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The Role of Flexispot in Providing The Best Office Organizers

09 June 2021

Advantages of Being Well-Organized with Office Files:

There are numerous office files that a company needs to keep and store for a long time. Most of these are documents such as employee records or office files that are necessary for the operation. On a personal level. some employees also like to be well-organized too that they keep their files in order so they could:

  • Avoid delays at work especially during operations where every minute counts
  • Safeguard important files that would later be used in documentation. 
  • Avoid getting stressed during office hours that might affect their concentration at work

By organizing the files, employees can save time in the office thus it creates a harmonious work environment that has a lot of positive effect on the mental and physical health of the employees such as:

  • This kind of work environment could help the employees feel at ease and relaxed that would optimize their concentration on the task they are working on with.
  • A harmonious work environment creates positive energy in the office that elevates the mood of the workers. 
  • When the mood of the workers is elevated, it could lead to the creation of bright ideas and concepts; this could lead to better collaboration. 
  • This could have a positive effect on the physical health of the workers as well. It is because when a person feels relaxed and less stressed, his body creates better blood circulation. It could give more oxygen to the brain and he could avoid spine fatigue and other kinds of body pain. Hence, he would be able to concentrate more on what he needs to do for the day. 

The Role of Flexispot in Providing The Best Office Organizers:

Flexispot is not just a home for world-class ergonomic chairs and standing desks; it's also a provider of the best office organizers in the market. Compared to other ordinary office organizers, these pieces of equipment are made to promote good ergonomics through their parts that could ease the pain caused by heavy rolling that is common in other file cabinets that are way too heavy. These office organizers from Flexispot are considered made on the cutting edge because of the following:

  • Most of these cabinets are coated with a heavy-duty powder that ensures that the product would be safe from rust. 
  • Most of these products are installed with easy drawer slides that make it easy to open compared to other ordinary file cabinets that once get rusty, the sides would get deformed which makes the cabinet difficult to open; it sometimes gives the feeling that something is stuck with the drawer slides. 
  • Office organizers from Flexispot have an anti-tilt mechanism that controls the motion of only one drawer. In ordinary office organizers, it is noticeable that once you open one cabinet the other would suddenly open too at the same time that could sometimes cause accidents or injury to the person opening it. 

So, looking at these features of the Flexispot office organizers, we could imagine now the best option that you could have for your work area. You may decide as a consumer which among the file organizers from Flexispot would fit your preference and needs. Now, we will know the specific products from Flexispot that you may choose from. 

The Best Choices for File Organizers:

Mobile File Cabinet 027

  • This file cabinet comes in three colors: black, green, and blue. 
  • It is made from steel. 
  • It has a total load capacity of 300lbs (55lbs for each drawer). 
  • This cabinet has two top small drawers; each has a size of 39.9x47x7.1 cm. 
  • Its bottom drawer has a size of 39.9x47x24.9cm. 
  • The files that you may put inside this cabinet are the letter, legal, and A4. 

Mobile File Cabinet 513&514

  • This cabinet has an overall dimension of 15.3x20.47x23.62 inches. It has 2 small drawers and 1 big drawer that adds up stability to the product. 
  • What's amazing about this is it's rolling on wheels and could be moved to different places in the work area easily. 
  • It has a 2 keys feature that secures the 3 drawers; There are 2 supply drawers with a pencil tray and 1 file drawer that adds security to your files. 
  • It has steel hanging rails that keep legal-sized suspension files intact. 
  • With alloy steel as its material, one could ensure that this cabinet is durable and is rust-proof. 

Mobile File Cabinet CB2

  • This is a file cabinet that has 3 drawers; the first two small cabinets could hold A4 files while the large cabinet could hold large and important documents. 
  • This file cabinet could prevent one from getting harmed or injured because this has a circular arc design compared to other products that have sharp edges. 
  • This file cabinet could secure documents well because it could lock all drawers at the same time. 
  • The measurement of the first two drawers of Cabinet CB2 is 18.11x12.95x2.76 inches while the large drawer measures: 18.11x12.95x9.69 inches. Given these measurements, we could assure that storing files here is convenient and could give one enough space to hold important documents. 
  • This also adds aesthetics to the office because of its design and color. This cabinet comes in black and white. It could complement any offices with smaller spaces because this does not occupy much inside a room. 

Mobile File Cabinet with Lock 002

  • This cabinet is made of alloy steel hence just like the first three cabinets, one could ensure that this would be rust-proof. 
  • This cabinet is 300lbs and each of the cabinets weighs 55lbs. 
  • Its base is sealed and secure to prevent rodents to get inside the cabinet, unlike the other products where mice could easily pass through the sides of the cabinet. 
  • It also has anti-tipping casters and lockable casters. With these parts, one could be confident that the files inside would get secured. 

Final Thoughts:

Finding the right storage for your files becomes a nightmare at times especially when you don't have the right product for your storage hence using the Flexispot products is the best choice to have because these file organizers are created especially for people who need to store and secure a lot of office documents.