Ergonomic Advice

mind your posture

Best Tips & Exercises to Improve Your Posture

A healthy posture is more than just about how you look. It impacts your body's overall health and well-being.

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk with Glass Top

Perks of the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top

When you’re shopping for new furniture, there are so many options available that it can get a bit overwhelming. 

 The Virtual Office

The Best Hybrid Work Model for Companies

It’s been 18 months of working at home and now, employees across the world are slowly returning to the office. 

Anti-fatigue mat

The Pros & Cons of Using Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anyone who has spent a notable amount of their day standing while working at the office or home would understand the discomfort it causes. 

woman flexing her weight loss in exercising

Get Back in Shape with the Under Desk Treadmill 08

While there is so much that we’ve got the technology to thank for, 

father and his children

11 Easy Play-Learn Activities for Children

They say that every home is a child’s first school.

The Home Office

Five Tips to Tweak the Home Office

When the pandemic hit in 2020, people were sent home to set up personal offices and work remotely for the meantime.

a child in her room enjoying a star light projector

Light Up Your Room with the Galaxy Light Projector

Whether you are buying the Galaxy Light Projector for kids or adults, stars, night skies, and nebula lighting are bound to fascinate everyone. 

man working from home

Are you using your time wisely while you work from home?

Since the world-changing events of the pandemic, many of us have had the chance to work from home and continue to climb the corporate ladder. T


FlexiSpot New Year Offers You Shouldn't Miss

Want to buy furniture at this time but worried that you might not find something of great quality that is within your budget?

Office Corner

Turning the Bedroom Into Your Home Office

Some people think that working from home is the dream life. 

A man in pain on his carpal

How to Deal with Carpal Tunnel Pain

Does the thumb side of your hand feel like it's going numb? 

man using treadmill

Compact Treadmill 09 or Folding Treadmill 10 | What Can Work Better for Your Office Space

You're probably aware that training on a daily basis is among the healthiest things you could do for the body. 

Work from home

Managing Work from Home as a Parent

Even though vaccinations have rolled out steadily in the United States, COVID-19 still persists. 

new years resolution with Flexispot

New Year Resolution: Start the New Year with the Best of FlexiSpot

"This year, I'll exercise more often," Or "I'll work hard to get my overdue promotion."

Ergonomic chairs in the office

7 Reasons Why You Need an Ergonomic Office Chair from FlexiSpot

An increasing number of people are spending more time seated with most people sitting in an inappropriate office chair. 

Adjustable Bed Base

Why You Need to Buy an Adjustable Bed Base Today

Have you ever seen one of those beds that can change positions at the press of a button? 

Design tips for comfort room

Create the Ultimate Comfort Room with These Design Tips

The opportunity to make your home seem comfortable and distinctive is the lure that keeps us wanting to come home after work every day.

A modern living area

Redecorate Your Living Area Under $500

The living area is the most important part of the house. 


Why People with Myopia should Invest in an Ergonomic Chair

I have been nearsighted for the longest time. 

young lady on her art studio

Amazing Products to Improve Your Home Studio

These studio art materials will assist you in maintaining a well-organized studio, allowing you to create work in a more effective (and pleasurable) manner. 

Standing at Work

8 Considerations When Buying the Best Standing Desk

You might have been thrown into working from home at the height of the pandemic so, of course, your house was not prepared for it.

foot of a woman in an anti fatigue mat

Anti-Fatigue Mats – Do They Work?

Are you a cashier, receptionist, professor, chef, security guard, warehouse supervisor, or anyone whose job requires them to stand throughout the day?

picture of a solid wood table

How Solid Wood Furniture Can Liven Up Your Home Office?

If you are a professional working from home, you would want your home office to reflect your personality.

A Loft Workspace

5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Desk Chair Without Wheels

There are also office chairs without wheels in the ergonomics market.

man working remotely

Year in review: What happened in 2021 and what we learned from remote working

A global pandemic reared its head in late 2019, and it wasn’t until 2020 that the world woke up to the magnitude of the coronavirus. 

Save the Date

9 Tips in Planning Your Best Year Yet

Marking a new beginning, the start of every year makes most of us beam with excitement. 

