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Stretches to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain

07 June 2021

You probably lean over a desk a lot if you work or study for a long time in a seated position. Because it is important for keeping you upright, the lower back can cause a lot of pain. You may avoid headaches, prevent back discomfort, and boost your productivity by doing easy lower back exercises regularly.

To incorporate a healthy stretching regimen into your working day, use the examples below.

Turn to These Lower Back Stretches When You are Seated

One of the finest alternatives, especially when working with a group, is to do seated stretches. Even if you are seated, you can relax and get a good stretch, which will help to relieve discomfort, release tension, and boost productivity.

Stretching your lower back does not have to be difficult. Whatever workout you pick, keep in mind the need for consistency. It is also a good idea to keep breathing when stretching.

Let us take a look at the lower back stretches you can do at work.

Small Spinal Roll

This is a simpler variation of a standing spinal roll. You do not even have to get out of your chair. Simply sit with your spine straight and your feet on the floor. Then begin rolling down your spine, beginning at the top of your head. Fold the vertebrae one by one until you reach your limit. You are free to rest in any location that is convenient for you. It does not matter if it is your knee, the floor, or the center of your chest.

Then begin to roll back until you reach your starting position. Repeat a couple of times more. The pain may get more intense throughout this exercise, but once you return to a straight position, your muscles will feel relaxed.

Stretching Sitting Back

Adjust your seat to be a little further away from the desk. Keep your feet firmly planted on the floor and your hands on the desk's top. Inhale deeply, then drop your chest between your arms as you exhale. If you do not feel stretched enough, lower your torso even further. Return to the initial position after a few breaths. Repeat until your muscles are completely relaxed.

Stretching the Torso

You can extend your entire back, including the lower areas, with this exercise. You can do it whenever you are stiff because it is one of the quickest exercises.

Raise your hands over your head and lace them. Then move as if you are attempting to reach the sky. In this position, take a deep breath, then unlace your hands and place them down. This exercise can be done a total of ten times.

You can hold your hands up for more than one breath if you like. Softly bend to the left and then the right sides to get some more stretch.

Stretch Your Chest While Standing at Your Desk

Your chest is closed when you slouch over. You may get a respiratory ailment as a result of this. Because the lower back is awkwardly twisted in this position, it can cause lower back pain.

You can relieve back pain in various areas of your body by doing chest opening exercises. With your back to your standing desk, take a position. Place your hands on the desk's top. Raise and open your chest by stretching your arms. Hold this position for 30 seconds, making sure to breathe in and out.

Rolling the Spine

This is an effective exercise to relieve lower back pain and release muscle tension. Stand tall with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Then go back to the minor spinal roll point and repeat the instructions.

If you want a deeper stretch, interlace your elbows, and take a few deep breaths in this posture after your hand is pointing down.

Spinal Twist

Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Keep your hands on the armrest of the chair. Gently twist to the right after that. Stop when you reach your limitations and take a few deep breaths. In this position, remember to keep your back straight and your hips square. Hold for 10 to 30 seconds before switching sides.


Stretches for the lower back can also be done while standing. Some can be done without any props, while others are best done with office furniture. You can use a standing desk from FlexiSpot like the Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk E2AL so that you are working more hours standing rather than slouching on a chair.

Back Stretch at a Standing Desk

It is one of the most common desk exercises. You may do it with other tall furniture as well.

Stand by your workstation at a distance equal to or greater than the length of your spread arms. Place both hands on the top of the desk and bring your feet together. Reduce the distance between your arms by lowering your torso. Take a couple of deep breaths and hold for around 30 seconds.

Ergonomic Office Equipment Can Maintain Proper Posture

If you spend a significant amount of time working or studying, you should consider investing in furniture that will support your posture, enhance productivity, and help you avoid back pain.

An adjustable standing desk is one of the better options. You can swiftly shift your position while working as a result of this. You can forget about sitting for long periods. It only takes one click to convert your low desk into a standing workstation.

Consider ergonomic office chairs if you want to provide your back the most support. When your body is properly supported, your chances of having improper posture and suffering from chronic back pain are greatly reduced.

To Suffice

Your task should be less difficult now that you know how to stretch your lower back. Try the back stretches for back pain suggested above whenever you feel stiff or detect any discomfort. You will notice a significant difference if you keep to this stretching exercise.

Always remember to pay attention to your body to avoid injuring yourself. Stretching should not cause pain, so if you experience any discomfort while exercising, see your doctor.