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Deluxe Office Combo

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  • Keypad w/ digital display and 3 programmable height presets
  • F7D for 10"-27", 3.3-11 lbs screens
  • Add healthy movement into your routine
  • Customization
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Under Desk Bikes: select please

Cable Spine: select please

Create a clean, tidy under-desk space and never have to worry about a rat's nest of wires again!

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Standing Desk Mate: select please

The perfect pair for your standing desk, enables healthy active movement throughout the day.

Monitor Stand & Arm: select please

Ensures proper posture to protect the cervical spine while clearing up valuable desktop space.

Standing Desk Mats: select please

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Introducing Our Best Selling Standing Desk EN1

Our Professional home office furniture designers created standing desk EN1 by listening to you! Combine advanced functions with a reasonable price, this standing desk is not only a budget-friendly but it is also proven for its quality standard and the amount of its effectiveness. Now you can sit and work and/or stand and work with a price under $300 while not worrying about spine health issues.

Introducing Our Best Selling Standing Desk Mate V9U - Balance your work and workout at the same time

Pedaling while working is picking up speed in the modern office, with the FlexiSpot V9U desk bike leading the charge. The V9U offers the most comfortable, convenient operation on the market, and pairs perfectly with a height-adjustable table. This low-impact machine is ideal for improving your health and productivity.

Introducing Our Best Selling Standing Desk Mate Chair OC10B/OC10G

With its 4D adjustable armrest, 3D three-section adjustable lumbar system, adjustable seat cushion, mesh backrest, 130-degree back tilt, and smooth PU wheels, it’s easy to think the Ergo 3D is from the future. It's actually the evolved version of the Ergo Seating model. This is the finest ergonomic chair now and it's here to revolutionize your home office experience.

Introducing Our Best Selling Standing Desk Mate - Cable Spine CMP017

An attractive and practical way to keep your wiring neat and tidy. The Cable Spine routes cables from floor to desk and provides mechanical protection and strain relief.

Introducing Our Best Selling Standing Desk Mate - Anti Fatigue Mat

Your natural body movements stimulate a constant foot massage while standing on the DM1 anti-fatigue massage mat, thanks to the massage points and mounds. Standing on this mat will help wake up your tired feet, promote healthy blood circulation, and enhance physical and mental relaxation.

Anti Fatigue Mat
Introducing Our Best Selling Standing Desk Mate - Dual Monitor Mount F7D

With two monitor arms at your disposal, you have complete freedom to configure your monitors. Place your displays side-by-side, spaced evenly apart, back-to-back, top-to-bottom or anywhere in between. The monitor mount also allows rotation from landscape to portrait orientation for viewing longer pages or blocks of code without scrolling.

Dual Monitor Mount D5D