Office furniture ideas

10 Unique Furniture to Bring in Your Office Today

We all spend a significant amount of our lives in our office.

employees working in glass room

Work Smart with Office Pods That Breed Productivity and Focus

Since the pandemic outbreak, office pods have grown in popularity as the necessity for private and quiet spaces where people may work has grown.

employees on their work office

The adoption of workplace ergonomics in 2021

As workplaces overhaul their systems, it is also time to look at existing working conditions to foster employee health. 

man still sleepy at work

How to Beat those dreaded “Monday Blues”

Mondays can either be delightful or dreadful. What side do you land on?

young woman working from home on winter

Top 5 things your work from office needs this winter

The final few months of the year provide us with many things.

big room office

Office Break Room Ideas For Your Employees

Employees tend to have their level of productivity peak when their employer makes provision for a nice and comfy break room.

New Year resolutions

9 Ways to Make Your New Year Resolutions Happen

We know how hard it is to follow through with your New Year’s resolutions but why do we still make them? 

man working on his standing desk

Is Standing Desk Bad for Your Knees?

You fiddled with your mouse.

man stress with his office work

Why holding in your work stress does more harm than good

Work stress hits us more than we would like to admit. 

Benefits of getting a climate-positive workstation for your office

Benefits of Getting a Climate-Positive Workstation for Your Office

We are well aware that we have not yet reached a tipping point in the battle against climate change.

Bamboo furniture in the office

6 Benefits of Using Bamboo Furniture in Your Office

As natural resources continue to deplete exponentially, the fast-growing bamboo is revolutionizing the production in several industries.

Home Office Activities

11 Ways to Stay Active at Work

When you have a desk job, your primary goal is to fulfill your tasks for your position. 

office workers in a productivity table

Tips to Boost Your Wellness and Productivity

Have you been feeling stressed out and unwell at work?

Benefits of air purifiers

The Benefits of Air Purifiers in Your Room or Office

Air pollution levels have been steadily rising and becoming a significant concern. 

young woman exercising

14 Fitness Products You Need in Your Home

Want to exercise more often but can't afford a gym membership or go to expensive fitness classes?

bestseller sign

6 Best Selling Products of This Season

With e-commerce growing at a constant rate and more and more online stores popping up every few days, customers nowadays have an endless variety of products and services to choose from. 

best price and best quality logo

Top 7 Most Effective Products Under $300

Most of us spend a large part of the day in our offices, hustling to get further in our careers and reach new levels of professional growth. 

New Year, New Me

Gear Up! Making Your New Year Resolutions Happen

2022 is not just a calendar date anymore, we’re already living it. 

Engaging workplace

Office Solutions 101: Tips to Make Your Workplace More Engaging

Over the past few years, big corporations and small-sized businesses alike are starting to realize that workforce is the greatest asset for any business. 

Desk mesh organizer

Tidy Up the Mess with these Expert Organizations Tips

Mess is almost unavoidable, especially in a fast-paced world like ours.

The importance of proper office lighting

The Importance of Proper Office Lighting

Lighting has been proven in many studies to significantly influence your employees' productivity, but it may also affect them in good and bad ways.

Contemporary home office

Home Office Essentials from FlexiSpot – Maximize Your Ergonomics

Working from home has become a common practice for many people all around the world. 

A Contemporary Workplace

My Dream Workstation for 2022

It’s almost 2022!

woman suffering back pain while working

Can Furniture Affect Your Work Performance?

Business owners are always looking for ways to improve employee productivity and outcome.

Exercising at home

Exercising at Home - How to make it Easier and More Effective

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, exercising at home has become a popular trend in order to stay in shape. 

Best accessories to make your office livelier

18 Best Accessories to Make Your Office Livelier

The ambiance of a workplace has a significant impact on the business’s development and productivity. 

man working with his desk converter

Desk Converters - What They Are and Why You Need Them

The changing work arrangement allows an increasing number of people to work from home.

employee suffering from lower back pain

Why you Must Replace Regular Chairs with Ergonomic Chairs

You may have ever wondered if there's any difference between ergonomic chairs and the regular ones you've always known. 

