Portable Laptop Stand Docking Station TD1

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Portable Laptop Stand Docking Station TD1



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  • Docking station plus laptop stand
  • Multiple functions
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Docking station plus laptop stand

Our portable laptop stand docking station with a single full-featured type-C cord can not only expand connectivity for your laptop, but also bring a new level of productivity for you.

Multiple functions

You can have access to one or even two displays(HDMI and VGA) for mirroring your desktop as well as Gigabit Ethernet network data, TF/SD cards, speakers, external hard drive, optical disk drive, printers, USB keyboard, mouse and many other USB devices.

Fast Cooling Design

Keeps most of the laptops base exposed to help with cooling.

Ergonomic Tiltable Angle

Suit for your every posture, relieves your neck and back pain

Foldable & Portable

Take it where you go, plug it and the workstation is all set.