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woman working on a height adjustable desk

Electric Furniture: The Benefits and Risks

Electric furniture has become increasingly popular in recent years, as people look for more efficient and sustainable ways to heat their homes. 

employees sitting in their office chair while working

Guide on How to Use an Office Chair Armrest Extender

Any office chair that doesn't make you feel relaxed while using it is up to no good and is not worth calling ergonomic. 

man focus on online game

How to Include a Headrest Into Any Office Chair

Whether you’re setting up a home office or trying to make your current office setup more ergonomic and comfortable, sustainability is important.

One Step at A time

Becoming the Most Successful You Can Be in Your Career

People define success in their careers differently. 

Web designers working at the office

How Management Can Promote Ergonomic Health

Any kind of organizational change becomes a lot more effective when management gets involved. 


3 Tips on Avoiding Careless Mistakes

One of the traits that companies look for in an employee is if they’re detail-oriented and meticulous. 

man working on his office desk

Desk Organization Ideas for a Clean and Organized Workspace

According to a study done by Brother UK, an average cost of 48 dollars is incurred daily by workers and corporations that do not organize their workspaces. 

man working from home with his sit stand desk

5 Golden Rules to Achieve Success When Working from Home

There was a time when working from home was a seldom occurrence, but ever since the coronavirus pandemic turned the world upside down, things have changed rather significantly. 

The tablet with ERGONOMIC a chart with pen and eye glasses

Why Does Your Business Need An Ergonomic Plan?

Working in the corporate world is taxing, to say the least. 

Video meeting with diverse group of people

Remote Team Leadership Do's and Dont's

How convenient was it to walk out of your cabin and request your team member to join you for a quick meeting? 

Cable Management Tray CMP502

How to Install Cables on a Standing Desk in an Orderly & Safe Manner

A bunch of cables all tangled up under your desk can be quite unsightly, and on top of that, can also be a trip hazard. 

woman working from home with her dog

Working From Home v. Remote Working: Are There Any Differences You Should Note?

Since the year 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic injected social isolation into our daily lives, millions of people embraced the "new normal" of working from home. 

young employee sitting on his chair

3 Unique Office Chair Tips to Help Your Back

Back pain due to long hours of sitting is a prevalent health problem worldwide, primarily among people who work at a computer all day. 

Comfortable workplace in light room

7 Ways to Make Your Desk More Ergonomic

Most work desks at offices aren’t ergonomic.

young woman working from home

Is it time to change up your WFH office?

For those of us who have been working from home for the last two years due to the global effect that COVID has had, 

Workspace and computer office

4 Factors to Consider When Placing Monitors

Most jobs today are computer-based. 

Text sign showing Higher Retention. Conceptual photo ability of an organization

9 Ways Employers Can Enhance Retention

The cost of turnover in the United States is $1 trillion each year. Yes, you read that correctly. A trillion dollars—which means a trillion reasons for businesses to put staff retention first.

You might be wondering why the cost of turnover is so high. Well, there are a variety of expenses to account for when workers leave a firm, including:

The cost of replacing the employee in terms of both time and money (including onboarding and recruitment of new talent).
Low morale of employees who are left behind.
Productivity loss throughout the recruiting and onboarding process
Loss of expertise and corporate knowledge for your firm.

According to Gallup, replacing an employee might cost anywhere from one-half to two times the person's yearly compensation. On the other hand, companies that retain their staff for extended periods of time can easily benefit from rewards that go beyond the expenses of recruiting and training.

Retention of employees leads to:

Improved client service.
Continuity and momentum within teams and throughout the organization.
A more positive corporate culture that supports employee engagement.

Companies can also improve their recruitment process to grow their teams when engagement is high, and turnover is low. In other words, it's to your company's best advantage to look after your current workforce and employ strategies that increase retention and engagement wherever possible.

If you are looking for ways employers can enhance retention rates, read on!

Give More Positive Fee

Young woman sitting in comfortable office chair

OSHA's Ergonomics Strategy: What You Need to Know

Workplace accidents aren’t uncommon. 

Work Injury written on cubes

3 Proven Methods for Detecting Ergonomics Problems in the Workplace

Several reports have identified positive relationships between poor ergonomic work conditions and musculoskeletal disorders related to the neck, shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist, and back. 

young woman working on a night shift

Ergonomics for Night Shift Workers

15% of full-time employees in the US work during the night hours, which is known to increase the risk of fatigue. 

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk with Glass Top

Using Ergonomic Design Principles On a Budget

The idea of revamping your entire office is quite a daunting one – it’s a lot of work, and many employers are hesitant to go ahead with it because of the fact that it’ll be costly. 

young woman purchasing a chair online

What You Should Know Before Purchasing an Office Chair

You spend most of your time at work sitting in front of a computer in your office chair which is why it’s critically important that you choose the right office chair

Organized Files

5 Ways to Be An Organized Employee

A company’s success is largely dependent on the productivity of its employees. 

