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Curved Armrests for the Make Up Vlogger

06 July 2021

The Ergo Pain of Make-Up Vloggers

If you're going to watch the make-up vloggers, you would notice that most of them multitask when filming. You'd notice that they speak as they put on some makeup on their model's face or their faces. They also need to maintain the cleanliness of their area while putting on some make-up and filming. This is not an easy task to pull off. It's very challenging. As a result, most of them suddenly feel ergonomic pain around their shoulders, hands, carpal tunnel, and fingers. These kinds of pain usually stop them from expressing themselves effectively and trying to try some types of make-up. At first, these kinds of pain are not immediately felt but in the long run, these start to crawl up their shoulders from the fingers. So, what do you think is the best treatment for these aside from medications? 

In today's article, we will find out the ergonomic solutions that they could try. With the following ergo products from Flexispot, they would be able to overcome the pain on the body parts mentioned above. In the next part, we will discuss the reasons these types of body pain could be alleviated by Flexispot ergonomic chairs. 

Ergonomically Solving the Make-up Vlogger's Problems

Ergonomic solutions from the winning ergo products of Flexispot. Choosing this company is the best choice to make because, at Flexispot, every pain could go away because of the design and features of their products. Here, you can avail of ergo chairs that can give protection to the neck and shoulders. This is because some ergo chairs from Flexispot have the hanger and other parts that could make you rest your neck and shoulders unlike with the ordinary swivel chairs that when you try to rest your neck, you would just feel the strain after trying to take a rest from your vlog. We all know that when you are a professional make-up vlogger, you don't simply take the video once. You take some practice able to master putting on the type of make-up on your face or your model. The numerous takes are what make you feel numb and exhausted. Getting the perfect colors or shades is quite difficult especially during the first few takes. So, the attempts could cause you much pain around the hands and arms. 

So, if you have the Flexispot ergonomic chair, you would not feel the pain and you may take in between breaks. You may put your hands on the curved armrests and take a break-even for 10 minutes before you resume filming. 

Make-up vlogging requires patience, aesthetics, and perfect color combinations. These things could not easily be attained in just one take. Thus, you must do a lot of trials before shooting. This may result in body pain that you cannot immediately alleviate. Surprisingly, these types of body pain extend to body parts such as the lower limbs and spine.
This is because the p
ressure around the neck could affect the spine in the long run. That's why if you notice, after filming for almost 4 hours, you suddenly feel the numbness around your spine. This is because the piece of equipment that you are using is not effective or they could not give you the proper ergonomics. Hence, the best thing to do is to switch to Flexispot. This is because, with Flexispot, you may feel the comfort and solutions that you need.

With Flexispot ergo chairs too, you may also have a different kind of sitting experience. You may choose from the wide array of products from Flexispot that have unique features. For example, is the ergo massage chair from Flexispot. With this ergo chair, you may be able to reach maximum relaxation. This is because when you sit here, you can enjoy your time with the heating patterns. Those heating patterns are the ones that bring heat to your weak points. Then they would pinch and begin to massage your back. Hence, even after a few hours of make-up vlogging, your spine, shoulder, hands, and fingers could be able to relax and be rejuvenated because of this massage chair. 

It's also easy to operate on this massage chair because, with just a little help from the remote, you could be able to have your back massaged with this chair. When you want to fully lay your body on the chair, you could do it safely as well because the ergo chairs from Flexispot have an incredible weight capacity. They could lift and bear weight as heavy as 300lbs. Hence, you would not feel strained or in pain with the ergo chairs. 

Another thing about the Flexispot ergo chairs is they are powered by the gas lifting system. This makes the lifting of the ergo chairs easier and faster. They don't get stuck in the middle and the steel frame is rust-proof. Thus, even when you use them for a long time, you can ensure that they would not build up some gunk or rust compared to ordinary swivel chairs. 

Flexispot ergo chairs could also offer a waterfall-shaped seating area and armrests. These are made to ensure that you would not get strained and exhausted while filming your make-up vlog. So, even when you film for long hours, trying to achieve the perfect contours and color combination, you would not feel stressed and exhausted. If you notice with other make-up vloggers, they use ergonomic equipment to alleviate the pain that they might encounter in the middle of their shoot. Thus, trying the ergo chair from Flexispot that has the curved armrest is the best thing to do because this could save you from possible body pain and could help you achieve a vlog worth a million viewers. 

Final Thoughts

There are a hundred or thousand make-up artists across the globe that make names on Youtube. They make names but only a few stand out. The challenge for you then is how to put your name in the limelight too. With that, what you need is to first free yourself from the possible ergonomic pain caused by numerous shoots and attempts to achieve the perfect make-up vlog. That's why Flexispot is here to alleviate all your worries and pain.