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5 Reasons to Choose Discounted Best Sellers from FlexiSpot

24 September 2021

When you search for the best ergonomic products such as the standing desk, sit-stand desk, and stand-up desks, a cool name will ring the bell. It's none other than FlexiSpot. For many years, corporate people have trusted this global brand because it's committed to creating the ergonomic products that most doctors recommend because of the accurate design and dimensions. They engineer superb office equipment and furniture to protect the employees from the threat of MSDs or musculoskeletal disorders. 

The Threat of the MSDs to WFH-Workers

The Threat of the MSDs

WFH-individuals may feel the big difference between the traditional on-site work and the remote work set-up. They can think that they could be safe from the life-threatening Covid-19. As new variants come out, more people switch to the WFH setting. On the other hand, they might not avoid the threat of passive pain and musculoskeletal disorders. Work-related injuries can impair them soon if they ignore them. Hence, in that case, you could reach out to your employees and find out the best ergonomic solutions for your employees. One of these solutions is by providing the employees with superb furniture pieces and equipment. Indeed, such a decision is employee-centered and economical. 

The Practicability and Benefits of Accommodating the Needs of Employees

As the work-from-home saga continues, more and more companies allow their workers to render services at the comforts of their homes entirely. Hiring managers and employers see the profitability of the new work paradigm. Company owners see the future stability of this work setting because there would be lesser office expenses that companies will shoulder. And as they lessen the office expenses, they can allocate more budget for the employees working from home. 

Instead of the rent fee and miscellaneous expenses for extra pantry supplies, they can give incentives to their workers and build a long-lasting employee-employer relationship. 

Moreover, when employees see that their company cares for their health and welfare, they give back and extend their services for the company. They feel motivated, and they find a sense of fulfillment. These attributes pave the way for the growth and stability of both employers and employees. Further, such an act can help employers adjust the company budget properly. Hence, it is practical and beneficial for both sides. 

So, suppose you're planning your next purchase for the new furniture pieces. In that case, the ones from Flexispot, such as the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk or the Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desks, could help you order office desk products that can protect your employees' ergonomics this 2021. Indeed, buying these standing desks is timely as they are the ones that are on sale from FlexiSpot. 


Purchasing in a Timely Manner

Buying the best ergonomic furniture is suitable for the great transition in the work paradigm this Fall. Indeed, at this time of the month, you can find the best deals so you can save more on purchasing the best standing desks for your employees. In that case, FlexiSpot brings you all the great sales or their FlexiSpot Standiversary. 

This event will happen from September 27-29. So, you may mark your calendars now and be the first one to choose from the selection of standing desks such as the Comhar All-In-One Standing Desk Wooden Top-48"W, Comhar All-In-One Standing Desk Glass Top-48"W, and Esben Standing Desk UD5. You can get up to a 40% discount! So, it will be the best time to invest in this great furniture as you plan to provide your employees with products that will protect them from the threat of MSDs. So, if you're wondering more why you must purchase the items on sale, then we'll move forward to those reasons. 

The 5 Reasons

Purchasing these best-selling products is more than just building a good reputation as a business owner or an employer. There are other reasons it's wise to buy ergonomic products, especially the ones from Flexispot. You may open doors of opportunities when you decide to invest in these products. 

a. Help With the Restoration of Biodiversity and Planting of Trees

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Yes, eco-warrior, you heard it right. When you purchase the bamboo standing desks from FlexiSpot, the company will donate more for the restoration of the forests. FlexiSpot has started a partnership with One Tree Planted. In August of this year, FlexiSpot presented to plant 500 trees in British Columbia. You might not notice it, but your single purchase can help save the environment. So, if you purchase more than one bamboo standing desk, let's say the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk (that is on sale), you could contribute more to this plantation drive. 

b. Save Triple on the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Purchasing the Kana Standing Desk is so exciting. It's because FlexiSpot can triple your savings when you buy this desk product that is on sale. You will not shoulder the logistics if you purchase it because FlexiSpot will deliver the products straight to your employee's home address. So, you can make sure that the products will be in the best condition when they reach the house of your employees. Most of all, with this service from Flexispot, you can save more instead of paying extra for the logistics service. 

c. Multitasking Will be Easier for Your Employees

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk

When you purchase the standing desks from FlexiSpot that are on sale this September, you can help your team achieve maximum productivity. It's because the functionalities of these desk products that are on sale are above and beyond. The lifting systems of these desks are amazingly speedy. They could help the employees save time when they are working from home. So, when they have these standing desks at home, they can optimize their work without feeling drained or exhausted. Hence, it's practical to invest in these standing desks. 

d. FlexiSpot Standing Desks have the Best Ergonomic Designs

Esben Standing Desk UD5

The standing desks from Flexispot on sale are just examples of desk products with superb ergonomic designs. They have functionalities that can help the workers avoid the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. From the lifting columns to the keypads, these standing desks prove that they can protect the users from the injuries that might come their way while working. Hence, these products help your employees as well. That's why taking the chance to buy these items on sale would be a great choice. 

e. FlexiSpot Best Sellers Will Last for Years

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk

Say goodbye to the furniture pieces that easily get broken. Indeed, the standing desks from FlexiSpot that are on sale could stand years of continuous usage. It's because these furniture pieces have high-grade steels and parts that make them sturdy and durable. So, you would not think of replacing them from time to time. 

Final Thoughts:

Seeing smiles on your employees' faces brings a rewarding feeling for an employer. It's a fulfilling thing to care for the welfare of the employees because they get the best growth and development for the company. So, to make it more fulfilling, let FlexiSpot help you with this mission. Through the bestsellers that are on sale this September, you may ensure that you would be able to provide your team with superb pieces of furniture.