Modern green office interior

7 Benefits of Green Office Space

No effort is too small and no contribution is too little when it comes to saving the environment. 

Man Doing Stretch Exercise At Work In Office

Frequently Asked Questions: Improving Outcomes with Office Ergonomics

With the increasing buzz around office ergonomics, many people who didn't know much about them are now interested in finding out more.

office room with computers and office chairs

What You Should Know About Environmental Ergonomics

When we think of ergonomics in the workplace, our mind jumps to aspects such as the physical layout of an employee’s workstation, the position they’re sitting at, their posture, and other such things.

Busy Employee

WFH Dilemma: How to Switch Off Work When Its Done

You landed on this article because you’ve been working from home since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

The Home Office

Applying Ergonomics Into Your Home Office

Ergonomics is an important factor to incorporate into your workspace, be it at your home or in the office. 

Eco friendly stamp

The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Furniture Purchasing

Over the last few years, there has been a rapid surge in demand for eco-friendly furniture. 

business man working from home

Is It A Good Idea To Build A Standing Desk at Home Yourself?

Standing desks are known for being a good solution for maximizing your ergonomics when you’re working at a desk. 

The Armchair

How to Fix a "Too Tall" Office Chair Without Buying a New One

If you order online, you would be surprised when you see the item in person for the first time. For instance, you checked out an ergonomic office chair and days later, it arrived on your doorstep. You are shocked to see that it is bigger than you initially thought. But don’t fret; you don’t really have to return the chair and demand for a new one. It’s easy to fix the chair height issue if you get to the root of it.

The first thing every customer does to a new chair is adjusted its height according to their body and their needs. But what happens if the chair is just really too tall for you. What can you do to solve this problem? We discuss it below to help you figure out a solution for your concern.

Understanding What a "Too Tall" Office Chair Means

Understanding What a "Too Tall" Office Chair Means

There is a difference between "too tall" and "too tall but workable." Ask yourself what made you say that it was too tall. Say you are really a short than an average person so it’s not uncommon that standard office chairs are too tall for you. Of course, designers of office chairs based the height range from a person of typical average height and go up from there. There are chances that you won’t fall within this range.

Another possibility is that you weren’t able to adjust the chair to its lowest possible setting. Double check and pull the appropriate lever to lower the gas spring. There are times that you might have simply not adjusted it all the way down. To be sure, read the instructions again and follow them step by step.

Another thing to look at is if there are any obstructions. Your chair might be crashing into something that is preventing it from being lowered down. Again, check and adjust accordingly.

You should also p

Renovating empty office space with windows

12 Top Office Renovation Mistakes You Can Avoid

Renovating your office can be a great way to refresh your workspace and make it more comfortable and functional for your employees. 

My Home Office

Five Cleaning Steps to Make Your Office Chair Last a Long Time

Investing in an ergonomic office chair does not end once you’ve paid the bill and the chair gets delivered to your home.

Ergonomic workspace

Standing Desks Transform the Workspace. Here's How.

You heard through the grapevine that standing desks can help you improve your work experience so you buy yourself one. 

Modern Office

5 Best Storage Products for Your Home Office

You have a dream home office in mind and want to do everything to make it happen. 

Blonde woman looking at papers near laptop and working from home in a bedroom

How to Ergonomically and Productively Work From Your Bed

If you're like me, you spend a lot of time working from your bed.

The Office Desk

Guidelines in Choosing the Perfect Home Office Desk

Whether you liked it or not back then, you were one of the many employees that had to work at home when the pandemic hit. 

woman with her cat working at home

Workplace Trends to Expect in 2022

In today's rapidly changing world, it's hard to predict what will happen even just a few years from now. 

Young married couple while working at home together

Home Office Ideas to Inspire You for a Two-Person Office Layout

Whether working in an office or from home, your workspace needs to have certain requirements. 

man working from home

Should working from home be the new normal?

Working from home has been beneficial but should it be the only option?

man working from home with children playing around

Are you truly focused while working from home?

Working from home has its perks, but is it more distracting than helpful?

Woman at Work

Are Desk Bikes Too Noisy for the Office?

I recently wrote an article on noise pollution and its effects on our body system.

Cluttered Desk

5 Tips to Maximize Your Small Workspace

You’re lucky if your office space is more than a cubicle. 

Comfortably Seated

Why Companies Should Invest In Ergonomic Chairs

You can’t ignore the damaging health effects of prolonged sitting. 

young woman working from home

WFH: What Research Has Discovered a Year Later?

