this article today, we will know that the nightmare brought by squinting and exposing ourselves to radiation will be ended with innovative ergonomic solutions from Flexispot with their Ergonomic office chairs. Today, we’ll also discuss the:

meaning of Myopia 

eye discomfort in the office 

ways an ergonomic chair can help you when you have nearsightedness

So, let us start the discussion now. 

I.Meaning of Myopia:

Myopia or nearsightedness is the eye abnormality resulting from the eye’s faulty refractive ability. When one has this condition, the objects that are distant look blurred. This condition has affected a lot of individuals especially those who spend more time in front of the devices.  

According to an article, in 2010, 27% of the world population is affected by Myopia. Most of the cases were cited in East Asia where the prevalence ranged from 80%-97% in which the condition affected late teenagers and adults. It was also noted that Myopia is multifactorial; genes are linked to Myopia though it was stated that the genetic factor is considered small. What has mostly considered are the environmental factors such as: 

a.much time spent at work

b.less time spent outdoors 

c.lack of Vit.D

d.inadequate light exposure (the natural light coming from the sun):

it was considered as well that the natural light could slow down the progression among people who already have the condition

e. poor diet 

The following factors like the time spent more at work are contributed by too much exposure to devices and stress from overwork. Lack of Vit.D was also a cited factor because this vitamin is responsible for increasing cell communication in the eyes. Meanwhile, poor diet was also considered another factor. It is correlated to high-intake of sugary food or drink would not provide adequate nutrients that can optimize eye vision. In other studies, it was proven that a high-fat diet of processed food may contribute to worsening eye conditions such as AMD or age-related macular degeneration. 

Myopia is also believed to be caused by health conditions like diabetes and the early signs of cataracts. Visual stress linked with intense visual work computers is also considered a factor for myopia. 

Nearsightedness is not just a benign refractive error. This is already considered the main cause of vision impairment and second to the highest cause of blindness as mentioned in the same article. This condition is not limited to children younger than 20 years old but also adults. Thus, we will discuss next part of the discussion will be focused on the causes of eye discomfort which might also lead to myopia. According to a report done by Ellie Dolgin for Nature, it was stated that a finding done by researchers in Australia had shown a link between Myopia and the time spent more indoors; it showed that after three years of tracking, most of the 4,000 students from primary and secondary school developed the said condition because of too much time spent doing indoor activities; the time when most children prefer doing online games and focusing much time in the computer. 

Now, what more do adults experience? Adults are the ones who have visual stress-from spending 9 hours or more in front of the computer to an unhealthy lifestyle. These individuals are more susceptible to the risk of acquiring the condition. Most of these people already suffer from Myopia and the common causes are: 

a.poor lighting 

b.exposure to radiation due to long hours in front of the computer screen

c.improper viewing distances

d.poor seating posture

These factors contribute a lot to the progression of Myopia. Hence, one should consider finding a product that could enhance the posture that may give him adequate lumbar support and would not put much pressure on his shoulder and his neck that forces him to glue himself nearer to the screen of the computer. In this next part, we will discuss the: 

III.Ways an Ergonomic Chair Can Help you when you Have Nearsightedness

Flexispot’s Ergonomic chairs are built to aid a worker during long work hours.

They are innovatively constructed to give you the total headrest. Improper head position when seating could trigger pain in the head area which also may put pressure on the eyes making it strained or heavy. One recommendable Ergonomic office chair is the: 

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

a.An ergonomic office chair that can give you the ultimate seating experience.

b.It has a reliable lumbar support system

c. It has an elegantly curved backrest that supports the neck and spine. With this, you don’t have to try drawing the face closer to the monitor or squinting the eyes for a maximum view. 

d.It has a backrest tilt that could make you adjust your seating if you already feel that your eyes are feeling heavy or dry because of long hours of viewing in front of the computer screen. 


As they say, all organs in the whole body are connected from head to foot. Hence, when we don’t practice a good posture or the seating position is incorrect it could still create havoc on the whole body especially on sensitive parts such as the eyes. The worst thing is when you have a condition like Myopia.

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