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Best Standing Desk Converter for the Modern Worker

09 June 2022

Working from the comfort of your couch has some benefits, but it isn’t easy on your posture. As researchers say, the exemplary work from a desk should accommodate both standing and sitting and offer the most flexibility for position changes to accommodate various body postures and types. A standing desk converter falls in that category and is even better when you don’t want to get yourself another new desk. You can convert a typical desk into a standing desk when you get a standing desk converter. Getting yourself a good standing desk converter is the best solution if you need to spend other times standing up while working. Instead of buying a luxurious standing desk, you buy a standing desk converter and place it on your desk, and voila! Reap the comfort and health benefits of standing on your feet.

While working, shifting between standing and sitting tones your muscles, improves your energy levels, and lowers your blood pressure. You can also have a little dance while working, increasing your creativity. Apart from upping your creativity and productivity, standing reduces your risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. For these reasons, a standing desk converter is an investment that is worth it for your career and wellbeing. Please read about the best standing desk converters because we've covered you.

Best standing desk converters

Best standing desk converters

1. Vivo adjustable 32-inch desk riser

With more than 6000 five-star reviews, this standing desk converter is among the best rated. Reviewers say that it is easy to set up and suitable for every work setup. This standing desk converter can transform your regular desk converter into something you can efficiently, quickly, and reasonably priced. The standing desk converter has a concertina scissor mechanism and a gas lift strut, which can prop up to 15kg of equipment, then lift it from 4.5 to 20in higher than a regular desk. It means that you can place several of your working equipment without worrying about the weight it can carry.

This standing desk converter also has a surface area of 31.5 by 15.8, which makes it appropriate for both a laptop and a monitor if you need it. Also, it has a second tray which is 26 by 10.3in, that you can use for your mouse and keyboard, making it an overall eye-catching ergonomic setup. The furniture comes almost fully assembled; you can use the keyboard tray then you are good to go. The standing desk converter provides everything you would expect from the best ergonomics on a market day.

Flexispot Adjustable standing desk converter

2. Flexispot Adjustable standing desk converter

If you are looking for a balance between affordability and quality construction, Flexispot is the way to go. Despite the standing desk converter’s reasonable price, it has a large surface area that can carry various equipment pieces. It also has a gas spring levitation system that enables a smooth movement through its generous height range of 5" to 20". The desk converter's keyboard tray can be removed easily and quickly when you feel like you don't want it. Finally, the desk converter has been tested for more than 6000 lift/lower cycles, has twenty-four hours throughout the support, and has a five-year warranty. You can get this magnificent standing desk converter at the Flexispot website and many others because, with Flexispot, your health or wellbeing is the number one priority.

3. Ergomaker height adjuster standing desk converter

This solid and low-cost desk converter moves up and down smoothly at the same time and has a good height range. The desk has an iMac monitor on the top, and you can still have more space for a laptop and a water bottle. Hence it is perfect for people using two screens as long as the mouse sitting on the keyboard tray doesn't bother you. If you have one screen only, you can have more room for your mouse to sit next to your monitor. The desk converter's keyboard tray feels a little wobbly while you type, but it is nothing you can’t get used to after using it for long. We all love a spacious working space and a clutter-free desk; hence, the desk converter has wire holes to keep your desk area neat. Finally, the weight limit for this standing desk converter is 33lb for the desktop and 4.4lb for the keyboard tray.

Cora standing desk converter

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4. Cora standing desk converter

If you aim to use a laptop instead of a full desktop PC, the standing desk that you need does not necessarily need a keyboard tray. The Cora standing desk converter is just what you need in this scenario. The quality desk converter is well constructed and can let you generate your standing desks on any surface, such as the kitchen table, traditional desk, or a hotel room table, then tuck it away when you don’t need to use it. When using this desk converter, press the side levers and raise your work surface at any place between 3.4cm and 39.4cm. Its desktop is made from liquid-resistant laminate and a lightweight, sturdy aluminum base. It can carry at least 10kg and has non-skid pads, which help prevent damage to its surface. Additionally, the desk converter is attractive and comes at a reasonable price.

5. Stand Steady X-Elite pro standing desk converter.

This desk converter comes fully assembled, makes it easy for you to shift from standing to sitting while working, and can fit on top of your already existing desk. The desk contains a minimalist cherry frame that makes it look simple yet attractive and can fit in with any home workplace. It has no keyboard tray meaning it is suitable for a laptop only.

Flexispot AlcoveRiser Standing desk converters M7L-42."

6. Flexispot AlcoveRiser Standing desk converters M7L-42."

We meet again with another fantastic Flexispot standing desk converter. The desk converter has an extra spacious working surface. With the desk converter, you are free to spread out your extra-large desktop for your monitor, desk accessories, paperwork, and a U-shaped keyboard tray that is oversized and accommodates flexible setup options such as a full-sized keyboard and mouse or a 17-inch laptop. Apart from this, it is essential to note that the desk has an adjustable height adjustment which allows you to adjust the height level however you want.

The Flexispot M7L desk converter lowers and raises vertically and saves precious space in your workspace while offering better stabilization while lowering and raising comparable products. The desk also has a quick-release keyboard tray which is removable. A one-step and easy attachment and release give you the option of using the desk riser without or with your keyboard tray. In short, this portable standing desk converter makes it easier and more convenient to work. For as low as $209.99, you can get yourself a standing desk converter that is very easy or simple to set up and use.

Why choose Flexispot standing desk converters?

Why choose Flexispot standing desk converters?

They are the ergonomic solutions for the health and wellbeing of their customers. Flexispot prioritizes wellness, and that is why their ergonomic products are very comfortable and durable.
Flexispot also offers a free trial and extended warranties for all its products.
With Flexispot, you get an easy delivery and an expedited shipping service. If you want an easy and quick delivery for your standing desk converter, you should opt for an expedited shipping service. Also, Flexispot can deliver that standing desk converter straight to your employee’s address to evade additional hassle for you and streamline the process of delivery.

Now that you have found some of the best standing desk converters give yourself the best working environment whether you are working from home or in your workplace office. By allowing you the option of standing or sitting at your desk without the need to change your basic furniture, these standing desk converters can keep you on task and upright at the same time. Switching from standing to sitting throughout your working day leads to better focus and concentration.