Working from home has become a way of life for many of us. 

Healthy  Employee

How to Be Healthy While Working From Home

If you think employee health is a personal concern, think again. 


4 Common Office Ergonomics Blunders Employers Make

Most employers want their employees to work to the best of their abilities. 

Motivated Workforce

9 Tips to Stay Inspired while Working

Busy work weeks can become a drag if you're not sure how to motivate yourself. 

young woman working remotely

4 Ways Employers Can Get the Most Out of Their Remote Employees

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, nearly all employers have wrapped their minds around the idea of adapting the remote working model. 

young woman stressed at work

Cause and Signs of Fatigue in the Workplace

Most people think of fatigue as simply being tired. 

woman working from home

How Can Women Make the Most of WFH

Rigid work hours and lack of flexibility have been among the many factors that made it difficult for women to be a part of the workforce.

Ruminating Woman

The Transition from Working at the Office to Working at Home

Telecommuting or working from home started way before the pandemic. 

office toxic environment

Tips on How to Handle a Toxic Office Environment

Have you ever been in a toxic work environment? 

woman working at home with her son

Tips for Remote Workers: Working at Home with a Toddler

Are you a working parent? 

a sleepy young woman at work

Keep Nodding Off at Work? Here's the Solution

When you're at home, and you nod off, you can easily hit the bed and fall asleep for a little while. 

employees working in office

7 Incredible Workplace Benefits of Meditation

One of the few good things about 2020 is that the general public has started talking about ways to integrate wellness practices into the workplace post-Covid 19.

a short employee working at the office

How to Find the Perfect Desk for Short People – Tips Can Help

Many short people know the struggle of finding the right sizes of products, be it clothing, chairs, desks, etc. 

Hardworking employee

8 Ways to Communicate with Remote Employees

There are many things that changed when offices sent their employees home to work. 

woman sitting in an office chair and working

Why Investing in an Office Chair May be an Excellent Move?

It’s no surprise that most of the employees with a desk job have resorted to a hybrid working arrangement following the pandemic.

Home Office Space

How Flexible Office Spaces Can Change the Way Employees Work

In the workplace, the goal is to always be motivated and productive to finish work tasks on a daily. 

clean office

When and How to Institute a Clean-Desk Policy

Each of us has our own unique approach to creating the ideal working environment. 

2 employees working in one table

Tips for Setting a New Workplace for the First Time

The majority of us spend a lot more time at work than at home.


How Graphic Designers Can Organize Their Workspace

It is quite known that graphic designers have great-looking desks and workspaces.

Work Triumph

How to Ask Your Boss for Work Opportunities

You have been working at your company for two years. 

Busy at Work

Managing Stress with a Monitor Stand Workstation S/5 S/6

No matter how we avoid it, stress always comes into our lives.

Desk Lamp

The Ultimate Desk Lamp Buying Guide: Factors to Consider

If you're reading this guide as carefully as you can, then the chances are that you fall into one of these two categories:

Intense Woodwork

Making the Best Crafts with a Good Table

It’s a no-brainer that you need a stable and spacious surface to work on when you’re into crafts and DIY projects such as leatherwork, sewing, jewelry making, or paper folding. 

Buying Office Furniture

Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Office Furniture

Are you nervous about opening a new office or looking to upgrade your current office furniture?

young man working in an office

Ergonomic Risks to Avoid in the Workplace

An ergonomic workstation is considered safe, efficient, and comfortable for the employee. 

workplace diversity

How to Improve Workplace Diversity

For a workplace to be considered diverse, it has to be welcoming to people of all ages, gender, religion, cultural background, sexual orientation, races, physical disabilities, etc. 

disabled employee working in the office

How Can We Make the Office More Accessible to the Physically Disabled?

In the United States, an estimated 61 million people have a disability

gender equality

How to Improve Gender Equality in the Workplace

For businesses to thrive in the modern age, they need to have a diverse and inclusive workforce.

a young man working on his computer

11 Signs Its Time to Invest in a New Office Chair

Does your work require you to sit in front of your desk for hours on end until you become one with your office chair and your back starts aching? 

Healthy Workplace Conversations

Tips on How to be Assertive in the Workplace

One trait that will help you at work is assertiveness.

Asking for Feedback

The Importance of Feedback in the Workplace, and how to Ask for It

You may be relatively new at work and you wonder how you’ve been performing for your position. 

A traditional lamp

Different Types Of Lamps For Your Workplace

Lighting is arguably among the most crucial décor elements in a place. 

a child having an online class

5 Tips for Creating a Remote Learning Workspace for Children

Many children have been studying from home in light of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Sleek Look

Change the Way You Work with a Minimalist Standing Desk

There are many tasks and assignments that office employees should fulfill in a span of time.

corner workstations for productivity

How to Create the Perfect Corner Workspace

The corner office or secluded corner in your home for a workstation can be the perfect peaceful spot to create your corner office. 

