Ergonomic Advice

office desk gadgets

Your Employees Will Be More Productive With These 3 Office Desk Gadgets

Working at an office is difficult. You must be prepared to execute a variety of tasks.

When Insecure Becomes Secure

How to Turn Your Insecurities Into Strengths

Stop being insecure about being insecure.


Is Sitting or Standing Better for Shedding Calories?

Standing often can help you become more active and ready to face the day.

office concerns

Workplace Concerns that Proper Ergonomics Can Address

If an office is not ergonomically designed, it can cause various issues ranging from discomfort to backache..

Saving the Planet Hand-in-Hand.

5 Advantages of Being an Environmental Advocate

Being an environmental advocate can help you become more responsible as a person and as a community member. 

11 Easy and Fun Paper Plates Crafts For Kids

11 Easy and Fun Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Paper plates are a great craft source for kids because they are abundant and cost-effective.

workplace ergonomics

Your Guide for the Complete Desk Ergonomics with FlexiSpot

A pleasant working environment is critical to maintaining your staff's high productivity. 

Why and How to Delegate Tasks To Your Team Effectively

Why and How to Delegate Tasks to Your Team Effectively

Delegation skills may appear tricky or frightening at first, but they become much easier with practice.

benefits of ergonomics

The Overlooked Benefits of Workplace Ergonomics that You Should Know

An outline of a few of the essential benefits of ergonomics in the workplace.

Broken Glass

Telltale Signs that Your Workmate is Very Insecure

Beware of insecure people in the workplace and always stand your ground when dealing with them. 

The Neck Issue

5 Ways to Overcome Upper Torso Pain

Prevent upper body aches with these simple tips.

business success

A Key to Reach Business Success: Employee Retention

When Business owners take their employees for granted, they lose a lot of money when they inevitably leave.

6 Ways To Fully Relax At Home

7 Ways to Fully Relax at Home

7 steps to finding complete relaxation.

The Wicked Duo of Working From Home and Procrastination

The Wicked Duo of Working From Home and Procrastination

Techniques to stay motivated and productive while working from home.

change your bad habits

Quit These Bad Work Habits Today and Be More Productive Tomorrow

Bad habits are the easiest way to lower productivity in the workplace.

office workstation

Key Pieces of Office Furniture Every Workstation Needs

How you choose to furnish your office space will either make or break the scale of productivity. 

standing desk

Standing Desk vs Sitting Desk: Pros and Cons

Examining the benefits and drawbacks of these two different desk varieties.

Woman Dancing

Shut Up and Dance

If this doesn't get you to dance, nothing will.

Man and Time

Should We Give the Four-Day Workweek a Try?

A look at the advantages and disadvantages of a four-day workweek.

Cortisol Levels and How To Tone It Down Naturally

Lower Your Cortisol Levels Naturally

Making small, gradual changes is the best move for achieving long-term, positive results.

8 Tips to Practice Mindful Eating

8 Tips to Practice Mindful Eating

Be conscious of what you eat and stay fit with these simple tips.

Hard at Work

Is a Freelancing Career Fit for Me?

Freelancing has recently become more tempting than ever. 

workplace furniture

Furniture Every Office Space Needs

The essentials for creating a productive, practical, and comfortable working environment.

A Call to the Budget Spartans

4 Practical Reasons to Buy Ergo Products that are On Sale

There has never been a better time to buy an exciting ergonomic product from FlexiSpot.

How to Feng Shui Your Office Desk and Work Set Up

How to Feng Shui Your Office Desk and Work Setup

Establish harmony with your office using these Feng Shui tips.

used ergonomic chair

Is Buying a Used Office Chair Worth It?

Used office chairs may seem like an appealing option in the short-term, but are they worth the cost long-term?

How to Manage Stress in the Workplace

How to Manage Stress in the Workplace

Discover ways to reduce your stress at the office.

high-performing workplace

Making the Hybrid Workplace a High-Performance Workspace

Maximize the potential of your hybrid business.

Soccer Practice

Why Enroll Your Kid in Sports?

