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FlexiSpot Desk Riser Buyer Guide 2021: which standing desk converter will suit you best?

24 March 2021

We offer six product series in this range:

  • AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters - M7 series - 28”, 30”, 32”, M35”, C36”, L42”
  • Motorized AlcoveRiser - EM7 36”, 40”
  • ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters - M1, M2, M3, M4 - 27", 35", 47", 41"
  • EdgeRiser Standing Desk Converters - M8 series - 27", 35", 47"
  • CompactRiser Standing Desk Converters – M5 series - 27”, 32”
  • GoRiser Standing Desk Converters – ML2 27”

With so many choices, we will make it easy for you to choose the product that best suits your needs.


What is difference between each series?

First let’s take a overview of the features of different series:

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters $119.99-$199.99            
AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters - M7C $149.99              
Motorized AlcoveRiser $199.99-$219.99              
ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters $149.99-$249.99        
ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters - M4 $219.99          
EdgeRiser Standing Desk Converters $109.99-$199.99          
CompactRiser Standing Desk Converters $249.99-$269.99              
GoRiser Standing Desk Converters – ML2 $89.99              

get $30 off $500, get $50 off $600. These two discounts will always be applied to our products.

Now let’s look at the individual elements which make each product distinctive.

The AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters comes in four sizes: 28”, 30”, 32”, 35” and 42” as well as the 36” M7C which is suitable for a corner. Each product features:

  • Removable keyboard tray

    This makes it comfortable and convenient for use with or without a laptop. With easy one-step attachment, the 18.5” wide U-shaped desktop cutout fits over the keyboard tray, easily fitting a 17” laptop.

  • Straight up-down operation

    FlexiSpot standing desk converters are raised and lowered vertically, rather than outwards, offering more stability and saving space.

  • Single handle, stepless height adjustment

    The desk may be heightened or lowered to your optimum height with only one arm by using a single handle. Anyone with back, arm, or wrist problems will find this feature a pleasure.

  • A wider height range

    This will suit taller users, as it offers a height range between 4.7” – 19.7”, more than our competitors offer. For those really tall people, a 28” desk height caters for users up to 6’1” and a 31” desk height caters for users up to 6’5”.

  • Specially Braced X-Lift Structure

    A fully loaded desk may overstress an unbraced lifting mechanism. We ensure safety and stability as we use a patented engineered bracing system that ensures smooth operation at all heights and under full load.

  • High-Quality Construction & Stable base design

    The FlexiSpot M7 series comprises a stable, sturdy heavy duty steel frame in conjunction with top-quality gas springs to prevent any unevenness and shaking of the structure. The smooth work surface comprises environmentally friendly MDF. The M7 has a weight capacity of 33lbs and the M7L 44lbs.


*AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7B - 28"


The Motorized AlcoveRiser comes in two sizes: 36” and 40”.

  • Motorized

    This version is fully motorized and caters for a maximum load of 44lbs. It is designed to be smooth, silent, and stable for a comfortable working environment.

  • X-Lift Structure

    The patented X-lift system allows for stable raising and lowering of the unit. This works literally at the touch of integrated up/down buttons.

  • Removable keyboard tray

    The u-shaped desktop cut-out measuring 34.6” (W) x 12.1” (D) fits over the keyboard tray of a desktop computer, instantly converting it for use with a 17” laptop. A quick release allows it to be transformed from one to the other quickly and easily. The keyboard tray has a load capacity of 11lbs.

  • Desktop

    The spacious desktop measures 36” x 16.3” with a height range of 5.7” – 19.7”. This allows room for two 21.5” monitors as well as everything you need, including your mobile phone, stationery while still leaving space for your working papers.


*Motorized AlcoveRiser EM7 - 36''/40"


The ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters comes in four models, M1 (27”), M2 (35”), M3 (47”) and the M4 (41”) which is suitable for a corner.

This version is called Classic for good reason. Chic and elegant, it will add a sophisticated touch to any working environment. Whether you sit or stand, your posture will be correct and comfortable, making for a healthy working space.

