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Do You Believe in the Human Aura?

28 June 2021

You have a certain aura today that will change your life forever. I can see different colors of light glowing around your body. I know what you are thinking right now because the bright lights coming from your body tell me exactly about your thoughts. Your aura reflects that you physically sound the colors of your aura change to brighter hues. The encircling lights become more huge.  

When you think of negative thoughts, the colors of your aura become less noticeable.

Why is this so? Human beings usually think of mostly negative things and ill feelings such as jealousy, envy, the urge to control and have power over others.  

Let me tell you more about the aura. According to an author, “human aura is believed to be an energy field that surrounds the body” (Panchadasi, 2005) Based on scientific research, an aura is a kind of energy produced in an electromagnetic field in our body. It is usually seen about several feet away from a person’s body. Aura contains different levels that represent the physical, emotional, spiritual makeup of a person.

The physical and mental level tells how healthy a person is.

That is, if the person is healthy, the aura that emanates from his body is larger and brighter. Mental alertness also goes with the physical soundness of the body which could also be seen through a clearer aura. On the other hand, if the person is not in good shape, the aura appears to be less clear.  

The emotional layer in an aura is the second layer where different emotions are deposited.

When we encounter different situations in the physical reality, it is being carried forward to the emotional layer to produce reactions to the situations based on our past experiences. For instance, a violent reaction to a real experience because of the past violent experience the person had.

The spiritual layer, the fourth level, contains our present, past, and future actions.

If a person has positive actions towards others, the effects of those actions could also be positive. This layer shows that if a person does good deeds to others, the effect could also be good.

These are culled from my references if you want to read more about human aura (http://www.biofieldglobal.org/what-is-human-aura.html / http://www.thiaoouba.com/kirc6.htm).

As you start your journey today, remember that there is power within you – that energy illuminates your whole being.

You could actually control and strengthen your aura just as you want it. You need to be more focused on yourself, let go of negative things that hold you back. Your aura is the power within you. 

Human aura can be true as people see something in us when they meet us. They make certain impressions upon meeting us. Some people would say “ You look good today. Your aura is brighter and you look happy. Tell me something about what you did. “ 

This is usually what my co-workers say when they meet me in the morning at the office. They told me that there is something positive about me, that there seems to be a brighter kind of light around me that makes me feel good because it is a compliment that I take seriously.  

With such nice impressions, I am inspired to do my work for the day even though my day is not really good because I still have some unfinished household chores to do at home. I think it is just natural that if you receive compliments from anyone, especially from your co-workers and friends, those compliments motivate and inspire you to do your tasks at hand whether it is personal or official. I mean it is related to your work.

As humans, we feel better be accepted into a group where everyone is welcoming and friendly to us and there is no hostility around us. However, when you receive negative comments from your friends and co-workers, you feel you do not belong to the group; you feel inferior and motivation slips away from you. At that moment you feel uninspired and you lack the vigor to attend to your work when you make negative comments seriously.

In this case, I think we just have to brush aside those negative comments and be focused on things that need to be done for the day. When you are done with your work, you can now think about what other people say. 

They may see something superficially on us that the term “aura” which we can ponder why they said that. Sometimes, when we look at ourselves, we see things in us in a different way. We are biased with how we look because we feel better thinking that we look better on that day. Anyway, we should be open-minded about people’s impressions which can be negative or positive. As such, we change some things about ourselves, how we look and dress, our behavior and attitude that produce those reactions.

We must be thankful for their honest compliments as people who really care for us are those who criticize us face to face. They are the ones whom we can depend on. It is better to take those negative criticisms head-on rather than be around those who are backstabbers. 

Constructive criticisms give us a cue to change for the better. We can always welcome them and take them as inspiration to change something for our own good.

Whether you believe that you have an aura that surrounds you or not, we can always try to be a better person starting from our character or manners and of course, how we try to make ourselves pleasing to look at for others. You can always have nice makeup for the day. And doing this would be nicer if you use a vanity mirror from Flexispot

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