Sports will teach your child valuable lessons and skills they could apply in life.

woman standing with her desk

Common Standing Desk Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Reap all the benefits your standing desk has to offer by learning how to use it correctly

Sit and Stretch

5 Stretching Exercises to Try While Working Remotely

These stretches will help you fight lethargy and bad posture throughout the day

Baby Piano

8 Health Benefits of Classical Music

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain when you decide to listen to more classical music. 

gaming and ergonomic chairs

The Major Differences Between Gaming Chairs and Ergonomic Chairs

While they are quite similar in structure, gaming chairs and office chairs have striking differences.

15 Simple Stress-Relieving Activities While Stuck At Home

15 Simple Stress-Relieving Activities While Stuck at Home

Simple ideas to alleviate the stress and anxiety in your everyday life.

Hard Day at Work

7 Ways to Lengthen Your Attention Span

These behavioral changes can cure your short attention span.

4 Ways To Create A Learning Area for Every Student

4 Ways to Create a Learning Area for Every Student

Create a pleasant environment at home for your child to excel in.

Saving the planet

5 Ways You Can Be an Eco-Hero

No effort goes unnoticed when it comes to the protection of the environment.

tall lady seating in a chair

Making it Work: Tall People and Office Chairs

For tall people, finding the perfect office chair can seem like a never-ending task.

high-performing workplace

What You Can Do to Have a Successful Return to Work

Tips to help you have a triumphant return to work.

work safety

FlexiSpot Seiffen (EP4): Enhanced Ergonomics at an Amazing Price

Introducing a standing desk that provides advanced safety and comfort in the workplace.

bamboo desktop

Bamboo Desktops and Sustainability

Bamboo is inexpensive and sustainable for our planet’s well-being, and can be used in a myriad of applications.

16 Productivity Tips For Individuals With ADHD

16 Productivity Tips for Individuals with ADHD

There are numerous methods for managing your productivity and organizing your to-do list

Why You Should Let Your Employees Do Remote Work

Why You Should Let Your Employees Work From Home

A list of compelling reasons for allowing your employees to work remotely.

employee seating in her mesh office chair

The 6 Best Mesh Ergonomic Office Chairs of 2021

A guide to selecting the perfect mesh ergonomic chair for all your unique needs.

5 years anniversary

Win Exciting Prizes & Discounts During FlexiSpot's 5-Year Anniversary

Mark your calendars to join FlexiSpot in celebrations and participate in games and activities to win extraordinary prizes!

hybrid employee

Avoid These 9 Signs of a Toxic Hybrid Work Culture

Some companies are so clueless about the process of shifting to hybrid work that they end up breeding toxicity.

Working from home

Streamline Work-From-Home Transition with Ergonomic Standing Desks

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered the global work economy. 

What Allowing Remote Work Can Do For Your Business

What Allowing Remote Work Can Do for Your Business

Working from home has numerous advantages for both businesses and people.


Upcycling Clothes with the Flexispot ES9W

Upcycling has long been a practice, even before sustainability became a buzzword. 

workplace schedule

The New Normal: Preparing for Hybrid Work

The right preparation for a hybrid workweek will create an environment in which all employees can work to their full potential.

pandemic effect

Preparing Your Workplace After Covid-19

The pandemic has significantly impacted work trends, and regular office employment will never be the same again.

The Desk of Convenience

Thriving During the New Global Work Paradigm

Help your company blossom during the shift to remote work we are currently experiencing.

standing desk

Summer Standing with FlexiSpot

Using an ergonomic standing desk is a great way to stay physically active and fit and get your dream Summer bod'.


Flexibility in the Workplace: How it Can Improve Your Productivity

Flexible work structures can help employers save money and increase employee efficiency and engagement.

new normal workplace schedule

Obstacles that a Hybrid Work Plan May Face

Exploring roadblocks that a hybrid work plan may face and ways to construct a more optimal system.

Organizing Your Workspace With A Desk Sans Drawers

Organizing Your Workspace with a Desk Sans Drawers

A little creativity is all that is needed to keep a clean and uncluttered desk space.

