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Tips for a healthier way to work

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How to Reduce Water Footprint

You've probably heard of carbon footprint. 

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What is zero gravity mode & how can it help?

Zero gravity mode on adjustable beds can sometimes be an overlooked feature.

The Home Office

Applying Ergonomics Into Your Home Office

Ergonomics is an important factor to incorporate into your workspace, be it at your home or in the office. 

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All You Need to Know about Flexispot's Brand Day Celebration: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You'll like to be among our beneficiaries for the upcoming brand day celebration, but do you know how and when to become one?

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Most Awaited Activities for FlexiSpot's Anniversary Sale

We’re just a few days away before the FlexiSpot Anniversary Sale! 

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Daily Self-Care Practices for Working Women

The modern, working woman has a lot on her plate; to balance their career with their personal lives. 

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Is it Necessary to Have Sit-to-Stand Workstations?

Modern ergonomics focuses greatly on the importance of stepping away from the sedentary lifestyle. 

Stylish workplace interior with fixed height desk

Are Fixed Height Desks Ergonomic?

The longer you sit while working, the more likely your pace of work and chain of thoughts will be affected.

New office style and design

Co-Working: The Evolution of New Workstyles

Coworking, as a concept, has existed for a very long time. 

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FlexiSpot Anniversary Buyer's Guide

FlexiSpot has been committed to its customers since Day 1. 

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How Important is Being Happy At Your Job to You?

Work can be stressful, but shouldn’t it also be enjoyable?

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A Comparison between the Home Office All-in-One Desk Bike V9 and the Under Desk Bike V9U

It might be annoying when it’s too hot outside, but it also means one thing. 

woman attending video conference call using height adjustable desk

10 Premium Flexispot Furniture With Smart Charging Interface

Remote work is now a big part of modern-day work culture, and keeping your devices powered up has never been more important, particularly if you work from home and do not have the luxury of multiple sockets.

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The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Furniture Purchasing

Over the last few years, there has been a rapid surge in demand for eco-friendly furniture. 

Unhappy woman suffering from back pain because of Sciatica

Experts Offer Advice on How to Sit with Sciatica

Some pains are so severe that they can make even the toughest people cry.

Girl listening to music from a tablet at home

How to Unwind After a Long Day's Work: Homecare Guide 2022

There's no job in the world without its hazards and labor. 

Obese woman having sleeping disorder

Is Your Obesity Ruining Your Sleep More than It Should?

Being overweight has many problems, but it’s even worse when it affects your sleep.

young man stress with his work

8 Stress Management Tips for the Workplace

Workplace stress is inevitable.

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Is It A Good Idea To Build A Standing Desk at Home Yourself?

Standing desks are known for being a good solution for maximizing your ergonomics when you’re working at a desk. 

man working with his height adjustable desk

7 Trade-Sensitive Height Adjustable Desk Ideas: A Walk-Through Of The Flexispot Online Store

Work means different things to different people.

home office design

9 Ways Women Can Make an Office Space Their Own

Working at an office for long hours can be exhausting! 

Man suffering from neck pain

How To Deal With Text Neck Syndrome In The Workplace

What comes to mind when you think of the side effects of a sedentary lifestyle? 

Interior of modern bedroom

Unrivaled Size Guide for FlexiSpot Adjustable Bed Base and Mattress

Complementing a comfortable mattress with the best adjustable bed base is blissful. 

living room home furniture

Tips for updating your indoor/outdoor furniture

We all reach a point where we get tired of furniture in our homes. 

Colors of the Wheel

How to Match Colors for Office Aesthetics

So many people go now to Pinterest for a quick access to interior design. 

Staying Healthy

How FlexiSpot Supports Your Path to a Healthier Tomorrow

One common goal we all have is to live happy and healthier lives. 

The Armchair

How to Fix a "Too Tall" Office Chair Without Buying a New One

If you order online, you would be surprised when you see the item in person for the first time. For instance, you checked out an ergonomic office chair and days later, it arrived on your doorstep. You are shocked to see that it is bigger than you initially thought. But don’t fret; you don’t really have to return the chair and demand for a new one. It’s easy to fix the chair height issue if you get to the root of it.

The first thing every customer does to a new chair is adjusted its height according to their body and their needs. But what happens if the chair is just really too tall for you. What can you do to solve this problem? We discuss it below to help you figure out a solution for your concern.

