What Makes Bamboo A Sustainable Material

Bamboo is an environment-friendly multitasker that supports sustainable consumption, impacts positive climate change and preserves our essential wood forests. Yes, We’re taking vital steps to leave our eco-footprints on this loving planet.

Bamboo Is The Fastest-Growing Plant On Earth

Compared to wood trees, bamboo has a very short growth cycle, and it regenerates quickly after it gets harvested without the need for additional planting. New shoots simply grow from the roots into new bamboo in less than two months. This amazing method of asexual reproduction is the reason bamboo has been dubbed the fastest growing woody plant on Earth. It matures into a woody material that’s perfect for furniture making in as little as 5 years, unlike other trees that require more than 10 years of growth.

Bamboo Sequesters Carbon Faster Than Trees

Increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is one of the main culprits of global warming. It is responsible for melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and could one day cause some coastal cities to completely disappear. Bamboo plays an indispensable role in the fight against global warming. Its ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere, also known as carbon sequestration, is 1.68 times more efficient than that of fir trees. Bamboo also releases 35% more oxygen than trees, which makes the air more breathable for everyone.

Bamboo Powerful Rhizome System To Avoid Soil Erosion

Bamboo has a vast underground rhizome system. The stems of each bamboo penetrate deep into the ground. These intricate rhizomes connect to form a massive root system. Firmly grasping the soil not only guarantees their own survival, but also protects the surrounding land by preventing water runoff and soil erosion. Severe soil erosion can seriously endanger lives by causing floods, landslides, and mudslides.

Bamboo Is Grown Chemical-Free & Helps Biodiversity

As one of the world’s most resilient plants, bamboo is self-regenerating and naturally unappealing to pests allowing it to grow and thrive without the need to use harmful pesticides or toxic chemicals during planting and harvesting. n addition, the bamboo helps protect biodiversity and endangered species by being a natural habitat for various animals in the forest.

Bamboo Is Green From Start To Finish

By shifting from traditional wood to bamboo for select products, we move one step closer to achieving a truly green manufacturing process. We start with all-natural bamboo that is grown chemical-free. Then, we craft it into furniture-ready bamboo panels using an eco-conscious process of high-temperature cooking, high pressure carbonization, gluing, and pressing. No harmful substances are ever used during this process, and all the materials are biodegradable resulting in zero waste.

Our modern bamboo collection is made with premium bamboo materials responsibly sourced in Asia where it grows bountifully and is quickly becoming one of the world’s most eco-friendly alternatives to hardwood. Our talented designers are reimagining this sustainable resource into a stylish desktop as part of our ongoing commitment to care about the planet and produce earth-loving products.



We are a seriously sustainability-supportive company geared towards long-term development

FlexiSpot not only holds itself to sustainable responsibility in the facet of environmental protection, but we are also committed to supporting other sustainable development goals (SDG) raised by the UN.

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