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Ways on How to Eat and What to Eat

24 June 2021

Some common misconceptions are still believed to be true among people. One of them is that we cannot eat unhealthy food, or we must drink eight glasses of water every day, and you must take multivitamins every day. These examples of misconceptions are still believed to be true and that is why we become unhealthy or healthy based on the ways on how we eat while still thinking about these misconceptions.

Eating healthy food is, of course, the best way to have good health but it does not mean that we cannot eat those junkies that we eat every day especially when watching our favorite video or movie on the smart TV. Of course, we can eat them but in moderation. Eating them with healthy food like fruits and veggies will still help in maintaining our physical health.

Drinking water also which we believe is to always be eight (8) glasses a day. However, there are medical experts that state that it depends on your body constitution and it is not really something as a norm that you have to take that much water for a day. I, for one, also believed that we have taken that much water, however, I read some literature and even watched videos done by doctors that it is not necessarily a rule to follow to take in that amount of water each day.

When I talked to my doctor and asked if I need to take multivitamins every day, she told me that the food we eat consists of multivitamins and minerals that our body needs. So the food we eat is already the vitamins that will help us to be healthy. The danger is when we do not have the appetite to eat for any reason, such that our body does not get enough nourishment that it needs. Losing appetite to eat is the one thing to worry about and not taking our multivitamins every day.

However, some doctors prescribe vitamins if it is really necessary for us to take them every day depending on the result of their prognosis about our health condition. So, eating healthy food like fruits and vegetables is still a better alternative for our health.  

There are other ways to eat that will make you healthy according to a doctor which I feel could be good advice for you, too. This is from the book of Dr. R. Palma, “The Secrets of Health, Youth, and Longevity” which I enumerated below:

  • Eating should be done slowly as well as chewing the food thoroughly. In doing so, chewing food especially triggers the secretion of ptyalin and maltase that is important for the “digestion of carbohydrates.” When food is chewed, it has greater “contact with digestive juices” which is essential for proper digestion of food.
  • You can stop eating when you have enough.
  • Unpleasant topics should not be talked about during mealtime or while eating to have good digestion. Discussing fun and happy experiences is better while eating which is a healthier behavior.
  • Do not overload the stomach with heavy meals because it may cause indigestion and may also cause a heart attack. Excessive eating may lead to “overweight, obesity, and complications that may follow.” 

Being overweight is when your weight is in excess of your ideal weight and obese when your weight is 20% or more in excess of your ideal weight.

Regarding what to eat there is also some advice that you can take note of to have a healthy body such as:

  1. Avoid food that has chemicals that avoids all canned and bottled foods as much as possible.
  2. If you wish to eat spicy food, choose those that are very mild.
  3. Have plenty of fruits and vegetables to eat. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the main sources of vitamin C, which helps change blood composition and lessens the prevalence of atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries). It was also discovered that fresh fruits and their juices help prevent the craving for tobacco and alcohol.
  4. If meat is taken, remove the fat. and eggs should be eaten once or twice a week. Egg yolk has “high cholesterol content. And chicken should be eaten without the skin because of its high cholesterol content, too.
  5. Use honey as a sweetener instead of other forms of sugar. Four to six teaspoons a day will be enough.

The right fats are those that tend to lower the level of blood cholesterol that include vegetable oils, vegetables, fish oils nuts, whole grain bread, and non-processed cereals; fruits, peanut butter skimmed milk and low-fat desserts such as gelatine and sherbets are also good for us.

We also have to drink plenty of water as it also helps in the digestion of our food and other things that it does to our body. Drinking water regularly helps to adequately maintain the water content of our bodies.

Aside from these, we also need to exercise regularly so that we will maintain good health which boosts our immune system. We need a strong immune system especially this time that we are still threatened with the virus pandemic.  

If you are working, you can do your regular exercise in the office or at home with an exercise machine or equipment such as a stationary bike. I recommend that you take some time to see some fitness machines from Flexispot such as the Under Desk Bike V9U which is an ideal product for a worker like you.

It is compact and could be used at and could be used in the office. It has good mobility that you can place it under your standing desk when not in use. It can be easily and smoothly moved from one place to another with its rolling casters

The desk bike needs no installation and the seat is height adjustable so that any of your family members could also use this desk bike. The user-friendly pneumatic adjustment lever moves the seat up or down with gentle press while you cycle-no pins or knobs to adjust. There are also eight resistance levels that allow you to get healthy movement, no matter your fitness level. 

With the LCD, you can track time, distance, calories burned while you exercise.