Employees at Work

Spotting Favoritism at Work and How to Combat it

It’s absolutely normal to have a favorite. 

How to organize cables

Easy Tips for Organizing Messy Wires and Cables

Are messy cables and wires driving you crazy? 

Declutter Your Office In The New Year

Tips and Ways To Declutter Your Office In The New Year

With all of the holiday festivities behind us, it's officially 2022 and time to get organized. 

man purchasing online order

The Most Common Mistakes Made by Standing Desk Purchasers

With increasing awareness about the importance of ergonomics, people today are making conscious choices that would benefit them in the long run. 

woman working with an office lamp

Task Lighting: What It Is & How to Use It in Ergonomics

Owing to the soaring cases of several work-related medical complications, ergonomic gear, such as ergonomic office chairs, task lighting, etc., in workplaces has become a necessity. 

young man stress with work and co employees

6 Ways to Manage Workplace Stress

Workplace stress has become increasingly common since the start of the pandemic. 

Ergonomic office

Create an Ergonomic Office on a Budget

Considering the fact that we spend the majority of our week sitting at our desks and working, it is important that we make it as comfortable as possible.

How to be more productive

Quick Tips to Be More Productive At Work

Are you always scrambling to complete deadlines and struggling to finish all your tasks?

How to organize workstation

How An Organized Workstation May Affect Your Performance

We all spend a significant amount of time every day working.

employees working on two tables

Coworking Spaces Do's and Don'ts

A co-working space is a business model designed to provide business services to small entrepreneurs, larger companies who have employees working remotely, freelancers, and individuals working in group projects. 

staying active at work

Easy Ways to Stay Active At Work

Experts frequently advocate walking a minimum of 10,000 steps every day to maintain excellent health. 

cleaning materials

How to Clean and Care for Your Ergonomic Chair

If you have a desk job that requires you to sit for prolonged hours, you would probably know the importance of using an ergonomic office chair. 

young man working from home

Which is Better? Work from Home vs Work in the Office

Even if you are the most diligent employee in the office, you are still not perfect. 

sustainable offices

Go Green: How to Create a Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Workspace?

As more individuals recognize how crucial it is to maintain the environment, eco-friendly measures are gaining traction. 

Working Together

How to Deal with an Annoying Officemate

You would not always like all your co-workers.

Time Blocking

Managing Your Day by Time-Blocking

Whatever you do in life, whether you spend your hours in a day working in an office or you're at home with your children and pets, whether you're traveling for leisure or working remotely, all of us need an approach on how to go about our day.

young woman working from home

5 Ways to Setting & Achieving Goals When Working from Home

If you are trying to balance your personal and professional life, all from the same space, it is likely that you will face some unexpected wrinkles that will interrupt your professional productivity.

a home office with dual monitor

6 Reasons to Invest in a Monitor Mount

Over the last few years, particularly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, the way our workstations have been set up has changed significantly.

woman working on her office desk with monitor arm

Things to Consider When Investing in a Monitor Arm

More and more people are moving towards ergonomic-friendly office chairs, desks, and accessories as they have realized the risks that sitting and working for nearly eight hours every day poses. 

Inspecting Pests

How to Get Rid of Office Pests

The world has started opening up in 2021.

soundproof home office

Owning Your Own Soundproof Home Office

With the onset of the pandemic, humans have been forced to come to terms with new realities. 

woman working on a standing desk

How to Set Up an Adjustable Standing Desk

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the health risks associated with sitting all day at work.

bunch of paper works

Organize Your Office Paper Work Better with These Tools

Do you want to get your papers organized or under control, but you're just not sure which items would truly help? 

Natural and artificial lighting

Why Adequate Office Lighting is Essential & How to Ensure Lighting Ergonomics

Ergonomics is critical in today's workplace. 

 The Virtual Office

The Best Hybrid Work Model for Companies

It’s been 18 months of working at home and now, employees across the world are slowly returning to the office. 

The Home Office

Five Tips to Tweak the Home Office

When the pandemic hit in 2020, people were sent home to set up personal offices and work remotely for the meantime.

Office Corner

Turning the Bedroom Into Your Home Office

Some people think that working from home is the dream life. 

young lady on her art studio

Amazing Products to Improve Your Home Studio

These studio art materials will assist you in maintaining a well-organized studio, allowing you to create work in a more effective (and pleasurable) manner. 

picture of a solid wood table

How Solid Wood Furniture Can Liven Up Your Home Office?

If you are a professional working from home, you would want your home office to reflect your personality.

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