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The Top 2 Standing Desks For Your Office

02 August 2021

Each person has their own idea of what constitutes as beautiful. But with this FlexiSpot standing desk, everyone can agree that the warm hue of its wooden desktop exudes a certain feeling of coziness that most offices lack. Its sleek yet delicate appearance makes it a welcome addition to any office as it does not disturb the room with a garish aesthetic. 

But first, do your surroundings really have an impact on your mental health?

1.Have you ever observed how tree branches gradually becoming narrower? Or the way the sun rays glisten on a pond, or the crackling of a campfire's embers? The majority of the natural world is composed of repetitive yet calming patterns or motions similar to these that repeat indefinitely on an increasingly fine level. These formations provide another means of calming the spirit. These small yet beautifully substantial elements of nature have an impact on how we relax and heal.

2.Disorganized rooms can induce emotions of pressure and anxiousness, whilst clean spaces can instill a sense of serenity. To cope with this, having significant hues and items in your surroundings, which may dramatically enhance morale.

3.The lights, humidity, noises, scents, and visual style of an area all contribute significantly to your feeling of peace, relaxation, and safety. For instance, glares and excessive noise might create anxiety or irritation, while gloomy and chilly environments can make one feel sad and down in the dumps especially during the colder season.

4.Negative presences can affect your mental health as well! A conversation that is vague or irregular, disputes, or untrustworthy individuals in your surroundings may be extremely difficult to handle. Nevertheless, inhabiting a place with somebody you like, whether it's a companion or lover, housemate or pal, or a close relative, might help you feel more comfortable.

5.If anything in your surroundings, including a tough friendship or chaos, triggers memories of a bad moment in your life, you may experience similar sensations including worry. Positive links with the surroundings, such as a collector's item and photographs can enhance good emotions and a sense of solidarity.

Now that you have a good background about how a great workstation can help you and your mental health, it is important to utilize furniture that brings you happiness as you work on a particularly hard task. Lucky for you, FlexiSpot has the Modish Standing Desk and Esben Standing Desk UD4 to help you cope with any busy and tiring workday. 

modish standing desk features

Modish Standing Desk

While this desk might seem simple, it surely packs a punch to elevate your home office beauty. The legs' distinctive sleek form adds an element of visual impact to your workspace. The natural bamboo band integrated into an adjustable workstation is multiple times as durable as regular timber and coated with varnish to help withstand cracks, dampness, and fungi from forming.

Along with a beautifully streamlined look, the Modish Standing Desk gives every user double the strength and lifting power with its dual-motor that can lift up to 275 pounds of all your office needs. Apart from that, you also get the enhanced stability that can provide you with a better working table since even as you get minor accidents while working, you will be assured that your precious office equipment stays on the table.

If you want more, FlexiSpot’s Modish Standing Desk still has a lot for in-store. For households with little children running around, this desk stability will truly keep them safe. But to take it a step further, FlexiSpot has an integrated child-lock option on the advanced keypads to keep their prying hands from accidentally pressing your desk’s buttons. The anti-collision feature is also a heaven-sent addition to every parent or guardian since the desk will detect any obtrusion and prevent accidents from happening. It would also keep the equipment you stow away underneath damage-free. Each desk leg is also rounded to minimize any possible injuries caused by sharp edges.

To make this desk a truly all-in-one addition to your office, there are also three more organizing and controlling features to make this desk stand out from the rest.

Smart Control Panel 

- As much as we do not want to admit it, this desk’s smart and easy-touch control panel is a major step-up from the former ones we used to have. However, all of the things that everyone loved about our advanced keypads are still included in our new control panel.

Cable Management

- If you want to add more cable management gadgets, feel free to do so. However, this desk already has a hidden groove where you can hide your computer's table to keep your workstation streamlined and clutter-free. 

Socket Outlet

- Are your gadgets always running out of batteries throughout the day? Well, with this desk, you have your personal socket outlet that can be hidden away when not in use. You can also use 2 USB connectors, both type A and C, if that is what you need. 

esben standing desk ud4 features

Esben Standing Desk UD4

At first look, the Esben Standing Desk UD4 might seem bulky. But in reality, its size makes it the perfect and beautiful addition to any office. The warm wood and white colorway make it look fresh, vibrant, and youthful, especially now that the minimalist movement is all the craze. The brightness of this desk helps elevate your mood even if you are swamped with challenging tasks and countless client deadlines. This desk has everything that you may need at work. The spacious drawers will help keep your materials in the right place. The built-in USB port keeps your phones and laptops charged for the day. If you are looking for a new table that is versatile, theEsben Standing Desk UD4 provides the rustic and modern essence that some companies cannot capture and put into their desks.

Final Thoughts

While we may have only featured two of our newer standing desks here at FlexiSpot, we are more than just a company that offers such kinds. Visit our website to find more ergonomic solutions that you may add to your office.