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10 Benefits Of Sleeping On An Adjustable Bed Base

17 October 2023

Ever seen one of those beds that can be elevated at the touch of a button? They can be elevated from the head or the foot side and can also be elevated together. These beds are also seen at the hospital when the patient cannot sit up on their own. Adjustable bed bases are a convenient and comfortable option that provide the ultimate relaxation experience to their user.

What Is An Adjustable Bed Base?

As the name suggests, adjustable bed bases are bed frames that can be elevated and lowered at the press of a button. They can be raised at the head portion or the legs portion or even simultaneously. There are many benefits to sleeping on adjustable bed frames, and it can save us the trouble of having to make a pile of pillows which can be quite disruptive.

Adjustable bed frames come in many options and can also be designed in a split manner. This means that a king-sized bed can have two sides which may each be controlled separately. So, if your partner does not want their head raised as high as you do, they have the option of keeping it lower. You may also get only the type that raises the head portion, or you may get the one that raises both. It entirely depends on your own personal requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping On An Adjustable Bed Base?

There are many benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed base. Here are a few advantages listed below:

1. Helps With Respiration

People who suffer from breathing issues and respiratory disorders often feel the need to raise their heads to breathe easily during the night. They typically pile pillows on top of one another to elevate their heads, and this can be a great ordeal as the pillows often slide out of place and need readjusting in the middle of the night. Elevating the head with the press of a button is a simple and hassle free method and can greatly improve breathing ability in those suffering and in turn, helps to improve their quality of sleep.

2. Helps Those Suffering From Acid Reflux

GERD or acid reflux is a painful condition also known as heartburn which usually occurs after a large meal or one that consists of fried or spicy food. It is not recommended to lie down immediately after finishing a meal because that is when digestion takes place. Since digestion involves acidic juices in the stomach and intestines, the churning movements during digestion in the stomach can often cause regurgitation or backflow of stomach acid into the esophagus and into the throat and mouth of the individual. This is because the esophagus is the tube that connects the mouth with the stomach. Elevating the head while lying down helps to ensure that the stomach acid does not spill into the oesophageal canal. Those who cannot get out of bed to eat and need to be fed in bed can raise their head portion easily, sit up in bed and consume their meal easily.

3. Helps Increase Your Independence

Older people who have trouble sitting up in bed and getting out of bed and constantly feel dependent on others to help them out of bed and sit up in bed can greatly benefit from the use of adjustable bed frames. They can instantly sit up in bed, raise their legs or even get out of bed evertime they need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night or get a drink of water. Even when they need to sit up and watch television, they would not need the assistance of another person to help them. With adjustable bed frames, they can operate their bed height with the click of a button.

4. Reduces Back Pain

For those suffering from back pain, you can elevate the head portion of your bed by 45 degrees to reduce compression on your lower back and ease your spine. This helps to reduce back pain and significantly helps improve the quality of sleep in back sleepers and those suffering from back pain.

5. Improves Circulation

If you wake up with tingling arms and legs and a feeling of numbness in your extremities, it is probably caused by poor circulation during the night. It is important to make sure that there is proper circulation of blood throughout your body during the night. It helps to elevate the legs above your heart while you sleep at night as it helps to improve circulation and bring blood back to the hear from the lower part of your body. Improved circulation reduces tingling and numbing sensations while you sleep at night and helps improve the quality of sleep. You wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and pain free and can get out of bed without feeling pins and needles as you place your feet on the ground.

6. Aids With Digestion

People who tend to eat late dinner and get in to bed can benefit from sleeping on adjustable bed frames as they can raise the head portion of the bed. This helps to carry out the digestion process without decreasing its pace and the risk of stomach contents spilling into the esophagus during digestion. It is also great for bedridden people who cannot get out of bed due to a disability. They can easily elevate their heads at the press of a button and sit up while enjoying their meal. They can then lower their heads after a few hours when they are ready to call it a night.

7. It Helps Reduce Joint Pain

Adjustable bed frames provide a zero gravity feel which takes the pressure off your joints. Those who siffer from arthritis and joint pain can benefit from sleeping on adjustable bed frames as it allows them to sleep pain-free and with ease.

8. Reduces Headaches

If you have been sleeping on high pillows just to elevate your head due to sleep problems, this can cause neck sprains over time and compress your cervical spine. Compression on the cervical spine can cause spasms and result in headaches. Many people complain of headaches and neck pain first thing in the morning. This can be avoided by investing in an adjustable bed which can be raised at the head portion to allow easy and comfortable sleep throughout the night without any neck pain or headaches.

9. Helps Those Who Snore

A blocked nose and the anatomy of the tongue and mouth can often cause snoring in individuals. This can affect their quality of sleep, causing them to wake up in the middle of the night and keep them up at night. It can be improved by sleeping with their head lifted to allow them to clear their airways and breathe with ease. This improves the quality of their sleep and helps them feel refreshed and energized in the morning.

10. Provides Ease And Comfort

People who like to read before they fall asleep or watch TV can easily adjust their beds for the activity that they enjoy indulging in before they drift off to sleep. all you have to do is click a button and adjust your bed frame according to your preferred height.

FlexiSpot has some of the best adjustable bed frame options that you can choose between. They are made with excellent quality and can last you a long time. They have very few disadvantages, such as being expensive and bulky, but the advantages of having an adjustable bed frame significantly outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider investing in adjustable bed frames if you have trouble falling asleep and can experience the difference it makes.

The Final Word

Adjustable bed frames allow users to control their bed frames' height and elevation to improve their sleep quality, add comfort and luxury to their lives and help with acid reflux and breathing issues. It is also the preferred option for people with disabilities, old age, and limited movement so that they can feel independent and adjust their beds without assistance. FlexiSpot has some great options for adjustable bed frames and should be looked in to when considering beds for the ultimate comfort and a good night's sleep. Once you have experienced the luxury and comfort of sleeping on an adjustable bed frame, there is a good chance that there is no turning back!