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Why the Deskcise Pro™ V9 is the Best Desk for Ergonomic Posture

30 October 2018

By now, many of us are familiar with the dangers of sitting too long, especially when sitting with improper posture. Everything from organ damage to cognitive issues to chronic pain and early mortality can be linked to sitting with bad posture for extended periods of time.

Switching up your routine at work to include standing or cycling at your desk can greatly decrease your risk for these maladies, but posture matters when standing or cycling too. We’ve written before about how to stand with ergonomic posture when you’re using a sit-stand desk.

When seated, you should sit straight up (no slouching!) with your shoulders relaxed, elbows bent at 90 degrees, and your feet flat on the floor, ideally with support for your lower back. Odds are, you’re probably sitting right now. Take stock: how’s your posture? If anything in the above list is out of alignment, adjust your posture until you’re sitting ergonomically. How does that feel? More comfortable? Try to hold that posture as you continue to read this article.

Posture matters when you’re using a desk bike, too. Purchasing a desk bike like the All-in-One V9 Desk Bike is a great way to burn more calories, tone muscle, and increase your daily activity levels without disrupting your work routine. However, if you’re pedaling with bad posture you might be doing your body harm at the same time as your doing it good.

Ergonomic posture on a desk bike is very similar to correct seated posture. You should be sitting up straight, not slumped over the handlebars. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your arms close to your sides. Adjust the worktop surface of the V9 All-in-One Desk Bike so that your elbows rest comfortably at 90 degrees.

The V9 desk bike offers many features that make it desirable for at-home use or your office at work. The seat and desktop are height adjustable, so you can easily customize the bike to facilitate your best posture. It also converts from a desk bike to a standing desk, so you can alternate between pedaling and standing, and you can adjust the height settings to fit your posture in each mode.

Just make sure you’re using correct ergonomic posture while you’re working!