Three-paneled Mirror With 2.3 Times Magnification and Led Light MR01

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Three-paneled Mirror With 2.3 Times Magnification and Led Light MR01



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Easy light intensity adjustment

Easy light intensity adjustment The lighting can be adjusted according to your preference.

You can use this mirror even in low-light environments.

Just press and hold the button to adjust the light's brightness to make skincare and makeup application easier.

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Three-paneled mirror with 2.3 times magnification

The mirror on the left can magnify 2.3 times for a more precise application of lip and eye makeup.

The mirror has three sides so you can see check your makeup from the front and on the sides.

Even delicate makeup application can be done easily with this mirror.

m730 ebc 1119 02


With storage tray

You can put small objects in a storage tray under the mirror.

Your lipstick or liquid foundation can be placed in the pan.

With the storage tray, your vanity area will stay organized.

m730 ebc 1119 03


Mirrors can be folded and flipped

The mirror surface is foldable, so you can save space in your vanity area.

Because of its thin design, this mirror can be stored easily too.

It can be placed in a suitcase without taking up too much space.

The mirror surface can be flipped 180 degrees for easier angle adjustment.

m730 ebc 1119 02



Dual power supply

1. Batteries (to be purchased separately)

This mirror can be used anywhere with 4 AA batteries.

2. USB charging cable

Don't have batteries? No problem! Use a USB charging cable to power this mirror.

m730 ebc 1119 03

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