Standing Desk Converters M18M - 31"


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  • Smart Bike Trainer Stand

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Perfect for work from home

The FlexiSpot M18M features a lightweight & portable design that makes it the perfect choice for remote workers and freelancers looking to stay active and productive while working from the comfort of their homes. It's big enough to fit a large monitor, laptop, keyboard, and mouse, while still staying compact enough to easily move to where you need it and store it out of the way

Spacious work surface M18M
No-base free-frame design

A clever new roller X-lift mechanism eliminates the bulky bases of traditional standing desk converters, greatly reducing weight and increasing portability while maintaining safety and stability. Non-slip rubber feet on the right lock down the riser while anti-skid rubber rollers on the left roll along your desk as you lift and lower, doubling as roller wheels for transporting the M18M to different locations.

Spacious work surface M18M
Lightweight & portable

The FlexiSpot M18M weighs only 23 lbs.; far lighter than other standing desk converters on the market that offer similar safety, strength, and stability. This lighter improves portability and versatility, allowing you to bring your desk riser with you to sit-stand wherever you may need, while also making height adjustment much smoother and easier.

Spacious work surface M18M
Clever, intuitive design

The FlexiSpot M18M Series standing desk converter is engineered from the ground up to offer the best user experience possible, from its single-lever design and powerful gas spring lift assist system for easy, smooth, and stable height adjustment, to its quick-release removable keyboard tray that enables more versatile usage scenarios.

Spacious work surface M18M

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