Understanding What a "Too Tall" Office Chair Means

Understanding What a "Too Tall" Office Chair Means

There is a difference between "too tall" and "too tall but workable." Ask yourself what made you say that it was too tall. Say you are really a short than an average person so it’s not uncommon that standard office chairs are too tall for you. Of course, designers of office chairs based the height range from a person of typical average height and go up from there. There are chances that you won’t fall within this range.

Another possibility is that you weren’t able to adjust the chair to its lowest possible setting. Double check and pull the appropriate lever to lower the gas spring. There are times that you might have simply not adjusted it all the way down. To be sure, read the instructions again and follow them step by step.

Another thing to look at is if there are any obstructions. Your chair might be crashing into something that is preventing it from being lowered down. Again, check and adjust accordingly.

You should also p

Happy mothers day text

Showing Gratitude With Furniture: Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Mother's Day in the United States started with the activism of two women - Ann Reeves Jarvis and Julia Howe.

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Gift Ideas from FlexiSpot

Our mothers carried us for nine months before we finally entered Earth and started our lives here. 

Renovating empty office space with windows

12 Top Office Renovation Mistakes You Can Avoid

Renovating your office can be a great way to refresh your workspace and make it more comfortable and functional for your employees. 

Studying Diligently

The 3 Best Ergonomic Standing Desks for Primary and Middle School Students

Kids are clever. 

young woman in pajamas waking up in her bed

Adjustable Bed Bases: Why It's the Best Choice for Any Adult

Being an adult can be tough but how you sleep shouldn’t.

Heart Health

Let's Talk About Matters of the Heart

When we talk about matters of the heart, we do not only mean love or heartbreak.

Man having a hard time sitting because of  hemorrhoids

Prolonged Time Sitting Leads to Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins around the outer and inners side of the anus. 

My Home Office

Five Cleaning Steps to Make Your Office Chair Last a Long Time

Investing in an ergonomic office chair does not end once you’ve paid the bill and the chair gets delivered to your home.

young woman having a hard time working while seating on her office chair

Prolonged Sitting Leads to Gluteal Amnesia

If you spend most hours of your day sitting, you may have already experienced a vague pain and discomfort where you sit. 

FlexiSpot’s EB011

Adjustable Bed Base For A Proper Night's Sleep

Having a good night's sleep is imperative for better health. 

Cropped shot of woman having pain in wrist while using laptop

Causes of Wrist Pain and How to Remedy It

The wrist does not only comprise of one joint.

Ergonomic workspace

Standing Desks Transform the Workspace. Here's How.

You heard through the grapevine that standing desks can help you improve your work experience so you buy yourself one. 

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk with Glass Top

Calories Burned While Standing vs. Sitting: A Comparison

Plenty of research suggests that if you replace even a portion of the time you spent sitting during the day, you’ll see significant improvement in your health.

Happy family resting together and having fun in bed

How to Choose an Adjustable Bed Base

Winter heralds the start of new things; the dawn of a new year, the fall of the White walker, and a chance at a clearer skin.

employees working in a an active workplace

A Guide to Designing an Active Workplace

Spending eight hours a day in a rocky seat with your eyes glued to the screen can be detrimental to your physical and mental health. 

home office

5 Common Home Office Decor Mistakes And How To Fix Them

In years past, a home office was regarded as a luxury more than something people required in their houses.

Modern Office

5 Best Storage Products for Your Home Office

You have a dream home office in mind and want to do everything to make it happen. 

Blonde woman looking at papers near laptop and working from home in a bedroom

How to Ergonomically and Productively Work From Your Bed

If you're like me, you spend a lot of time working from your bed.

The Office Desk

Guidelines in Choosing the Perfect Home Office Desk

Whether you liked it or not back then, you were one of the many employees that had to work at home when the pandemic hit. 

Gaming setup

Our Favorite FlexiSpot Gaming Chairs – Upgrade Your Setup

It may be tempting to play video games while relaxing on a couch, especially if you’re playing a console. 

Excited Gamer Playing Online Video Game

The Best Gaming Chairs in 2022

The advent of the internet completely redefined gaming as scores of avid gamers took to digital platforms like Twitch to partake in the communal gaming experiences as millions became hooked to their screens. 

young male employee unhappy with excessive workloads

How to Manage Workplace Fatigue: Flexispot Health and Wellness Guide

Meanwhile, anytime you notice you easily get overwhelmed or worn out at work, that's probably fatigue setting in. 

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7

Creating An Ergonomic Workspace With A Standing Desk Converter: (2022) Flexispot Office Furniture Guide

No matter how hard we try to avoid it, working for long hours will remain the status quo. 

pregnant woman sitting on bed

Why adjustable bed bases will be better for your pregnancy?