The Remote Worker

5 Economical Reasons to Switch to a Remote Work Setting

Enhance the work performance of your employees at home by providing them with the proper equipment.

ergonomic chair

Love at First Use: My Experience with Flexispot’s Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

A review of the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair and how it dramatically improved my working experience and health.

summer heat in the office

Beat the Summer Heat While Working from Home

Looking at ways to stay cool during Summer, without your wallet taking a big hit.

8 Elements to Ginger Up Your Workspace for Fall

8 Elements to Ginger Up Your Workspace for Fall

 Create a well thought out workspace with the right ambiance at home to maximize work performance.

15 Homework Space Ideas You May Build For Your Kids

15 Homework Space Ideas for Your Kids

A designated room for a homework station will significantly improve a child's productivity and reduce stress.

mental health benefits

Is a Standing Desk Good for Mental Health?

Ergonomic equipment in the office is essential for the well-being and comfort of your employees.

9 Ways to Stay Focused and Productive in Co-Working Spaces

9 Ways to Stay Focused and Productive in Co-Working Spaces

Understanding the potential benefits of a co-working environment is vital to success. 

Siblings in Disagreement

How Parents Can Mitigate a Rivalry Between Siblings

A guide to lessening the frequency and the impact of arguments between siblings.

employee productivity

The Role of Office Furniture in Enhancing Employee Productivity

The right ergonomic furniture in the workplace can make or break your productivity levels.

Wedding Notes

6 Steps to Jump-start Planning for your Dream Wedding

Simple ideas to ensure your wedding is the most perfect and memorable event ever!

Top Tips to Get Moving in the Early Workday Mornings

Top Tips to Get Moving in the Early Workday Morning

Have an energetic and pleasant Monday morning by practicing these suggestions.

Dead Flowers Alive

Liven up a Space with Dried Flowers

There are many different creative ways you can use dried flowers.

Grieving Man

The Pandemic and the Modern Era of Prolonged Grief

Prolonged grief is a result of COVID-19 and must be addressed by the U.S. government before it’s too late. 

15 Ways on How to Optimize Work and Time in 2021

15 Ways to Optimize Your Time in 2021

Time management skills profoundly impact practically every part of your life.

The Bamboo Desk For WFH Peeps

5 Advantages of Choosing Bamboo Products for Your Employees

There are a multitude of reasons why bamboo is an outstanding material for ergonomic furniture.

The WFH Worker By the Desk

5 Benefits of Providing Desk Products for Your Employees

Growth, expansion, and profitability await an employer who is always after the welfare of the employees.

Sustainable Kit

What's Inside Your Sustainable Lifesytyle Kit?

If you can’t start a zero-waste lifestyle just yet, try it step by step first and see how it goes.

desk bike

OK, hear me out: Having a desk bike is actually pretty great

It's a great release for fidgety energy, and it's surprisingly comfortable.

man in a hurry to work while eating

12 Terrible Work Habits to Avoid (2021)

Make a conscious effort to wean yourself off of these 12 unhealthy habits.

ergonomic office

Common Errors When Purchasing Office Furniture

Make sure you avoid these frequently made mistakes when buying new office furniture.

Lavender Essential Oil

The World of Aromatherapy: How it Works and What it Does

Essential oils from plants can improve your psychological and physical well-being.

Breaking Gender Stereotypes

9 Ways to Distribute Household Work Fairly

Simple ideas that will ensure household chores are evenly shared.

Diminish Back Discomforts With An Ergonomic Office Chair

Diminish Back Discomforts with an Ergonomic Office Chair

An ergonomic chair is essential for maintaining good posture and preventing back pain.

Resist Becoming A Hermit When Working From Home

Resist Becoming a Hermit When Working from Home

Being too at ease as a remote worker might be harmful to your health and social life.

small office

13 Essential Tips to Optimize a Small Office Space

Useful design ideas to help you get the most out of your office space.

Man Resting

It's Simple; You Need to Rest

Examining the importance of a good night's rest and tips for a better quality sleep.

