Ergonomic Advice

 The Virtual Office

The Best Hybrid Work Model for Companies

It’s been 18 months of working at home and now, employees across the world are slowly returning to the office. 

The Home Office

Five Tips to Tweak the Home Office

When the pandemic hit in 2020, people were sent home to set up personal offices and work remotely for the meantime.

Office Corner

Turning the Bedroom Into Your Home Office

Some people think that working from home is the dream life. 

young lady on her art studio

Amazing Products to Improve Your Home Studio

These studio art materials will assist you in maintaining a well-organized studio, allowing you to create work in a more effective (and pleasurable) manner. 

picture of a solid wood table

How Solid Wood Furniture Can Liven Up Your Home Office?

If you are a professional working from home, you would want your home office to reflect your personality.

A Loft Workspace

5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Desk Chair Without Wheels

There are also office chairs without wheels in the ergonomics market.

Office furniture ideas

10 Unique Furniture to Bring in Your Office Today

We all spend a significant amount of our lives in our office.

employees working in glass room

Work Smart with Office Pods That Breed Productivity and Focus

Since the pandemic outbreak, office pods have grown in popularity as the necessity for private and quiet spaces where people may work has grown.

employees on their work office

The adoption of workplace ergonomics in 2021

As workplaces overhaul their systems, it is also time to look at existing working conditions to foster employee health. 

young woman working from home on winter

Top 5 things your work from office needs this winter

The final few months of the year provide us with many things.

big room office

Office Break Room Ideas For Your Employees

Employees tend to have their level of productivity peak when their employer makes provision for a nice and comfy break room.

Engaging workplace

Office Solutions 101: Tips to Make Your Workplace More Engaging

Over the past few years, big corporations and small-sized businesses alike are starting to realize that workforce is the greatest asset for any business. 

Desk mesh organizer

Tidy Up the Mess with these Expert Organizations Tips

Mess is almost unavoidable, especially in a fast-paced world like ours.

woman suffering back pain while working

Can Furniture Affect Your Work Performance?

Business owners are always looking for ways to improve employee productivity and outcome.

Best accessories to make your office livelier

18 Best Accessories to Make Your Office Livelier

The ambiance of a workplace has a significant impact on the business’s development and productivity. 

man working with his desk converter

Desk Converters - What They Are and Why You Need Them

The changing work arrangement allows an increasing number of people to work from home.

man working in two monitor

How to Fit Two Monitors on a Tiny Computer Desk

A laptop screen or single monitor setup is adequate for most office tasks. 

a young woman stretching while working from home

8 Ways You Can Work From Home This Holiday With Absolute Focus

We're in the thick of the Christmas season- a season to celebrate with friends, family and spend more time with them. 

man cleaning an office chair

How to Keep Your Office Chair in a Pristine Condition

A comfortable office desk and chair are the basic building blocks of any office.

young woman working on her pc setup

Complete Guide for a Quad Monitor Setup

Evolution has struck every phase of mankind, the effects of which could be felt among home office workers and gamers worldwide. 

Drafting tables

10 Ways Drafting Tables Can Change Your Workplace

If you work in the creative arts, engineering, or architectural industry, you might greatly benefit from a drafting table, and it should undoubtedly be a part of your workplace. 

getting standing desks for work

How to Convince Your Employer to Invest in Standing Desks?

What is one thing that may be very harmful to your health yet that we all do daily? 

Woman in her workspace

How to Improve Your Home Office's Ergonomics

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many people found themselves working from home, and more often than not, most of them were not prepared for moving their workspace to their homes. 

A man working on a standing desk at his workplace.

7 Common Misconceptions about Standing Desks

Standing desks have become incredibly popular, especially in office spaces. 

Ergonomic office

9 Frequently Asked Questions about Office Ergonomics

In the workplace, proper ergonomics is critical to employee health and productivity. 

Home office

10 Dos and Don’ts for Setting an Ergonomic Office – Vital Tips

Working from home has become a norm for nearly two years now. 

