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An Active Workstation: Better Health, Better You

28 July 2021

Millions of American workers devote the majority of their time at their desks, leading inactive lifestyles. According to health experts, sedentary employees are at a higher risk for a range of health problems, including diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, to mention a few. Indeed, the rise in office desk-related jobs is widely cited as one of the primary causes of obesity in the United States.

According to one study, individuals who spend significant amounts of time sitting had a greater than 50% probability of going into cardiac arrest. Computers and machines now accomplish most of the physical activities that employees used to perform. Furthermore, the increase in programming and other computer-related activities has increased sedentary jobs, whether at home or in the workplace. However, with a modern trend toward a healthier lifestyle, employees advocate for greater health in the workplace. Adults are advised to exercise for at least thirty minutes each day to reap health advantages. Many corporations have implemented workplace wellness programs because healthier employees save healthcare expenses and sick leave. Some businesses even provide active workspaces in the office to help desk-bound staff improve their quality of life while at work.

What are active workstations?

A blend of equipment and furniture that allows the employees to be more active at work is referred to as an active workstation. Standing desks, treadmill desks, cycling desk bikesergonomic furniture, and other office fitness equipment are examples of active workspaces that enable employees to enjoy a more active job experience without exiting their workspace or the office. They can send emails, make phone conversations, and make presentations while exercising in position. An active workstation can even be a specific exercise space with devices for employees to stay active.

Even though you exercise outside of work, research shows that sitting all day is detrimental to your health. Sitting excessively causes everything from an increased risk of heart disease to hypertension and shorter lifespans. If that's not enough to persuade you to change your workstation to empower you to be a little more active, here are more reasons to do so as soon as possible.

Standing instead of sitting burns more calories.

Standing burns 50 more calories each hour than sitting does. Without implementing any other modifications, standing for three hours a day, five days a week, results in an 8-pound weight loss over a year. Even if you are currently active and do not need to lose some weight, consider this: the 30,000 calories you would burn per year is similar to running ten marathons.

You could be more productive

According to one study, office workers who walked on treadmills across the day were more efficient. They produced higher-quality work than their peers, who sat all day. Even something as basic as keeping a desk bike like FlexiSpot Sit2Go under your desk might help you feel less twitchy and more eager to complete whatever it is you're working on without having to stroll around the office straightening and stretching out your legs, which is still preferable to nothing.

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

The FlexiSpot Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair provides a very comfortable sitting experience and could be a perfect substitute for your workplace chair. This exercise office chair combines sitting with exercise, resulting in a better physique and ensuring that your gym equipment does not stay dormant for months. The small, streamlined body is backed by smooth-rolling wheels, making it convenient to transport from room to room and from indoors to outside. Its broad height-adjustable capability makes it entirely adaptable to the different heights of the entire family.

  • Seat Height Adjustment: Using the one-touch lever, you may effortlessly adjust the seat while seated.
  • Seat Cushion Support: The firm seat cushion offers pressure support, resulting in a pleasurable sedentary experience.
  • Backrest with Breathable Mesh: The backrest's breathing mesh fabric ensures not just relaxation but also stability.

It alleviates boredom

Active workstation users report less monotony and much more work satisfaction than other employees. Exercise has been shown to improve your mood by producing endorphins, or feel-good hormones, so it stands to reason that shedding a few calories throughout the workday can make you feel happy at work.

Too much sitting might hurt your memory

Sitting too much causes the weakening of areas in your brain that are essential for memory development, and exercising afterward will not erase those consequences. This indicates that going to the gym daily would not save your memory from 8 hours of sitting at a computer all day.

Chairs are deadly

When all causes of mortality are included, and any group of sitters is compared to those who are active, sitters have a 50% increased chance of dying. Even if you exercise routinely, sitting for more than 4 hours every day doubles your chances of dying prematurely: the more time you spend sitting each day, the higher your risk of cardiovascular disease.

It has the potential to extend your life

Based on one study, working on your feet may add two or more years to your life vs. sitting most of the day at work. That has to be worth looking for some boxes to place your laptop and monitor on so you can stand while working, correct? Even if you enjoy your work, you wouldn't want it to limit your life.

Standing can improve your mood and vitality

Standing all day has been proved to boost energy and lessen weariness. If you are tired after a long day of sitting at work, engaging in a structure that lets you stand or become more active while working may make you feel significantly better.

What is the optimal level of activity for your workstation?

Desk with a Treadmill

Some people reported reducing up to 70 pounds by simply walking moderately for 2 hours and 15 minutes per day, five days a week. You get to burn more energy than merely standing, and it can relieve pressure on your back if you don't have back problems. It also keeps you attentive and intrigued. One potential disadvantage is that it can be challenging to focus on both typing and walking simultaneously time. It requires practice and is not the best option for somebody who struggles with balance.

Desk Bike

Some individuals have used desk bikes to burn up to 250 calories each hour. They have aided in increasing alertness and decreasing monotony. It also relieves pressure on the knee joints and hip while keeping you active and minimizing the risks of sitting immobile. It may be simpler to type while sitting and riding rather than walking on a treadmill, but it may also be harder to focus.

Standing Desk

Standing desks can be modified to the exact height you desire—simply standing instead of sitting while working expends 20–25 percent more energy. As your muscles attempt to keep your balance and posture, you will burn calories and keep your body healthy and fit. Improve your energy, enhance your concentration, and alleviate shoulder and back problems. Does it not sound pretty good? Just bear in mind that it is critical to keep your legs moving as you stand. A possible disadvantage is that standing in one posture for an extended period might overburden the joints, which can be bothersome for individuals with foot difficulties or arthritis in the hip, lower back, or knee.

Just don't stop moving

Having an active desk at work or home can be an excellent fitness and health aid. Whatever you pick, the important thing is to keep moving. Give yourself a break, even if it is only for a couple of minutes. Maintain the health and happiness of your mind and body.