Male Weightlifter

Flexispot Beginner-Friendly Exercise Products

Even though we are in the midst of a pandemic, we can still aim to achieve our fitness goals while at home. 

The Big-Boned Lady

6 Ergonomic Chairs Perfect for Kids with a Large Body Frame

A look at some of the highest quality ergonomic chairs available for big-boned children.

rustic style

Decorating Your Home and Office in a Rustic Style

Most of our time is spent in the office. As a result, one must pay close attention to the layout and design.

anti-fatigue mat

The Health Benefits of a Standing Desk Mat at Work

The advantages of using a standing desk mat and how to select the perfect one for you.


Why a Phased Return to Work Plan Works

Developing a proper return-to-work strategy is crucial for success.

ergonomic chair

The Effects of Sitting on a Uncomfortable Chair for a Long Duration

Even if you exercise in the morning before going to work, sitting in a chair for an extended time has always been associated with a sedentary lifestyle.


Set Up a Comfortable and Ergonomic Office at Home

Ergonomic furniture for your home workspace will help keep you healthy and productive.

Workplace Personality Types: Who and How To Manage Them

Workplace Personality Types: How to Manage Them

Boost workplace efficiency by appropriately accomodating different personality types.

gaming desk

Reasons Why Your Gaming Desk Should Be a Standing Desk

What makes a standing desk an ideal gaming solution, and what to look for when purchasing one.

10 Reasons Why Standing Desks are Advantageous to Freelancers

10 Reasons Why Standing Desks are Advantageous to Freelancers

Cutting the amount of time you sit while working can benefit your productivity, posture, and overall health.

modern daming desk

Invest in a Black Modern Gaming Desk Setup

Enhance your desk set up as a gamer or game developer with furniture and accessories that allow you to win with a black desk gaming setup. 

7 Ways You Can Establish Boundaries When Working From Home

7 Ways You Can Establish Boundaries When Working from Home

By setting and sticking to firm boundaries, you’ll bring less stress and more pleasure into your life.

The Useful Desk Product of 2021

5 Sit-Stand Desk & Desk Converters You'll Love this 2021

Discover the perfect standing desk & desk converter for your unique needs.

man seating and having fun in online game

Gamer’s Guide: The best desks for a gamer (2021)

A comprehensive guide to building the perfect gaming setup.

ergonomic desk

Getting Up Close and Personal with a Standing Desk

Exploring some of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a standing desk.

man working with his dog

The Esben Standing Desk: Your Perfect WFH Companion

An ergonomic standing desk is the perfect workspace tool to maximize productivity and efficiency.

A Confined Work Space for the Desk Converter

4 Ways to Optimize the Usage of Your Desk Converter

Tips to make the most out of your desk converter.

Workstations to Add on a Kid’s Study

Workstations to Add to a Kid’s Study

A proper workstation will aid your child during study time, resulting in improved academic results.

Man Without Ergonomics

Investing in Ergonomics: A Good Move

If you value comfort, convenience and good health, then don't underestimate the power of ergonomics.

8 Things To Do During Your Work-From-Home Lunch Break

8 Things To Do During Your Work-From-Home Lunch Break

Refocus and rejuvenate your mind during lunchtime with these 8 fantastic ideas.

7 Ways Good Posture Can Help Your Overall Health

7 Ways Good Posture Can Help Your Overall Health

Maintaining proper posture throughout the day is critical to living a productive life.

injury in hands

Avoiding Common Ergonomic Injuries in the Office

Simple exercises to prevent common workplace injuries.

Coffee on the Table

Is Coffee Good for Me?

Exploring whether or not coffee is beneficial to our mental and physical health.

Methods and Aspects of Effective Workplace Meetings

Methods and Aspects of Effective Workplace Meetings

Effective meetings are one method of addressing and resolving issues in any institution, not just a business. 

Still Working From Home? Keep Home Life Separate From Work

Still Working From Home? Keep Home Life and Work Life Separate

Easy tips to enhance your work-life balance while working from home.

Thoughts become Things

The Power of Manifesting

A look at the significance of manifestation in our daily lives, and how to achieve our dreams.

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