Home office

11 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Home Office

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become a norm for many of us.

woman working from home with her standing desk and bike

Improve your ergonomic wfh station before the new year

With the end of the year vastly approaching, some of us are already thinking of our new year’s resolutions. 

man attending online meeting

20 Tips for Successful Virtual Communication at Work

Communication is the backbone of every organization.

At Work

How to Install a Wireless Charging Pad to Your Work Desk

Have you ever seen woodworkers in their element?

Home Office Clean-up

Home Office Clean-up: Pre-Game to the Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again when people start to get into the holiday spirit. 

Best Products for Shared Office Places

Best Products for Shared Office Places

When you purchase your office space, you want to ensure that you create a pleasant and welcome space for your employees.

Woman working at home

Top Designer Office Desks You'll Love in 2021

Working from home is becoming the norm. 

man with multi task work

The Ideal Workstation Set Up For Multi-Taskers

A multi-tasker is a highly motivated and functional worker. 

game developer working on his computer

Secret Standing Desk Hacks That Can Help Game Developers Level Up

Devs perform miracles when they pump out entire universes and immersive realities from basic code. 

woman working on her standing desk

Standing Desk Myths Debunked!

Myths provide easy answers to tough questions. 

10 of the Best Home Office Improvement Ideas that You May Not Have Ever Thought

10 of the Best Home Office Improvement Ideas that You May Not Have Ever Thought About

Working from home comes with so many perks. 

Work Breaks and Hobbies: Exploring New Potentials

Work Breaks and Hobbies: Exploring New Potentials

Hobbies are key to helping us all find the little joys in life

Why: Ergonomic Desk Edition

The Reason Why: Ergonomic Desk Edition

When folks have worked in a workplace with a cardio desk, they definitely spotted a colleague reviewing updates whereas the rest of the team is hammering away at slideshows at the standup workstation.

online learning

Things Consider When Setting Up a Remote Learning Environment for Your Children

Parents have witnessed the detrimental consequences of schools abruptly closing. 

smiling workers

5 Practical Methods for Keeping a Positive Work Environment

What are the benefits of having and keeping a positive work environment?

Home Office Space

Why companies should start buying ergonomic furniture for their remote employees

In Mexico, the law requires companies to provide employees with ergonomic computer equipment necessary to get their work done at home in their healthiest states. 

ergonomic workplace

Why Is It Necessary To Have An Ergonomic Workplace To Boost Productivity?

Every day of our lives, many of us end up in our workplaces.

remote work

10 Simple Ways to Increase WFH Satisfaction Using FlexiSpot Products

Working from home exposes you to a variety of circumstances that can have an impact on your productivity. 

a man with a laptop

Staying Creative While Working Remotely During Lockdown Is Possible With These Tips

An employee could work on-site in some cases but also work from home in other cases. 

Remote Work Shouldnt Be A Pain: 6 Ergonomic Tips

Remote Work Shouldnt Be A Pain: 6 Ergonomic Tips

It's essential to set up a secure, ergonomic workspace at home if you're one of the many individuals working remotely to promote social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

ergonomic working area

How to Create a Productive Workspace for Remote Workers

As a real-world employee, your coworkers pose the greatest threat to your productive work environment. 

ergonomic study area

Creating an Effective Study Environment for College Students

Are you getting closer to the end of the school year and the start of exam season?

beating deadline

Ways to Beat the Deadline

There are people who work best when meeting a deadline.

productivity tips

Tips You Can Use for You to Create Productive Workspace at Home

There are many employees nowadays that are working remotely. 

technological advancements

Technology for the Remote Workforce Has Changed Every Working Scenario

Working remotely has been a conventional standard for all firms in this pandemic scenario.

What Are Some Ways to Innovate A Boring Workplace?

What Are Some Ways to Innovate A Boring Workplace?

The image of office employees happily clicking or sorting away in their own immaculate cubicles has faded.