Flexispot height adjustable desk

3 of the Best Standing Desks by Flexispot

If you're reading this it's safe to assume you've done some research on Height-adjustable desks.

Countdown to 2022

End 2021 Right with FlexiSpot New Year Deals

We all try something new for the first time in our lives. 

Add Some Color to Your Bedroom Walls

10 Ways to Add Some Color to Your Bedroom Walls

In recent years, timeless, safe, and minimalistic colors have become the new trend. 

Ringing in the New Year

Score these FlexiSpot deals in time for the New Year

It’s just a few days away before we ring in the New Year! 

man working in two monitor

How to Fit Two Monitors on a Tiny Computer Desk

A laptop screen or single monitor setup is adequate for most office tasks. 

seiffen laminated standing desk

How You Can Make Full Use of Your Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk

A standing desk is an excellent addition if you want to maximize your productivity while staying healthy. 

Ergonomic Chair in a Workplace

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair: The Best Ergonomic Chair for Office Employees

As an average office employee, you might be sitting at your desk in the wrong chair without even realizing it. 

A standing desk converter

Standing Desk Converters vs. Sit-Stand Desk: Which One Is Right for You?

In recent years, many of us have realized that a sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to our overall well-being. 

young woman enjoying sewing

Ultimate Guide to using the Height Adjustable Sewing Table

While many ladies agree that they love to sew from time to time, many admit to avoiding regular sewing because of the fear of aches and pains. 

a young woman stretching while working from home

8 Ways You Can Work From Home This Holiday With Absolute Focus

We're in the thick of the Christmas season- a season to celebrate with friends, family and spend more time with them. 

young man with his standing desk

11 Ways to Use Your Standing Desk apart from Work

A standing desk is a game-changer when working from home or even in office work environments. 

2 employees having break

How to Brighten Up the Office During Dull Winter Days

When the days grow shorter and the weather becomes colder, many people find themselves struggling to get through the workday.

an image of a chic and luxurious office

Tips to Make Your Workplace Look Chic & Luxurious

Are you tired of entering your office, only to instantly be surrounded by dull grey walls and an interior that makes you want to leave immediately?

picture of flexispot under deskbike

Is It Worth It to Buy an Under Desk Bike?

Working for hours while sitting by a desk can be cozy. 

Family Time

8 Christmas Day Activities You Should Do

Sometimes, the anticipation for Christmas Day is so long that when the day actually comes, people don’t really know what to do or are already feeling tired with the busyness of the season.

My Christmas Wishlist

I Wish I have These FlexiSpot Products

It’s just a day before Christmas Day! Christmas Eve may be a workday but it’s also special for most, if not all. 

woman storing christmas decorations in a basket

Taking Down and Storing Holiday Decorations Come New Year

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, with beautiful decorations and lightning placed virtually everywhere. 

office workplace

What Furniture and Equipment to get Your Office After a Holiday Promotion

Most workplace promotions happen at the end of the year. 

christmas sale

Ultimate Guide to Unleashing FlexiSpot's Splendid Christmas Sales

Winter is here, decorations are up, the atmosphere is charged with festive excitement, and once again, 

employees wearing christmas hats

8 Days of Christmas with Flexispot’s Must-Have Products

Are you looking to upgrade your office space by ditching your traditional furniture and replacing it with ergonomic office chairs and standing desks? 

home office design

Creatives' Diary: Golden Ideas to Make Your Home Office Burst With Creativity

Designing your home office is work; making the design creatively spicy is more work. 

young woman working on her pc setup

Complete Guide for a Quad Monitor Setup

Evolution has struck every phase of mankind, the effects of which could be felt among home office workers and gamers worldwide. 

woman smiling while having coffee

Things I'm Grateful for This 2021

This year has been a rollercoaster of emotions for most of us. 

What Anxiety Looks Like

7 Tips to Combat Anticipatory Anxiety

Have you ever felt so crippled by future thoughts that you couldn’t fall asleep at night or work at your optimum? 

man cleaning an office chair

How to Keep Your Office Chair in a Pristine Condition

A comfortable office desk and chair are the basic building blocks of any office.

