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Getting A Standing Desk Converter: 9 Factors To Consider

31 August 2021

People have understood the advantages of using a standing desk. While sitting has been the norm for working for many years, the health risks associated with it have been well established. People have acquired cervical difficulties and pains and soreness in the neck, upper back, arms, lower back, and spine. Working while sitting was essential, but computers are now used for all jobs, from simple to extensive, with the advent of digitalization. As a response, people are spending more time behind their desks on computers. Excessive sitting in one place and improper body postures are bad for your health, causing back and neck discomfort, stiffness, and other issues.

So you're hooked on the thought of allowing your workforce to stand while working, but you're not interested in upgrading all of your current desks. That should not be an issue. One option is a sit-stand converter, often known as a standing desk converter, which is a reliable and cost-effective alternative to purchasing an entire sit-stand desk. A sit-stand converter provides many of the same advantages as a full-fledged sit-stand desk. It is a desk or table extension installed on top of or affixed to an existing desk, allowing employees to alternate between sitting and standing during the day simply.

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Advantages of Standing Desk Converters

Here are some of the primary benefits of purchasing a sit-stand converter rather than a whole adjustable standing desk.

Lower Cost

Getting a sit-stand desk converter is less expensive than buying an entire desk. Instead of purchasing an entirely new height-adjustable desk, you could save hundreds of dollars by choosing a desk converter.

Less Distraction

One of the best features of standing desk converters is that they enable employees to keep their current desks. Some people appreciate the style and feel of their desks and do not want to purchase a new one just to be able to stand while working. In addition, if your company uses systems furniture workstations, updating tabletops may need station reconfiguration.

Better Versatility

Some sit-stand converters are foldable and may be mounted atop of any surface, allowing you to instantly transform any desk or surface in your office into a standing workspace.

Easy Assembly

standing desk converter is easier to set up than a whole height-adjustable desk., It typically arrives built, or mostly assembled) and ready to put on top of a desk, allowing employees to enjoy the benefits straight away.

Fits Small Spaces

Standing desk converters are handy if you have limited space. If the width of your work surface is 36 inches or smaller, it can fit easily into any room without feeling crowded.

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Considerations When Buying a Sit-Stand Desk Converter

If you are looking for a standing desk converter, you may be feeling frustrated by the numerous options available. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a standing desk converter to determine the best for your choices.

Type of Sit-Stand Desk Converter

  • Desktop Riser: A riser is essentially a shelf or box that stands on your desk and allows you to raise your computer to standing height. While it is practical, you will only be able to utilize the desk on one level. While they are usually affordable, they may not allow you to shift from a sitting to a standing position or any ergonomic changes effortlessly. 
  • X-Lift: Their lifting mechanism moves them straight up and down. They do not often come with a tiltable keyboard tray. X-Lifts are cheaper than Z-Lifts, but they are both affordable.
  • Z-Lift: One of the most common types of converters is the Z-Lift. If you're a heavy typer, this converter provides a high level of steadiness. They are pre-assembled and are effortless to lift. This is crucial because you must be able to go from sitting to standing with minimal effort. 
  • Post and Base: Generally, the post has a rack for the keyboard and another for the screen. They do not take up that much space as most larger variants, such as the Z-lift and X-lift. It is, however, an excellent medium across these larger models.

Work Surface Size

It's challenging to strike a balance between a large and compact worktop. Individual preference is flexible here, but make sure your mouse and keyboard fit with plenty of ample space. Similarly, the work area layout must allow you to switch your hands from typing to mousing and vice versa with as little effort as possible.

Height Range

All sit-stand conversions will have a height adjustment factor. You must explore the numerous height ranges that a standing desk converter may offer. Some may have preset heights or not have enough extension for a tall person.

Surface Stability

The wobbling of the desk surface is troublesome from several perspectives. To begin with, it is hard to focus on your monitors and complete your work when the monitors are shaking. Second, typing can be problematic with the keyboard platform sliding. A shaky keyboard base can compel you to push down the keys with additional pressure to gain support, which can induce wrist pain and a spring-back action when you let off the force and stop typing, requiring you to reposition your hands and refocus.

Weight Capacity

This is a factor that is frequently neglected. You must ensure that your desk converter can withstand the load of the items you intend to place on it. While a monitor and keyboard are not particularly weighty, the weight will build up if you have two or three monitors.

Assembly and Installation

In general, the simpler it is to construct and install, the better. Many of these devices necessitate the use of tools to be correctly installed on your desk. Some jobs require the participation of more than one individual. If the process is overly complicated, the customer may have a negative experience. One factor to take into consideration is the unit's weight. You may need assistance lifting bulky converters onto your workstation.

AlcoveRiser Bamboo Standing Desk Converters


You'll want to make sure the ergonomics is good, that the keyboard tray adapts to your height, and that the display can be altered, so you're not hurting your neck. You are far less likely to use the feature if you find yourself in an awkward position when standing. Examine your standing desk converter options to get the one that is ideal for you.

Style/Design Options

You would want to pick a standing desk converter that complements your office's aesthetic. Many of them will have color or wood grain variations, so matching your current desk or other office equipment shouldn't be too complicated.


Getting an item with a solid replacement policy or a guarantee is your best choice for your own peace of mind. You may realize that you're too tall or too short to be comfy or that your bad knee cannot stand for lengthy periods. You would want to be able to return or swap your converter for some reason.

Maybe to save money, some manufacturers persistently neglect ergonomics and frequently wind up manufacturing items that may exacerbate as many ergonomic difficulties as they claim to alleviate. The effort and time it takes to select a solution that fits your body's unique proportions will help maintain your body healthy in the coming years while you stand and work.