Bringing life into this world is a lot of work, so why not make it easier?

Body Mass Index Healthcare Concept

Maintaining a Healthy Body Mass Index in the 21st Century

Healthy living is your license to live an accomplished life, so you need to steer clear of anything that might rob you of that precious possession.

Young man suffering from headache in office

Common Physical Health Problems at Workplaces

If your occupation is in an office, you have heard of the lady who passed away at her workplace because of long working hours and stress. 

Elegant Office Space

Work With these Standing Desks to Get a Feel of Nature's Best

Nature helps us relax. 

A girl gamer playing online game

6 Disorders & Diseases Associated with Gaming & What to do About It

Digital gaming is becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages.

woman with her cat working at home

Workplace Trends to Expect in 2022

In today's rapidly changing world, it's hard to predict what will happen even just a few years from now. 

young woman working on a standing desk

3 Sustainable Ergonomic Standing Desks

Nobody would have guessed 2 years ago that remote working would become such a norm around the world.

The Armchair

Why Better Lumbar Support is a Must for Ergonomic Office Chair

In case you still don’t know, your posture can seriously be damaged when you work in front of a computer for hours on end.

Woman Attending Video Conference Call Using her Height Adjustable Desk

5 Best FlexiSpot Office Desk: Battle of The Standing Desks

Flexispot has for years now introduced life-changing products to the furniture market. 

young man working from home while taking notes on paper

Ten Good Habits for Productivity You Should Practice in 2022

Over the past couple of years, working from home has become the norm for several people, and many employees want to keep working virtually for the long term. 

Young married couple while working at home together

Home Office Ideas to Inspire You for a Two-Person Office Layout

Whether working in an office or from home, your workspace needs to have certain requirements. 

gaming setup

Creative Ideas for Console Gaming Setup for X-box and PS5

Considering the long hours gamers spend indoors playing their favorite games or watching game videos, you might think they all have the best gaming stations. 

Colleagues working in an eco friendly office

How to Design an Eco-Friendly Office

Green initiatives that are both innovative and cost-effective can help the environment and save money in the long run. 

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FlexiSpot Brand Day Activities

Looking for a way to create a healthier and more productive workspace?

Man Using Adjustable Height Standing Desk In the office

Navigating My Flexible Work-life with Flexispot

The pandemic made the global workforce understand that it can't return to that outdated pre-pandemic corporate life. 

Work Essentials

How a Standing Desk Can Recharge Your Physical & Mental Health

If you have a desk job, there’s no choice but to sit for 10 hours a day to finish your tasks. 

man working from home

Should working from home be the new normal?

Working from home has been beneficial but should it be the only option?

man working from home with children playing around

Are you truly focused while working from home?

Working from home has its perks, but is it more distracting than helpful?

Woman at Work

Are Desk Bikes Too Noisy for the Office?

I recently wrote an article on noise pollution and its effects on our body system.

In pain

5 Common Office Injuries

An adjustable standing desk will keep you healthy and minimize risk of injury at the office.

Man in headset playing computer video game

The Best Monitor Position for a Gaming set up

With more people working from home for reasons such as the pandemic, gaming has experienced an unprecedented upsurge.

Cluttered Desk

5 Tips to Maximize Your Small Workspace

You’re lucky if your office space is more than a cubicle. 

Organized Desk

10 Ways to Organize Your Desk and Boost Work Productivity

Having an organized desk is key to having an organized mind.

Comfortably Seated

Why Companies Should Invest In Ergonomic Chairs

You can’t ignore the damaging health effects of prolonged sitting. 

weight loss signage

Are you following through with your weight loss goals?

Losing weight is hard, but it can feel harder when you start to fail your goals.

Easter Essentials

FlexiSpot Products to Fill Your Easter Eggs With

Are you one of those families that prepare big for Easter?

Me and My Beagle

Having Pets in the Workspace

Do you love pets?

Man resting in a bench

Post Workout Life: Is Your Rest Suffering Because of Your Bed?

Working out consistently is hard enough, but should it affect your sleep?

Which Is Better? Written on Orange Key of Metallic keyboard

E7 vs. Smart Desk Pro: A Detailed Comparison

Working at a desk all day long can be tiring, not to mention bad for a person's health, especially when they remain seated continuously. 

young man working from home.

Smart Home Office Ideas to Transform Your Space

Even if your home office is a delegated space for doing business, a nook for paying bills, or your remote working area, you are worth more than an extra chair stuffed into a corner and a metal desk. 