Office Chair With Armrests: 5 Factors to Consider

Office Chair With Armrests: 5 Factors to Consider

It’s a common topic of discussion across the nation, with employees debating about the use of armrests.

ergonomic assessments

Ergonomic Assessments in the Workplace: How to Do It Right

One of the essential needs of a modern workplace is that it be ergonomically pleasant. 

employer responsibilities

Responsibilities of Employers in Offering Ergonomic Office Equipment

Employees make essentially no input to the office structure, which is dependent on employers.

maintaining cleanliness

Ideas for Organizing Your Home Office to Look Presentable and Efficient

The architecture and ergonomics of the home office are garnering increasing consideration as the worldwide pandemic drives people to practice social separation.

Computer Usage Problems To Keep In Mind

Computer Safety To Keep in Mind

Workers have been significantly impacted by digital progress, which has been beneficial in certain cases while being detrimental in other situations.

woman working

Setups for Boosting Productivity While Working From Home: 4 Ideas

Did it ever occur to you that your lack of productivity or capacity to perform at your best isn't due to your workload or type of work? 

4 Ways To have Luxury Office Feel at Home

Luxury Office Feel You can Have At Home

Something about living life dripping in opulence makes people wonder if one day, they would get there. 

home worker

Solutions to Improve Your WFH in the Home Office

Even if the circumstances are normal, transitioning from a typical workplace to a home environment is challenging. 

Standing Desk Mistakes and How to Rectify Them

Standing Desk Mistakes and How to Rectify Them

Exploring common standing desk mistakes, how they affect you and how to fix them.

Work Motivation: Productivity Boosting Tips for Every Employee

Work Motivation: Productivity Boosting Tips for Every Employee

Tricks to help you counter a slump at the office.

Hardworking Employee

How to Minimize Distractions Work-from-Home Employees Experience

It's the responsibility of an employer to help create a work environment that encourages productivity and efficiency.

Checking Out The Desk

Lifting Speed or Loading Capacity: The Head-to-Head Desk Battle

Part of being a wise spender is knowing every function of the product you're interested in purchasing.

Establishing Home Workspaces Inside Small Spaces

Establishing a Home Workspace Inside a Small Space

Having a home workspace is a huge plus when you're working remotely and don't have much room in your house. 

work essential tips

How to Manage Your Time When Working From Home

Learn how to organize your time when working from home.

Safety in the Virtual World

Safety in the Virtual World

Digital safety tips to avoid any online problems in the workplace.

Working from Office: How to Re-adjust after the Pandemic

How to Re-adjust After the Pandemic

If you have just received a call from your boss asking you to report back to the office soon, then this is for you.

How to Not Get Bored When Remote Working

How to Not Get Bored While Remote Working

There are a variety of pursuits you can engage in to keep your productivity up and boredom down.

Filing Cabinets and How to Organize Them

Filing Cabinets and How to Organize Them

Organizing a filing cabinet is an essential organizational task. 

working at the office

Tips to Make Your Hybrid Work More Productive

Discover multiple advantages to working from home when using the correct productivity tips.

a woman working

Home Office Hacks to Make Working from Home More Enjoyable

With these modest home office hacks, you can make the most of your remote working time.

10 Desk Things You Can Do To Be More Productive

10 Desk Things You Can Do To Be More Productive

Make the most out of your desk space to enhance productivity and performance.

Eco-friendly Interiors

The Importance of Sustainability in Furniture

More and more companies are going sustainable, including businesses in the furniture industry. 

Cable Management: Whys and Hows

Cable Management: Whys and Hows

Arranging the cords under your desk provides many benefits.

11 Ways to Improve Employee Motivation

11 Ways to Improve Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is the lifeblood of any successful business. 

The 13 Essentials That I Always Keep At My Work Desk

13 Essentials I Always Keep at My Desk

 People establish perceptions of you based on your workstation


Here's Why Working from Home is the Future

Working from home is not going away anytime soon.

ergonomic working space

Enjoy Remote Working with These 5 Home Office Hacks

Have fun during your remote work time with these easy home office hacks.

woman working

Work-from-Home Tips to Get Started in 2021

Strategies to help you succeed when working from home.

16 Tips on How To Manage Hectic Workdays

16 Tips to Manage Hectic Workdays

Simple ways to successfully complete a busy day at work.

