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Limited-Edition Hologram Table Created by Hacksmith Industries
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As the production time of this product is 60 days, the product is expected to be delivered between Monday, July 3, 2023 and Friday, July 7, 2023.
As this is a limited-edition product, we do not accept returns.See details.
We will donate 10% of the auction proceeds to ADHD organizations as a gesture of goodwill.
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Style and Size
- 86” wide
- 33” deep
- 35” to 48” tall
This hologram table combines the rustic charm of solid wood with the toughness of aluminum to ensure both style and durability.
(The desk is a prototype built for demonstration purposes and its functionality may not be exactly as shown in the video)
Desktop PC Specifications
- AMD Ryzen 9 processor with a liquid cooler
- NVIDIA RTX A4500 graphics card
- A Corsair MP600 Pro XT 2TB SSD
- Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 128GB DDR4 DRAM
- MSI Pro X670-P WIFI motherboard
All components are encased in a Thermaltake The Tower 500 Mid Tower chassis which is equipped with a system monitoring screen.
A Dual-Display Setup
The hologram table includes a 50-inch 4K
heavy-duty LCD touchscreen and a 50-inch bespoke
transparent OLED display to bring Stark's cutting-edge technology to your office.
Miscellaneous Accessories
- Leap Motion Controller for hand tracking and gesture control
- ZED 2 Stereo Camera for motion tracking and 3D effects
- Touch screen displays x 2
- Voice control
- Bambu Lab X1-Carbon Combo 3D Printer
- Bambu Lab AMS for multicolor printing
The 3D SCANNER is not included
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