Young tall guy pro gamer playing online games

How to Buy A Gaming Chair For a Tall Person

Have you had to sit in an uncomfortable chair?

Explosion with text 25 percent off

FlexiSpot's Brand Day Sale Celebrates Customers with High-Performing and Fully Ergonomic Products

Redefining health, safety, and fun, FlexiSpot is constantly inventing, renovating, and advancing its products to not only meet but exceed the needs of its customers. 

office workplace

How Color Affects Workplace Productivity and Mood

Ever felt tired and unproductive in your workplace? 

young woman stretching in the office

Quick Stretches to Keep Back Pain at Bay at Work

Does your job demand you to spend most of your work hours sitting in front of a desk typing away or using your computer? 

home office

Products to Organize Your Workstation

A messy workstation, for the most part, leads to a cluttered mind. 

Ergonomics word in a puzzle

Tips and Considerations for Ergonomic Assessments

Employees need to be safe and productive at work; thus, good ergonomic practices are essential.

Good Better Best Choices - 3 Colorful Arrow Signs

Pro Plus E7 vs Uplift V2: A Comparison

The right standing desk can make a huge difference in your office ergonomics

indoor furniture's

The 5 Biggest Indoor Furniture Do's and Don'ts

Despite architecture setting the scene and providing the framework, furniture, and interior design can strongly influence the mood and vibe of a space. 

Active office layouts

11 Active Workplace Design Suggestions

While architects and developers must consider energy efficiency while developing buildings, residents' physical well-being is also crucial.

man suffering from back pain

Sedentary Lifestyles and Obesity: Effects and Solutions

Do you have a friendly relationship with your office chair, where you spend half of your day?

young woman working from home

WFH: What Research Has Discovered a Year Later?

Working from home has become a way of life for many of us. 


4 Common Office Ergonomics Blunders Employers Make

Most employers want their employees to work to the best of their abilities. 

Motivated Workforce

9 Tips to Stay Inspired while Working

Busy work weeks can become a drag if you're not sure how to motivate yourself. 

Healthy  Employee

How to Be Healthy While Working From Home

If you think employee health is a personal concern, think again. 

man suffering from wrist pain

Why You May Be Experiencing Wrist and Forearm Discomfort

The human body can be resilient but is usually pretty delicate. 

woman having hard time looking on her laptop screen

Adjust Ergonomics to Prevent Eyestrain

Over the last two decades, the usage of computers by office employees has expanded dramatically. 

young woman working remotely

4 Ways Employers Can Get the Most Out of Their Remote Employees

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, nearly all employers have wrapped their minds around the idea of adapting the remote working model. 

Busy Planning

What Standing Desks Do to Enhance Your Brain

We all have felt our brains slowing down when the day is coming to a close. 

man suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis

Working with Rheumatoid: Tips and Products

Your days with Rheumatoid Arthritis may be great some days, and on other days, they may feel like hell. 

Price Value Balance Scale Concept

FlexiSpot Pro Plus E7 vs Jarvis: A Comparison

When thinking of workplace ergonomics, one of the first things that come to mind is a standing desk. 

What are the benefits of posture corrector kits

Is It Worth Using Posture Corrector Kits and What are the Alternative

We’re so used to sitting in the wrong posture that we don’t realize that it’s not the right way to sit.

big spring sale

Explore the Ultimate Flexilife With FlexiSpot Spring Sales

With a new year comes new beginnings, a seemingly fresh start, and talk of Spring Sales.

Multiracial young creative people in modern office

Building a 21st Century Office: 2022 Modern Office Design Trends

A typical Office design in primitive days is a largely stuffed, poorly-ventilated room with a chair and table covered by papers and office appliances under the whirring of dim fluorescent lights. 

young manager working on his office

3 Ergonomic Leather Chairs for an Elegant Workspace

When you’re setting up the employee desks at an office, you have to consider the functionality and aesthetic value of the equipment (e.g., the chair).

Comparison text on screen

A Comparison of FlexiSpot Pro Standing Desk E5 vs. Pro Plus Standing Desk E7

The best standing desks can be your lifeline. 

Young male employee unhappy with excessive work loads in the office

Symptoms and Treatments for Office Fatigue

You probably spend more than half of your day at work. 

young woman stressed at work

Cause and Signs of Fatigue in the Workplace

Most people think of fatigue as simply being tired. 

picture of a cozy bed

How to Choose Your Adjustable Bed

An adjustable bed is a bed that can be adjusted to multiple positions, typically using a remote control. 

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