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FlexiSpot Kana Pro Adjustable Standing Desk Amazes the Market with Enhanced Ergonomics & Advanced Features

06 July 2021

JULY 6, 2021 – As the leading ergonomic products brand across the U.S. and Europe, FlexiSpot offers a range of products geared towards health and wellness. This year, the brand has made another exciting addition to its line of standing desks: The Kana Pro Adjustable Standing Desk.

The standing desk is a pleasant surprise and the perfect solution for customers looking for chic, ergonomic options for a home or office setting. It has been engineered to ensure superior ergonomics and an overall healthier lifestyle. Choosing the standing desk can help alleviate back pain and negates the other effects of sitting too much. It can also combat fatigue, increase productivity, improve mood, and boost energy levels.  

The Kana Pro Adjustable Standing Desk is not your standard standing desk – but a refined and superior version aimed to ensure next-level comfort, convenience, and style. 

Powerful Lifting System

FlexiSpot Kana Pro Adjustable Standing Desk is equipped with a dual-motor lifting system and easily lifts up to 275 lbs. The dual-motor also provides maximum speed and flexibility. Users can switch between different heights within seconds, thanks to the 3-stage frame.

The height adjustment ranges from 23.6" to 49.2", making Kana Pro Adjustable Standing Desk perfect for the whole family or multiple users in an office setup. The enhanced structure and design also ensure maximum stability. 

Kana Pro Design & Customization Options

Kana Pro Adjustable Standing Desk ranks high on the aesthetic appeal scale. The unique streamline of the legs helps lighten flats to add a sophisticated touch to any workplace. Despite its modern design, the standing desk is versatile and works well with both contemporary and traditional décor.   

The tabletop features a beautiful bamboo surface that is processed to provide twice the strength and durability of ordinary woods. It is lacquered with a scratch-resistant coating to boost durability and keep the standing desk looking new for a long time. The tabletop is also water and insect-resistant.

Customers can choose between rectangular and curved tabletops in different colors, including white, black, and grey. The standard size of the desk is 48" x 24". However, the following sizes are available on request:

  • 55” x 28”
  • 60” x 30”
  • 72” x 30”
  • 78” x 30”

Customized items are only available on preorder. The delivery time may vary from the delivery time for a standard desk.     

Enhanced Safety Features

The latest addition to the range of FlexiSpot standing desks comes with advanced safety features. The design itself is safety-centric with soft edges to prevent potential injuries due to hitting a corner or stumbling around the desk.

The standing desk is also equipped with anti-collision technology to detect any objects that may collide with the tabletop as it moves downward. If an obstruction is detected, the tabletop will automatically stop. The Kana Pro Adjustable Standing Desk also features a Child Lock.

Considering all the safety features, it is evident that purchasing the standing desk means peace of mind at all times. Plus, these safety features prevent damage to the standing desk, resulting in enhanced durability and prolonged product life.

Advanced Control via Smart Control Panel

The Kana Pro Adjustable Standing Desk is second to none when it comes to smart control and organization options. The Smart Control Panel features an LED display that makes it easy to alter controls and adds a chic look to the standing desk. Some other commendable features of the Smart Control Panel include:  

  • Memory Presets: The premium keypad comes with four memory presets that allow users to feed their preferred heights once and then switch between the preset positions at the touch of a single button.  
  • Built-In Reminder: The Kana Pro Adjustable Standing Desk control panel comes with a built-in reminder or timer system that gently notifies the users to switch positions every now and then. The gentle nudge is also great for habit building.

Clutter-Free Organization

The Kana Pro Adjustable Standing Desk features a grove that hides the cables below the desk to keep the workstation organized, safe, and clutter-free. The design also incorporates a sophisticated socket outlet that adds to the elegance of the overall setting. Customers can charge their smartphones and other gadgets without leaving the standing desk, thanks to two USB portals (Type A and Type C).

There’s  More: Installments Plans, Warranty, Return, & Shipping  

The Kana Pro Adjustable Standing Desk presents a cost-effective solution with flexible installment plans starting as low as $64/month. Customers can enjoy free shipping and choose the standing without a second thought thanks to the 7-year warranty for the frame and 1-year warranty for the top.

While it’s unlikely to happen, if customers are not satisfied with the product, FlexiSpot offers a 30-day risk-free return policy. No shipping fee or restocking fee is applied for items returned in "like new" condition. Learn more about FlexiSpot Policies here.

FlexiSpot Kana Pro Adjustable Standing Desk: Advanced Features, High Performance, & Unmatched Style 

The Kana Pro Adjustable Standing Desk is all about performance, convenience, and style. It is expected to rise to the top of the list of best-selling products quickly.

Talking about the latest addition to the product line,  Marketing Director at FlexiSpot stated, "We are excited to launch a product that possesses the power to transform lives. With advanced features and high safety, it is the perfect solution for families at home as well as corporate workplaces. Regardless of where and how Kana Pro Adjustable Standing Desk is utilized, it is bound to improve health and wellness and leave a positive impact on our customers."

Apart from public health and wellness, the brand is also an advocate of green production and eco-friendly consumption. The Kana Pro Adjustable Standing Desk is in line with the brand's efforts to bring a positive change. The bamboo desktop is truly environment-friendly, sourced from sustainable forests. No pesticides, fertilizers, or other harmful chemicals are employed.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly standing desk with advanced features and an attractive design, The Kana Pro Adjustable Standing Desk may be the best option for you. Place your order today at www.flexispot.com or call +1 (855) 421-2808 for more information.