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The Benefits of Relieving Stress while on an Ergonomic Chair

23 April 2021

Every day, we are facing a lot of hurdles and hassles- from technical glitches you encounter while sending email to the microwave oven that stopped working this morning. These are the things that give us so much stress.

So, in this today’s topic, we’ll get through the stressors and their negative effects to our well-being and the role of an Ergonomic chair in helping us fight stress and gear towards a healthier state of the mind and body.

In this article as well, I’ll be sharing personal experiences and tips on how to fight stress, so let’s get the ball rolling in.


Flexispot’s Ergonomic Chairs

Flexispot is a company that manufactures a wide array of Ergonomic chairs that are on the cutting edge. You may choose from the following products that were made for an above and beyond customer service and satisfaction. The following are just some of the best products that most office workers, parents, and even young children trust the most:

Under Desk Bike V9U

A product that is well-adjustable and can adjust to your height. It has what we call pneumatic adjustment level which means this equipment has been made with pressurized gas or compressed air, making the adjustment have a smooth transition even with a gentle press. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the noise which other equipment make. Feeling excited to purchase it? Immerse yourself on this and let the stress go away.

Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B

The next product that is built with an amazing breathable mesh back and lumbar support which helps you relieve stress without feeling hot compared to other swivel chairs sometimes that when you lean for a couple hours, you’d feel that you’re already sweating. This one is great even in countries with humid and hot weather.

Ergonomic Office Chair with Padded Headrest and Doudle Padded Seat Cushion 9107

If you’re suffering from Vertigo or stress makes your head hurt severely, this surely is the right product for you because of its thick padded headrest. With this, you just have to rest your head on the headrest and you’ll feel the soothing feeling as the nerves in your head relax and loosen up the pressure. Just a little breathing exercise and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to set the alarm, you might fall asleep while relaxing on this chair.

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

If you are looking for more physical activities while working on your documents, then this chair is recommendable for you. Made with durable caster wheels that would not strain your legs. Ankles, and toes compared to ordinary bike wheels. Lastly, you don’t have to worry where to put it or where you can do your exercise whether you’re at the patio or in the bedroom, this fitness chair can help you relax. You can easily move it from one place to another. 


Now that we got more ideas on these products, let’s move on now with the next part of the article. It will be about the types of stress and particular stressors that we encounter every day. Some seem to be like nuisances and minor hassles but some could really make your day gloomy and impair your concentration. So here goes the list:

Types of Stress:

Physical Stress:

The following examples of physical stress are:

injury. surgery, dietary stress, and environmental pollution

injury and surgery: when a person undergoes these procedures, the cuts from the operation still leaves scars and even bleeding inside. There are nerve pains and shock brought by the anesthesia; some surgeries even cause blood clotting after the procedure. Hence, this brings trauma to the body of the patient.

dietary stress: when a person starts changing his diet; our bodies adjust to the kind of food items that may either affect the surge of sugar level or activities in our bodies hence some people who try low-carb diet experience jitters, inability to focus, and becoming lethargic and unable to process thoughts affecting their performance at work

environmental pollution: especially the noise pollution; imagine working in a place where people can’t observe silence and really create noise that distract you then it’s already a pollution that you experience

Psychological stress:

Psychological stress comes from:

emotional stress: when you experience loss of someone or when you are on separation this kind of stress can really trigger you and might impair your decisions and how you handle your emotions

cognitive stress: this takes place when there is information overload-try to imagine a class where a teacher gives a lot of heavy information and you find yourself having a hard time concentrating on those things. When you feel like you’re not being yourself in a day, that’s also cognitive stress and when you don’t feel like you’re not in control, that’s cognitive stress

Psychosocial stress

Psychosocial stress is caused by:

relationship difficulties: when you sometimes feel like an outcast in a group and you find it hard to get along with there is a high possibility that you experience a psychosocial stress

lack of social support: remember the idea of putting a lemonade stand at your garage but your mom said you’re just going to add clutters around? Did you feel so upset? If the answer is yes, then you have experienced the lack of social support.

loss of employment: this is common this Pandemic. A lot of people were displaced and are still striving to make a living. This is a stressor that is totally difficult to deal with

Psycho-spiritual stress

a crisis of values: imagine you belong to a certain group of co-workers who smoke and binge-drink until morning but it’s not what you like to do yet you are obliged to join them because you can’t say no, this one is making you compromise your values hence you stressed by it

joyless striving: when you experience working but at the end of the day you don’t feel fulfilled, it’s what we call joyless striving; you find unfulfilled despite the effort and dedication. Most of the time, people experience it when their lives become a routine and they can’t find much diversion in life

Here are some of the things that we can do to lessen or eliminate stress:

Try using ergonomic chairs; they were described earlier and based on the specs and features of these products, you may really find them useful in eliminating or at least lessening the heavy feeling brought by stress.

Try scripting or doodling. It is proven than expressing your thoughts in words or in images can let you pour out your emotions and stabilize and calm your nerves because you’re able to move your hands, wrist, and fingers which stimulates a good blood circulation.

Do the breathing exercise. This helps you pump blood and promotes a good circulation instigating and creating happy hormones.

Final Thought:

So, how can one person overcome these stressors? Yes, stress is inevitable in fact it serves as a catalyst not always a blockage. There are beautiful reasons why we need to experience these things so the least we can do is, acknowledge that kind of stress, the emotions that it brings, and the gravity of the effects of it. However, dwelling on a certain problem is not the answer to it.