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Back to the Office Essentials

25 May 2021

Citizens worldwide are getting vaccinated after a year of cautiousness and patiently waiting for the answers to prayers.

Now, most of the population is vaccinated, it is back to business for the companies. Some employers slowly but surely require their workers to report to their offices. 

The comforts of our own home may be the ideal working environment for us, but it is time to face reality and accept that we will be returning to our small cubicles. While the vaccines may be keeping us safe, maintaining good health, hygiene, and cleanliness will go a long way in assuring our welfare and everybody around us.

After a year of being in the safety of our homes, now is the right time to update our health and hygiene arsenals as we go back to our regular office lives. This article would show you how you can up the protection of others while you brave the world.

1. High On Hygiene

Even without a pandemic, you must always equip yourself with a hygiene kit.

Your kit must contain everything that you may need throughout your stay in the office. If you are having trouble with what to include in your safety stash, ask yourself a few questions before curating the perfect kit content for you.

● Does your office provide an unlimited supply of sanitizing products for each employee?

● Does your office have clean running water for people to wash their hands?

● Do you prefer the portability of a product or bringing things that would never run out in a snap?

● How many people are you in contact with at the office?

Once you have answered those questions, you can now curate your kit depending on your needs. However, there are a few non-negotiables that must be a mainstay in your arsenal.

For a quick solution, a hand sanitizer is your best bet for a convenient way to disinfect. First, find a sanitizing product that contains 60% alcohol while keeping your hands from getting dry. These sanitizers have the added benefit of moisturizing or hydrating ingredients that provide a silky soft touch.

Suppose you have second thoughts about the oh-so-fancy scented sanitizers, no worries because those work just as well as the regular ones. Just be sure to stick with an alcohol-based sanitizer, and you will be alright. 

Once you have your sanitizer, invest in a portable soap that you can bring anywhere there is a source of clean water. While sanitizers clean disinfect your hands, regular hand washing beats it any day as it guarantees effectiveness by making everyone safe around you.

You do not have to spend a ton of money on expensive soaps as a regular 1-dollar soap works just as well, if not better, than high-end ones. Also, cutting up your bar of soap can make it easier to transport than bringing it whole.

If you find a bar of soap too bulky, you can invest in liquid hand soaps or the ones that are paper-thin yet still just as effective to fight off germs and bacteria.

Aside from disinfecting products, you can also stash some products for freshening up during the day. For example, you can include your toothbrush and toothpaste to use after a lunch break to assure you of minty-fresh breath. For a convenient solution, you can stash some mints for you to use when you need a quick refresher for a meeting.

Mini bottles of your favorite essential oils can help alleviate nausea or headaches while at work and even provide a relaxing ambiance through a quick sniff in-between working. While you sniff your oils, decant some of your favorite perfume and scented lotions that can command the attention of the whole office. These fragrant hygiene additions can even help spray away the bad vibes away once you get stressed out.

A hairbrush, some hair ties, and gel can provide a sleek hairstyle that can help you face your clients without looking frazzled. Do not forget your small powders to keep your face shine-free to look fresh and clean.

2. Mask It Up

The vaccine may be available, but it would not hurt to take extra precautions to keep you and everyone around safe. That is why you can opt to wear a mask as you go around your office. 

However, some people might be offended when you wear a mask. That is why you must stand your ground and provide valid reasons to keep wearing your mask.

For example, there is still a possibility that a vaccinated person can still get the viral infection without developing any symptoms. This situation poses a risk of silently transmitting the virus to the people they encounter with sans masks. The silent but deadly transmission is the reason why everyone must still wear masks while at work. Thus, not only are you protecting yourself, but you are also keeping other people safe.

3. Ergo, It’s Ergonomic

Aside from keeping your physical health in check, you can also take it a notch further by investing in quality and ergonomic desks and chairs to make the most of your return to the office. Luckily, FlexiSpot offers various office solutions that would keep the pristine condition of your joint health.

Most often than not, your office desk cannot compete with the ergonomically sound products that FlexiSpot can provide you - that is why purchasing a brand new desk can be one of your investments as you report back to the office.

For starters, you can opt for the spacious  Seiffen Laminated Spliced L-shaped Standing Desk. This standing desk is created by listening to what the customers want.

In less than 40-minutes, you can assemble this sit-stand desk due to the structural design that will make you excited to use it. In addition, you would have no worries about spine health issues as you have the best ergonomic standing desk in the whole office.

It may seem like a bad idea to return back to the office but you have to admit that you miss the professionalism that exudes as you step inside the premises. That is why it is better if you equipped yourself with a hygiene kit and an ergonomic standing desk to keep your health in top-notch condition.