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5 Advantages of Stationary Stretching With the Ergo Chair

07 June 2021

The Ergonomic Problems of People in the Office:

Due to the sedentary lifestyle that people in the office experience, a lot are having problems with their:

  • spine:

This happens when people sit on their chairs all day long without much stretching and moving on the chair. Sitting all day long on the chair without much exercise could create havoc on the spine. 

  • shoulder:

A sedentary lifestyle could affect some parts of the body such as the shoulder. Doing the same movement without much variations especially with the right posture could harm the muscle and joints around the shoulder hence there is such a thing as cold shoulders. 

  • neck:

When people are having sedentary activities, their necks are becoming prone to strain because this part of the body is hampered and forced especially when one is trying to get closer to the monitor while sitting.

  • lumbar area:

The lumbar area is the most sensitive part of the back. This is the part that lets us bend around the waist. Once this part is affected, one might not be able to move freely and could affect the blood circulation. 

These parts of the body could get severely affected when one does not practice a good posture. This could be harmful because when a person severs his back and lumbar, there would be an imbalance in his blood circulation. When there is improper blood circulation, this might not optimize his movements. The worst thing about this is poor blood circulation could harm the body system and could affect the health of anyone who experiences this. If this is the case, a working person should observe an active lifestyle but with limited space in the office one should try alternatives for this and that is by using a piece of equipment that could offer a good ergonomic solution. These pieces of equipment are offered by Flexispot. 

5 Advantages of Stationary Stretching With the Help of Flexispot Ergo Chair:

  • Without breaking the bank, you may let yourself get protected with the ergonomic chairs from Flexispot. These ergo chairs could offer great lumbar support hence once you do the stretching, you may ensure that you would not lose balance and would not hurt yourself. So, how could this be possible with the ergo chairs from Flexispot? Here are the answers:
  • Flexispot ergo chairs are stable and sturdy. So if you're going to do stretching that would involve launching your legs you may also support them by leaning your hands on the armrest of any Flexispot ergo chairs and do a little routine. Worry not because Flexispot ergo chairs could protect you from getting hurt while doing the exercise. 
  • Some ergo chairs from Flexispot are in the form of stationery wheels hence working out by cycling on these wheels could help one keep an active time at work. 
  • Flexispot ergo chairs have adjustable lumbar support that could ensure the protection of the user who does the stretching on the ergo chair. You may do the upper body exercise like stretching the hands and rotating the neck while you sit on the ergo chair. This may help you have better blood circulation. 
  • Flexispot ergonomic chairs could also follow the curves or contours of your body. This promotes a healthier workplace because when you do the little stretching that involves the back and spine, you may be able to do it easily. After all, these ergo chairs could protect your lumbar. 
  • Flexispot ergo chairs also have the rocking function that could give you ease when you do the stretching on the work area. Just lean your back comfortably on the ergo chair and you may feel better and relaxed. 

Now, moving on with the next part of our discussion, we would be focusing on the 2 top ergo chairs from Flexispot that offer these features. Office workers who seek an active lifestyle amidst a busy time in the office may have these pieces of equipment in the office. The following ergo chairs are:

The first in the list is the best standing desk mate. A lot of people have tried using this because it could turn a sedentary lifestyle into an active one. This is the:

Under Desk Bike V9U:

  • This desk bike could help you balance your work and workout. When you are a busy office worker with a lot of deadlines to meet, this desk bike could offer you the quality cycling that you need to maintain a healthy physique. 
  • The height-adjustable range of this product is from 75.2cm to 94.2cm. 
  • This is very ideal for people ranging from 5'1 to 6'2. Hence, anyone who wishes to have this does not need to worry about their height and the possibility of losing balance because of the fear that this is too heavy to use.  
  • This product also has an 8-level magnetic resistance that could help anyone who wants to exercise while working. This is controllable and is easy to manage. 
  • Using this product would not disturb others who are also working. One could easily store it in the corner of the office. 
  • What is good about this product is it could carry a weight that is as heavy as 300lbs so it's safe to use for almost everyone. 

Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B

  • This is the second in the list of the top ergo chairs from Flexispot. This ergo chair is known for a backrest that could help one to sustain a good neck condition and could protect anyone from the neck strain. 
  • This ergo chair also has a breathable mesh back that allows the normal airflow that would help the movement of the person without letting the sweat accumulate in his back. 
  • This ergo chair has a particular part that gives passive lumbar support.
  • This ergo chair also has an adjustable lifting armrest

Final Thoughts:

Finding the right ways to stretch and keep an active lifestyle in the office is kind of challenging because it would not be easy to maintain it because of the busy schedule in the office but choosing the right products for it such as the ergo chairs from Flexispot mentioned above could help one maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid the silent killing sedentary activities.