Working Standing or Sitting, Matters to you

April 16, 2021

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It is common for any worker or employee to do paperwork in the office or at home sitting on a chair the whole day.  For some people, they can perform their work more efficiently while sitting. However, for some others, they prefer to stand in front of the desk and work on things they have to do.  Health issues about sitting for a long time is not new to everybody but some people just don’t care as long as they could deliver the goods. In other words,  they care about finishing the tasks at hand even if it means risking one's health.  Some of the risks that are related to sitting for a long time are obesity, injuries in the back and spine, less developed social skills, and chronic pain.  Aside from these, posture becomes awkward because  there are less movements to correct it.  Depression or loneliness is also possible to happen in this situation. 

According to some scientists,  sitting for a long  time is about 8 to 11 hours on the desk.  In such long hours  the risk is higher  because less energy is utilized and there is no active physical movement.  Loneliness and depression is also possible because there is little or no social communication at all.  Humans need to communicate with humans for well being.  If  communication is absent, we cannot grow socially and mentally.  Sitting on the desk for a long  time possibly may cause loneliness and depression.  If you work inside the house for long hours and you  don’t get enough sunlight, deficiency in Vitamin D may occur  that could lead to a depressive situation (  It is also found that developing cancer in women is possible with sedentary lifestyle.

If there are health risks in sitting on the desk for a long time, will there be adverse effects on standing for a long time? According to health experts, standing for long hours has also adverse effects on our health.  Some may develop fatigue and discomfort, swelling of the legs including the legs.  This implies that too much of anything has adverse effects on our body.  Thus, we have to find solutions to be able to work productively and at the same time promoting healthy lifestyle.  It is easier to find the solution than  what you think.   Flexispot is a problem solver for these issues that beset common employees and workers in the office and those working at home. It offers a wide array of products that would cater to every worker who is more productive while sitting or working while standing. There are different work tables and desks that are just perfectly right for every need.

One of the best products of Flexispot is the ‘Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series  that are adjustable to any height for your working comfort and convenience. It features ‘enhanced stability and lifting speed'. It also has higher loading capacity that is up to 2.7 lbs with 5-year warranty.  This desk is a beauty to behold and own. 

The Theodore Standing Desk 48" W has a great secret to explore.  This  outstanding desk prides itself with a USB Port which gives convenience while working on your computer. Also for greater comfort  in working with this desk. There are just 3 steps to follow for its installation. Its height ranges from 29.5” to 49.2 “.*

Have you heard of a bamboo desk? Flexispot has it.  As a backgrounder, a bamboo furniture is strong and sturdy to use everyday.  Compared to ordinary wood for furniture, bamboo is very strong to withstand damage.  That is why bamboo is even utilized or used as cutting board because it can withstand repetitive cutting and still look beautiful and gentle.

The Flexispot Kana Bamboo Standing Desk  (Eco&Pro) is environment friendly and of course, durable.  The desk top is solid and finish.  This bamboo desk will complement any furniture whether in the office or at home.

The Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) shows opulence in its design and excitingly follows your body contours.  That makes it comfortable for the user to move while working on this desk.

For those who opt to take a seat while working, the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair is a delight in itself.  This not-so-ordinary chair can give you the best seating experience  because of its 3D lumbar support . This enables the worker to sit comfortably for long hours without suffering from back or neck pains. It is a must for those who chooses to work without any interruption when there are deadlines to beat. It also features 3 height adjustment as needed.

If you are the type of worker who also prefers sitting on your desk to work and you have a lot of things to use to make your work easier and efficient, Flexispot’s L-Shaped Desk E1L is special. It is big enough to accommodate office supplies and other objects needed for working. Its L-shape has enough space for everything.  It also has reversible panels for the left hander and right hander.  So everything is organized on this desk promoting efficiency  and productivity. Left hander can be as much productive as right-handers on this perfect desk.

On the whole, Flexispot makes our workload easier and makes us more than an ordinary worker.  This company has been finding ways and doing research to cope with every worker’s needs and whims in the office or inside the comfort of homes.  Productivity of every worker is as important as comfort and convenience in coming up with any product.  Aside from these elements, those behind the success of Flexispot make it a point to text every product as to the quality and durability are concerned.  The price is reasonable because each product can withstand the test of time as such,  it makes the product affordable and easy on the pocket.

Flexispot also cares for the health and well being of any consumer because they believe a healthy body  makes a healthy mind.  And when the mind is sound, the work becomes easy and worker more productive.

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