Best End of Year Party of employees

How to Set Up the Best End of Year Party

The end of the year is quickly approaching, which means it is time to start planning your epic holiday party! 

What path to take?

A Guide on How to Make Big Life Decisions

A person goes through many crossroads in life.

new year resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions for a Happier, Healthier Workplace

With yet another tremendous year coming to an end, it may be the right time to set your new year's resolution. 

secret santa image

Perfect Secret Santa Gift Ideas for your Colleagues-Under $100

The holidays are a time of celebration and gift-giving. 

Couple in Love

13 Simple Christmas Date Ideas

In the craziness that is the Christmas season, may you not forget to buy a gift or simply spend time with your significant other. 

gaming table and chair

A Gamer's Christmas Wishlist

I know the feeling. 

man standing and working on his desk

Are Shoes Necessary when Using a Standing Desk?

Various studies by reputable medical institutions link a sedentary office culture to chronic illnesses.

young woman working on her backyard

Top Backyard Office Pod Ideas for Remote Workers

A few decades ago, everyone needed to be at the office to get any productive work done. 

employees celebrating Christmas party

How to Keep Your Office Festive if You'll Work Through the Holidays

When December sneaks up, we all feel the pressure to take some time off and visit our family. 

young man decorating the office

Putting Up Christmas Decorations Around the Office

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. 

woman standing on a anti fatigue mat

A Comprehensive Guide to Anti-Fatigue Mats

A steady rise in Computers and advanced data networks allow us to do more work even from outside the comfort of an office. 

employees christmas party

Perfect Holiday Gift for your Employees

Are you wondering what the best gift for your employee this holiday season is? 

Holiday tips

Most Comprehensive Christmas Safety Guide You Should Read In 2021

The holiday season is just around the corner, with its beautiful spirit and magical moments. 

Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift Guide for the Whole Family

Could you believe that it’s already Christmas next week?

man holding a cup of coffee

Creative Home Office Christmas Decoration Ideas

Bells jingle all the way, and the city is painted in red; oh yes! It’s yuletide season.

dollars wrapped as a Christmas bonus

What To Get with Your Office Christmas Bonus!

Did you know that it takes just 14 seconds for a person to decide if they like a Christmas gift or not? 

office workmates having fun in the office

Musical Chairs and Other Fun Office Games for Christmas!

These days, job satisfaction matters as much as the size of the paycheck. 

Mellow Holidays

Dealing with Christmas season anxiety

We all accept Christmas to be a time of merriment and joy.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Gym Lovers

Exquisite Christmas Gift Ideas for Gym Lovers

We all have that one friend (or even family member) who spends more time in the gym than outside it. 

man working on a standing desk

Anatomy of a Standing Desk

Standing desks are a major innovation when it comes to workspace items and accessories. 

Merry Christmas!

Gift Ideas for Every Type of Officemate

It’s 9 days before Christmas!

Drafting tables

10 Ways Drafting Tables Can Change Your Workplace

If you work in the creative arts, engineering, or architectural industry, you might greatly benefit from a drafting table, and it should undoubtedly be a part of your workplace. 

functional workplace trends

Comfortable and Functional Workplace Designs: 5 Up-and-Coming Trends

The current office design trends blend the beautiful with the practical in new and fascinating ways, shifting away from designs just for the aesthetic.

Christmas Sales (2021)

FlexiSpot's Christmas Sales (2021)

What better time to purchase the ergonomic office equipment you've been saving for all year than this Christmas sales. 

Exercise Rats

Pre-Holiday Workouts at Home

Preparing for the Christmas festivities? 

getting standing desks for work

How to Convince Your Employer to Invest in Standing Desks?

What is one thing that may be very harmful to your health yet that we all do daily? 

bamboo trees

How Bamboo Office Products Can Help You Save the Planet

Every time we switch from non-sustainable textiles to bamboo, we are helping to preserve the environment. 


5 Office Christmas Party Themes to Try

Before this year draws to a close, we’re pretty sure your workplace is already preparing for the annual Christmas party. 

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