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FlexiSpot Adjustable Bed Base Buyer’s Guide
Sleep takes up a third of our lives. Therefore, investing in an adjustable bed base that will bring you better sleep is worthwhile. FlexiSpot brings you a detailed guide to choosing an adjustable bed. The guide will help you identify why you want to purchase an adjustable bed base, how much to spend, and the different features you're looking for.
Which Base Is Right For You?
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Component Explained
Remote Control
Mattress Fixator
Additional Features
  • Dual Motor
    Powered by two motors, it allows for independent adjustment of the head and foot. This adjustable bed base provides a better experience of use. They not only help to get up, relieve snoring, apnea and GERD but also help to relieve swelling and varicose veins in the legs. Relatively, the price is higher than the single motor.
  • Single Motor
    The single motor bed base has an adjustable function for the head. It can help lift the upper body and relieve snoring, apnea and GERD. However, the legs cannot be adjusted.
  • Zero Clearance
    This design means that the adjustable bed base can be used directly on your existing bed frame without installing the bed legs, which is especially friendly for platform beds. Of course, you can also choose to install the bed legs for individual use or remove the slats and place the base inside your existing bed frame.
  • Non-Zero Clearance
    Using the non-zero clearance design adjustable bed base need to install the bed legs. Therefore, you need to remove the slats of your existing bed frame or use it separately.
  • Soft Wrap Design
    The surface of this adjustable bed base is covered with supportive foam and smooth fabric that is thick and flexible. Accordingly, its thickness is the thickest of the three designs.
  • Fabric Wrap Design
    This adjustable bed base is covered with a smooth Oxford fabric and supported by a steel grid frame. This design protects the mattress from wear and tear while maintaining a slim thickness (2.75-inches) and adding little to the height of the bed itself.
  • Steel Grid Design
    This kind of adjustable base is supported by a steel grid frame without any fabric covering the surface.
  • Wireless with Backlight Remote Control
    The remote control is independent and requires 3 AAA batteries to be installed for use (The batteries are included in the accessory package when you receive the product). And it has a backlight design. Just press a button at random, and the blue backlight will light up, making it easy for you to use in the dark without disturbing your partner by turning on the light.
  • Wired Remote Control
    A wire connects the wired remote control to the bottom of the adjustable bed base. It is very easy to use, but there is no backlight design.
  • Retainer Bar
    Crossbar-shaped, located at the end of the adjustable bed base. It is used to prevent the mattress from sliding downward during adjustment.
  • Sidebar
    Crossbar-shaped, located on both sides of the head frame of the adjustable bed base. It prevents the mattress from moving left and right during the adjustment.
  • Mattress Holder Straps
    Used to secure the mattress to the S1 Lite.
  • Corner Bars
    Located at the four corners of the adjustable bed base to hold the mattress in place.
  • Zero Gravity Position
    This posture maintains an angle of about 130° (128° ± 7°) between your legs and torso and aligns your spine to release muscle stress, allowing you to experience the sensation of floating in space.
  • Preset Positions
    Preset position keys to remember your preferred position.
  • Flat
    The Flat key allows the adjustable bed base to be adjusted directly to a flat position.
  • Under-Bed LED Light
    Located on both sides of the adjustable bed base and controlled by remote control. Provides lighting for you to get in and out of bed at night.
How to choose an adjustable bed base -- Factors to consider
Adjustment Areas:
The adjustable bed base has different adjustment areas. There are usually various options, such as adjusting only the head, adjusting the head and legs independently, or even adjusting the lumbar and pillow areas. You need to confirm the area you want to adjust.
Adjustment Range:
You should consider an adjustable bed base with an adjustment range that meets all your needs. Generally, a head tilt to 60° is sufficient to meet your various needs, such as helping to get up, read a book, watch TV, or even enjoy a cup of coffee on the bed in the morning. For foot adjustment, 0-35° and 0-45° are usually available. If you like to elevate your legs to relax your muscles and improve blood circulation, then it is recommended that you choose a base with a greater range of leg adjustments.
Bed Height:
The height of the bed involves many aspects. Firstly, the most ergonomic bed height is the one where your feet can touch the ground at 90° when you sit on the edge of the bed. Secondly, since everyone's height is different, when buying and installing, you need to fully consider the suitability of the bed height (base height plus mattress thickness) to your own height to achieve the best bunking experience. In order to be more flexible and adapt to various situations, we recommend choosing a bed base with 12" adjustable legs. If your mattress thickness is around 12 inches, we recommend: 1.5-1.6 people, with 3; 1.6-1.7 people, with 6; 1.7-1.8 people, with 9; 1.8 or more people, with 12 *. *For reference only
Whether or not the adjustable bed base has a zero clearance design is a function of how your existing bed frame is handled. If you want to keep your current fixed bed frame, which is a platform bed or has a slatted frame, then you can choose a zero clearance design base, which allows the bed base to be placed directly on your existing bed frame without the need to install legs. Of course, the zero clearance bed base can also be used directly after installing the legs or placed in your existing bed frame with the slatted frame removed. The base without zero clearance design must be used with legs installed.
Weight Capacity:
This number tells you how much weight the adjustable bed base can hold without damage or negative impact. You need to consider the weight of the bed, including that of the mattress, the bedding, you, and your partner.
Additional Features:
These features provide you with added value beyond the basic functions of an adjustable bed base to enhance your experience. For example, zero gravity position allows you to be in the best position to relieve stress, preset positions remember your preferred positions, the under-bed LED night lights help you get in and out of bed in the dark, etc.. These additional features may become a factor in your shopping decision.
Safety Features:
Make sure that each component of the BASE has reliable quality assurance. For example, whether the wires and control boxes are quality certified (e.g., UL, FCC, etc.), whether the fabric covered is flame retardant, etc.