13 Things To Do When Working Outside With A Laptop

13 Things To Do When Working Outside with a Laptop

Here are some tips to combat the most common issues that come with working outside.

hybrid workplace

5 Characteristics of a Productive Hybrid Workplace

A few of the most important things that firms and employees are doing to succeed in a hybrid work environment

a woman working with her flexispot desk and bike

Make Your Workplace Ergonomic With FlexiSpot's Superior Products

It is critical to incorporate ergonomics into your work arrangement, whether you operate in an office or at home. 

Work At Home Productivity: Easy Workspace Tweaks

Work at Home Productivity: Easy Workspace Tweaks

How can you turn your favorite hangout spot into a place where you can take care of business for eight hours a day?

woman on a desk

Get the Best Equipment and Supplies for Your Virtual Teaching Needs

Setting up an ergonomic workspace for your virtual classes is easier than you think.

group collaboration

Retaining Remote Work Talents: Tips & Strategies

Unfortunately, many companies do not recognize the value of long-term employees.

upgrade office

Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home Office on a Budget

Simple, low-cost home office ideas that will work for you even on a shoestring budget.

man on a desk

Turning Your Workspace into a Productivity Hotspot

Your physical work environment plays a big role in your overall efficiency.

Saving Space Using An Adjustable Standing Desk

Saving Space with an Adjustable Standing Desk

Make the most out of your workspace by incorporating an ergonomic standing desk.

a happier office desk

A Happier Working Space: How to Transform Your Office

Every employer should do all in their power to make the office as welcoming as possible. 

employee appreciation

Innovative Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Remote Workers

It is crucial to provide enough support to your staff in their home offices if you want to boost their work performance.

office hotelling

Office Hoteling: How It Benefits the Company Workspace

Create a flexible and flawless workspace design that improves the productivity and morale of all employees.

Your New Small Business: Workplace Supplies Needed

Your New Small Business: Workplace Supplies Needed

A guide to successfully stock up on all necessary office supplies when starting a business.

man experienced back pain while working

5 Signs Your Office Chair Needs a Change

Letting go of an old office chair opens you to a world of infinite possibilities.

workplace wellness

Workplace Wellness: Why it Should Be a Priority

Everybody loves working in a stress-free environment that gives them the freedom and the space to breathe.

Why Your Business Should Go Paperless: 5 Advantages

Why Your Business Should Go Paperless: 5 Advantages

Shifting to paperless doesn't have to be overwhelming, and you don't have to make all of the changes in one go. 

6 indicators that a child requires an ergonomic study table

6 Indicators that a Child Requires an Ergonomic Study Table

A study table can increase your child's motivation and academic performance.

ergonomic benefits

Workplace Ergonomics: 5 Benefits to Keep in Mind

A look at five of the essential advantages of ergonomics in the workplace. 

The WFH-Worker At The WorkSpace

5 Things to Consider When Working from Home

Suggestions for a more prosperous remote work experience.


Boosting Employee Motivation

Motivation plays a vital role in your everyday mindset.

office chairs with casters

Ways to Protect Your Wooden Floors from Rolling Chairs

The right rolling office chair can help you preserve the integrity of your hardwood floors. 

Office with a View

10 Remote Jobs to Try Right Now

Remote jobs you may want to consider if you want to live your life in a backpack. 

5 Office Solutions To Achieve Earthy Elegance

4 Office Solutions to Achieve Earthy Elegance

Discover why FlexiSpot is the ultimate option for achieving the earthy elegance you desire.

benefits of ergonomics

The Overlooked Benefits of Workplace Ergonomics that You Should Know

An outline of a few of the essential benefits of ergonomics in the workplace.

office concerns

Workplace Concerns that Proper Ergonomics Can Address

If an office is not ergonomically designed, it can cause various issues ranging from discomfort to backache..

Broken Glass

Telltale Signs that Your Workmate is Very Insecure

Beware of insecure people in the workplace and always stand your ground when dealing with them. 

change your bad habits

Quit These Bad Work Habits Today and Be More Productive Tomorrow

Bad habits are the easiest way to lower productivity in the workplace.

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