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Get Active and Recharge Your Energy

10 August 2021

Some people find that as the workday progresses, they become a little fatigued. You might consider eating some candy or sipping a cup of coffee to refuel your batteries, but these options may not be the ideal method to do so. 

When the battery on your smartphone runs out, you know what to do: plug it in to charge it. 

What do you do, on the other hand, to refuel after a workout? Most people eventually resort to junk food snacks or supplementation, but there are other ways to maintain work energy throughout the day.

Here are several examples:

Tips for Recharging Your Workday Energy

Examine Your Daily Habits

During your workday, look for items that drain your energy. Are you rushing to work and do not have time to eat breakfast? Do you find yourself reaching for caffeine and sugar to enhance your work energy only to crash later?

Make a list of any potential energy drains you may sense, as well as any crashes you may have. 

Then you will be able to easily control your energy levels. You might, for example, get up a little earlier to eat a healthy breakfast so that you are satisfied till midday.

During your lunch break, you could even wish to go for a walk. Simply ensure that you restore energy by eating a piece of fruit or sitting in a modern ergonomic chair after an activity such as walking.

lunch break

Take a Break When Needed 

Most businesses frown upon rest, but it is the most effective way to refuel your batteries. Humans are designed to replenish their energy levels when they have been depleted. 

Your brain waves move at higher or lower frequency levels during periods of rest, just like your heart does depend on what you do.

Consider prioritizing your rest breaks to feel more energized. Also, do not feel bad about it! Sit in your ergonomic office chair and lean back for a few minutes if you need to. 

While you must remain active throughout the day, a little break with nothing to do and some soothing music may be just what you need to re-energize your work energy levels.

Get Plenty of Rest

While the terms "rest" and "sleep" are frequently used interchangeably, they are not synonymous. After an exercise, for example, your body requires relaxation to recover energy. You must, however, sleep for eight hours every night.

According to studies, getting a good night's sleep gives you the energy you need for the next day. As a result, not getting enough sleep reduces your productivity.

The first step is to learn how to manage your energy. Consider adjusting your routines if you cannot sleep through the night or wake up weary in the morning. For example, you might abstain from alcohol at night, coffee in the afternoon, or all caffeine altogether.

You should also establish a sleep schedule. Every night, go to bed at the same time. 30 minutes before night, try to turn off your smart devices. Then try sleeping for eight hours.

Keep a record of your sleeping habits. Before falling asleep, some people lie awake in bed for up to an hour. Allow plenty of time for your body to unwind.

In the workplace, a charming business woman meditates among the lotus flowers. Her pose is made of top mud, Buddha head and incense sticks.

Do Not Panic

Worrying and obsessing over things that have happened or could happen wastes a lot of energy for most individuals. It is simple to do, but you should avoid it since it triggers the flight-or-fight response and activates your neurological system.

It makes you feel anxious in some ways, which might lead to a fatigued or exhausted sensation before the day is done.

Instead, you can increase your work energy by meditating. Do not worry about what might go wrong or what might have happened in the past. Respect the fact that it occurred or may have occurred, and then move on.

Yoga or meditation might help you restore your energy during the day if you cannot stop thinking about it because it is looming over you.

Yoga is used by some people to re-energize after a workout. You can chill down your body and refocus your attention on your work by doing mild stretches.


Mindfulness training is an excellent way to reduce stress while also enhancing your overall well-being and professional effectiveness. It can be as simple as being attentive and involved in the present moment.

Even if you are planning for future events, you can use that option. While planning forward, stay grounded and in the current moment.

Anxious people are not present at the moment. If you are attempting to be prepared and plan for the future while in this mindset, you are simply worried and acting productively.

Take a Deep Breath

Many people are looking for natural ways to increase their work energy, and it can be as simple as breathing deeply.

Because you are breathing shallowly in the chest instead of profoundly into the belly, you are losing a lot of energy. This is when the stress response kicks in again.

Instead, focus on your breath to learn how to manage your energy. Breathe slowly and deeply into your abdominals every day. It is even possible to do it at your work!

Place your hands over your stomach and sit comfortably. Deepen your breathing so that your tummy moves up and down with each breath. Every day, try to do this for at least 10 minutes.

Fitting it into your workday is a wonderful idea. It will help you keep calm and energized at work if you do it in between assignments.

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

Prioritize Self-Care

The majority of managers are preoccupied with everyone but themselves. You are busy, and you need to look after your employees and team. However, if you do not restore your energy, you will be unable to help others.

Burnout or breakdown can occur when you focus your energy on others rather than yourself. 

Concentrate on strategies to empower others to take care of themselves. You may still be available while simultaneously prioritizing your own needs. Most people do not mind if you respectfully inform them that you require some alone time.


Many people want to know how to keep their energy levels under control at work, so they do not get exhausted at night. There are numerous options for recharging your batteries. 

The majority of these suggestions can be implemented at work or during the workday. In addition to that, you can even try working with the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair of FlexiSpot so that you can be more active without worrying about sacrificing your work time. 

That way, you will feel better, have more free time, and be prepared for the coming days' workload.