Oval Column Shape Dual Motor Frame E8

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Oval Column Shape Dual Motor Frame E8



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  • 23.6" - 49.2" adjustable height
  • Weight capacity 275 lbs
  • Oval Column Shape Desighn
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Under Desk Bikes: select please

Help your body stay productive, balance your work and workout. 91% of our buyerprefer to purchase DESK BIKE together with standing desk.

Ergonomic Chairs: select please

The perfect pair for your standing desk,supports your back with long hours.

Monitor Arms: select please

Ensures proper posture to protect the cervical spine while clearing up valuable desktop space.

Standing Desk Mats: select please

Reduce fatigue on your joints and muscles while standing throughout the day.

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Cable Managements: select please

Create a clean, tidy under-desk space and never have to worry about a rat's nest of wires again!

Portable Laptop Stand Docking Station: select please

Docking station plus laptop stand, multiple functions fulfill all your needs.

Under Desk Storage: select please

Notice: You need to drill holes on your desktop during asembly.

MonitorStand Workstations: select please

A multi-functional intelligent workstation with thoughtful features to create a comfortable, tidy desk.

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Organize your workspace

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Three-paneled Mirror With 2.3 Times Magnification and Led Light

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Streamline Aethetics

An uniquely designed standing desk that brings an extra aesthetic appeal to your working space.
Enhanced Structure
Sustainable Bamboo Desktop
Oval Legs
Child Lock
Cable Management

Bamboo Desktop

Nothing beats the elegance of natural bamboo strip built into an ergonomic desk. It has twice the durability of ordinary wood, and a lacquer coating to help resist scratches, water and insects.

Powerful Dual-motor Lifting System

The enhanced structure ensures stability even when at maximum capacity and at the highest setting.
Greater loading capacity: 275 lbs;
Extra height adjustability: 23.6"-49.2"
Fit the desktop from 47.2"-80"(wide)

Enhanced Safety Feature

Child Lock

Detects and prevents collisions before they happen.

Lock the height position until you have deactivated it.

Cable Management System

Cable Tray
Socket Outlet(Optional)

The groove hides the cables below the desk to keep the workstation organized and safe.

Our sophisticated socket outlet and the 2 USB portals (type A+C) offer a handy power source any time you need it.