  • Position

    When you want to change position from sitting to standing, this is easily achieved by lightly squeezing the handle which is designed for use with *one arm*. It requires only 13lbs of force to lift, and a mere 3lbs to lower. As with other models, the ClassicRiser moves vertically, saving space and adding a safety element as it is less likely to collapse forwards.

  • Height

    The ClassicRiser, as with other models, accommodates users of any height. Using it with a desk 28” high will cater for workers up to 6.1”, while using it on a taller desk of 31” will cater for workers up to 6.5”.

  • Keyboard tray

    The removable keyboard tray is extra-wide to comfortably fit a full-sized keyboard as well as a mouse with mousepad. It is ergonomically friendly for optimum wrist positioning.


ClassicRiser Desk Converters M2B - 35”      ClassicRiser Desk Converters M4 - 41" Corner


The next model to look at is the EdgeRiser Standing Desk Converters.

As already discussed, other FlexiSpot desktop riser models include numerous well-designed features. The EdgeRiser Standing Desk Converters is no exception, continuing to include cutting edge qualities.

  • Desktop

    An additional bonus with this model is the desk space; at 35” x 23.2”, this desktop rise will easily accommodate two monitors side by side, while leaving room for everything else you require to work. This has a larger work surface than the M7MB which measures 37.2” x 20”.

  • Removable keyboard tray

    Again, a quick release desktop cutout measuring 34.1” in width allows a quick exchange between a using a desktop computer, or a laptop of up to 17”.

  • Height adjustment

    No matter what your height, you will find the optimum position for your comfort. All it takes is a squeeze of the handle to operate the pneumatic lift system which transports you from sitting to standing and vice versa.

  • Height

    As with other version, the height of the desktop riser may be easily adjusted to your personal preference. Catering for slightly shorter users, using the CompactRiser on a desk 28” in height allows comfortable use for those up to 5.9” tall. As with other models, it also caters for the use of a 31” high desk, accommodating users up to 6.1” in height.

  • Work surface

    The large and deep work surface area allows you to spread your work out comfortably and without clutter.


EdgeRiser Standing Desk Converters M8MB - 35"


If you are pressed for space, consider the CompactRiser Standing Desk Converters. While retaining the same desktop riser features as other remodels, such as the removable keyboard tray, this is simply a slimmed down version. This allows it to be installed in corner cubicles ow other nooks where space is at a premium.


CompactRiser Standing Desk Converters M5MB


For those users who need to save every inch of space, the lightweight GoRiser Standing Desk Converters model is for you.

  • Height

    As with other models, it features a space saving vertical adjustment. Six handy pre-determined height settings cater for a range of users of all body types.

  • Space

    You do not have to use a standard desk to use this sleek and slim model. It comprises a work surface of 26”, more than adequate for comfortable working. It will hold a laptop and mouse and other working paraphernalia up to a load of 26.4lbs.

  • Safety

    Comprising a skid-resistant base, this desktop riser will not shift or slide. The frame is durable steel for maximum steadiness and sturdiness.


GoRiser Standing Desk Converters ML2


Now that we have all the information, there is still the big decision to be made: Which FlexiSpot desktop Riser is right for you?

The overall best value for money would be the ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters. Including all the design advantages that our desktop Risers are known for, combined with a super price, this desktop Riser will rise to any occasion.


Remember that all FlexiSpot products are tested and certified to the highest industry standards. Design details such as integrated rubber pads for safety, comfort, and protection are standard on the frame, desk, and keyboard tray.

An integrated monitor mounting grommet lets you easily install a monitor mount, freeing up space on your work surface for a laptop, documents, stationery, and any other accessories.

We also offer:

  • 3-year warranty
  • 24/7 support
  • Free Delivery to US 48 states
  • 30-day Guarantee
  • Buy Now, Pay Later scheme

At FlexiSpot, we're passionate about bringing healthy movement to the modern workplace and home and strive to create new, innovative ways to stay active in our increasingly sedentary lives.