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Floor Sitting: Ergonomically Good or Bad News?

16 July 2021

Numerous ergonomic seating styles are emerging, which grew in popularity because of the emergence of flexible workspaces and the increasing drive for working from home. 

We can all agree that sitting in a recliner or on the couch all day is a horrible idea, especially if you are working at a computer. What people cannot agree on is the best ergonomic position. The debate about sitting on the floor has arrived on the scene.

Sitting on the Floor

It is nothing unusual to sit on the floor. You can sit on the floor in a variety of ways, but are they ergonomic? Will you, on the other hand, end up causing more harm than good?

Benefits of Sitting on the Floor

The truth is that sitting on the floor has some potential benefits, but they may not be what you expect. They are also subject to several variables, and they have limitations, as you will discover in the next section.

It has the Potential to Enhance Circulation

Pressure points, particularly on your back, neck, and thighs, can shut off circulation to sections of your body when you sit for long periods.

This loss of circulation can harm your entire circulatory system, from your heart working harder to pump blood through cut-off skin to your leg veins becoming more prone to clotting. One probable outcome is the medical condition Deep Vein Thrombosis, which can be quite harmful to the body if you have it.

It has the Potential to Be Relaxing

It might be unpleasant to force oneself to sit or stand at a typical desk with a traditional office area, especially if you work from home. Spending time in a more comfortable and familiar atmosphere is generally preferable and more soothing. This increased convenience can help you live a more stress-free life.

This perk, however, only works if you are used to spending time sitting on the floor with a computer. If you are suffering from aches and pains, or if you are having trouble getting work done without a more rigorous workplace structure, your posture is not going to assist you much.

It can Help with Digestion

This one is inspired by the yoga posture. Sitting in a lotus position on the floor has been shown to aid digestion by allowing your bowels to exist and move without being compressed or creased in any way. This can help with your energy levels, everyday food cravings, and a range of other problems caused by poor digestion.

These are just a few of the advantages of sitting on the floor. Keep in mind that this only functions if you are sitting in a healthy posture, so if you are propping yourself up on a floor chair, leaning back with your legs outstretched, or otherwise not sitting in a good posture, they will not help you.

The Drawbacks of Sitting on the Floor

Despite all of the possible benefits described above, the truth is that sitting on the floor has not been thoroughly researched over the years, and the studies that have been conducted show some serious hazards. There are real disadvantages to floor sitting, and you should be aware of them if you decide to attempt it.

It may Result in Back Pain

While good posture and a strong core can help relieve some types of back pain, sitting in an awkward position might also exacerbate it. This is usually muscle soreness, but if you keep doing the same kind of sitting that produces it, you will almost certainly end up in much more pain.

It has the Potential to Cut Off Circulation in the Legs and Feet

Circulation can be cut off by sitting on your legs or kneeling. Yes, improved circulation and worse circulation are both possible when sitting on the floor. This is also influenced by your weight. 

Obese and overweight persons have a harder time sitting comfortably, putting extra pressure on their bodies, which reduces circulation and causes pain.

It can Put a Strain on Hip Joints

This one is more applicable to sitting in a cross-legged or lotus position rather than kneeling. The hip joints will be strained if you sit with your legs spread wide at the hips. They can start to hurt, and the pain can aggravate other hip problems. After all, a hip replacement is the last thing you need to force yourself through.

Unfortunately, the disadvantages of floor sitting generally outweigh the advantages. If you absolutely must sit on the floor, do it safely and do not do so for an extended time. Otherwise, let your children sit on the floor; you deserve a chair.

So, what are Your Options?

Given the dangers of sitting on the floor, one aspect jumps out above the rest: the need to constantly move.

Sitting for eight hours in an ergonomic office chair is just as risky as sitting on the floor or standing for eight hours. Anything you perform for a lengthy period without moving can harm your physique. 

Your muscles will tense up, your bones and joints will become irritated, and you will be in worse shape than you were before.

Move Around and Alternate Between Standing and Sitting

Transitioning between numerous different positions during the day is the finest thing you can do. Whether you are actively sitting on a stool, sitting in an ergonomic chair, or sitting on the floor, our general advice is to shift between sitting and standing. 

The transition between postures every hour or so to keep your body from succumbing to the dangers of being in one position for too long.

It is recommended that you use an ergonomic chair or stool in conjunction with a standing desk. You may surely incorporate floor sitting into your daily routine.

When compared to merely purchasing a standing desk and shifting between sitting and standing, sitting on the floor for office work is not beneficial enough to justify purchasing new equipment. 

The most important thing you can do to maintain a comfortable sitting position on the floor is to keep moving. Never hold a pose for so long that it begins to hurt.

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Final Thoughts

Avoid the toll that sitting on the floor can bring is entirely up to your lifestyle. A lot of this will depend on what sort of work you need to do, what hardware you need to use, and how portable your existing setup is. 

Customize it to your needs, but above all else, remember to change positions frequently to avoid hurting yourself.