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Lifting Speed or Loading Capacity: The Head-to-Head Desk Battle

14 October 2021

In the new work paradigm, individuals need to sustain a fast pacing and a superb service for their companies. Despite the hardships and challenges they face in the fresh set-up, people continue to achieve the work goals they set to anchor on their companies' standards. As a result, these people faced a lot of adversities, including the ergonomic injuries that started from the incorrect posture and pressure from the non-ergonomic products they have at home. 

The Struggles of WFH and Hybrid Office Workers in 2021:

2021 brings both hope and predicaments. This year, more people have gotten vaccinated, which paved the way for the business to resume operations and allow workers to report on-site once more. On the other hand, Covid19 continues to mutate to more robust variants. Hence, there is the threat of acquiring the diseases. As a result, many employees still get exposed to the dangers of becoming sick. Moreover, there are WFH individuals that experience RSIs or repetitive strain injuries. Unfortunately, RSIs cause severe conditions that can place havoc on the ergonomic health of the workers. Some of these conditions are:

  • Tendon InjuryNerve Injury: When there is a nerve injury, the worker might experience pain around the wrist. It's because, for workers who always use the computer, they become prone to wrong hands. As a result, they may experience the pressure that irritates the muscles and nerves around the wrist. Hence, those people who share Carpal Tunnel Syndrome experience pain around the wrist. 
  • Pain in the Cervical Spine: The back of the neck is the cervical spine. People who do not use the proper equipment or furniture pieces such as the Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk or Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk from FlexiSpot are the ones who experience the pain around the cervical spine. People who experience this pain are the ones who have a limited range of motion. They could not move quickly, and they shared the tightness around their shoulders and even spine. 
  • Lumbar Pain: Prolonged sitting is one of the things that WFH people experience because of numerous activities that they need to finish for more than an hour. As a result, the numbness they felt at the start became worse and turned into a throbbing pain around the lumbar. In some cases, it's a challenge for employees to stand up quickly and stretch their backs after hours of sitting on their office chairs. Incidents like this indicate that there is already lumbar pain. 

So, looking at these injuries, we can see how dangerous it is for WFH and hybrid office workers to continue using non-ergonomic products. Some of the ergonomic products are the tables that they use when working. Indeed, these desks do not have the ergonomic prowess, just like the standing desks, sit-stand desks, and stand-up desks from FlexiSpot.-the world-class innovations that have helped thousands of WFH and on-site workers protect themselves from musculoskeletal disorders. 

On the contrary, you might be wondering how you can identify the standing desk that best suits you. In that case, you may focus on your preference. When you know what you like about the standing desks, you can easily choose which one you would like best- models like EC1 or EN1 with the inverted columns or the EC3 and EC4 that have the enhanced columns. When you know the right desk products for you, it's easy to choose the furniture piece that can deliver the best ergonomic solutions. 

Indeed, there are functionalities that you might want to consider in choosing the standing desk that you would put in your home office. These functions can help you propel your movement or make you finish your tasks in the office using bulky devices. In that case, the two functionalities that you might compare are the lifting speed and loading capacity of the standing desks. So, let's take a closer look: 

Lifting Speed vs. Loading Capacity:

So, let's say you decide to compare the EC1 and EN1 to EC3 for their loading capacity. Both EC1 and EN1 have a 154lb loading capacity, while EC3 has a 220lb loading capacity. 

If you think you only have a tablet with you and most of the stuff you have is in the separate drawers, or you think you would not need to do some stretching activities, you may choose between the EC1 and EN1. They could cater to your needs. You may maximize the surface on this table quickly because the workload you would have is just enough for this kind of table. Hence, when you purchase this desk, you feel that it's worth the money you will spend on this product. 

On the other hand, if you got two laptops and needed the writing tools and other office materials, the EC3 would be the most suitable for you. It's because you can ensure that desk products with this column would fit your needs, plus you can optimize speed without exhaustion because you have a desk that can speed up your pacing. If you're thinking of the desk product from FlexiSpot, which has all of these columns, then you may check the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro), the actual design, and other specs. 

Now, you might be thinking of the loading capacity as the indicator of an effective desk product. If so, you must also consider the lifting speed of desk products. The lifting speed is a functionality of the desk product that can affect your work pacing. If you need a lightweight desk product that will help you move faster and adjust desks in no time, then EN1 and EC1 desks are what you need because you can ensure that these products would help you have a speedy work pacing. Indeed, they are faster than EC3 and EC4, which are sturdier but slower in motion. Yet, whichever would be your choice, you can ensure that these desk products deliver the best ergonomic solutions and protect you from the worst injuries. 

Final Thoughts:

Part of being a wise spender is knowing every function of the product you're interested in purchasing. In addition, you need to know which product would suit your needs most to be able to utilize the product well and avoid the worst ergonomic problems like RSIs.