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10 Desk Things You Can Do To Be More Productive

09 October 2021

According to a study, the average American spends only around 2 hours at their desk on real work, while browsing news outlets, scrolling through social media, and socializing with teammates consume the same amount of time. The desk appears to be the least tempting spot to get your hustle on among all the places where individuals tend to focus on business-related things. According to a survey, 65 percent of workers believe that working from home would be much more productive than working in a regular office setting. Even if you're working from the convenience of your home office, you have to acknowledge that your environment, particularly your desk, has a significant effect on your productivity.

Every day, people would spend a significant amount of time working at their desks—an average of 5 hours and 40 minutes. Is a cluttered desk, however, preventing you from being more productive? A productive workspace is well-organized. A messy desk makes accessing important documents increasingly challenging and unnecessarily complicates an already hectic day. An added benefit of keeping your workstation clean and hygienic is that it can help prevent illness. Organize your desk daily and spend a few minutes cleaning it before leaving for the weekend. As with any cleaning, the more you do it, the less time it would take, allowing you to make the most of your free time.

Here are some helpful hints on making the most of your desk space to enhance productivity, performance, and, most significantly, your satisfaction at work.

Find Time To De-clutter

Find Time To De-clutter

It isn't easy to concentrate in a cluttered environment, which is why decluttering might help you be more productive. Understand that cleaning and clearing go together, so set aside time to chuck out any crumbs or unwanted items, classify finished work, and then handle those dreadful paper stacks. If you've been receiving professional publications or materials and haven't peeked at them in 3 months, cancel that subscription right now. For a sleeker appearance, move items like pens, staplers, and clamps to a flat organizer put into a drawer. Limit yourself to one framed picture or, even better, make it your wallpaper.

Organize That Clutter

According to studies, a disorderly desk hurts your productivity just as much as it hurts your teammates'. A tidy workstation is vital to getting tasks completed, according to 41% of surveyed office employees, and it can also boost your chances of promotion. You'll lose days of your life looking for misplaced objects, but extra junk on your workstation can also contribute to your anxiety levels. It's not a good idea to ignore a cluttered workstation. It can lead to mental stress and worsen your unproductive procrastinating habits in the long term.

Surround Yourself With Things You Like

Surround Yourself with Things You Like

Some claim that having a tidy desk leads to a clear mind. While this may be applicable for some, many people find liberty in dressing up their desks according to their preferences. Personal belongings on your desk serve as a reminder that, even if you work more than 8 hours a day at your workstation, you always have a life outside of it. Photos of friends and family, the artwork you love, an encouraging quote or statement on a sticky note, a plant, and other souvenirs and little things that spark creativity are all excellent reminders of this.

Clean Your Surfaces

It's also necessary to clean your environment regularly. Wipe down all surfaces with a microfiber cloth and all-purpose cleaner, then dry with a dry clean rag. You should also shake out debris by tipping your keyboard over your garbage can. Wipe it down with disposable electronics wipes, and repeat with the mouse, monitor, and printer. This five-minute break could be just what you need to get your creative juices flowing again.

Height-Adjustable Standing Desks

Stand Up

We know that sitting all day is dangerous, thanks to all of the studies and discoveries. Many employers, fortunately, are increasingly rewarding employees who make health-conscious choices. Those inquiring about extracurricular activities such as gym memberships, organizing a corporate fun run, or forming a workplace volleyball rec team are frequently greeted with a smile and the phrase "go on." Standing desks have now been added to this list of requests. Given the opportunity to stand as easily as you have the chance to sit will add years to life, although they are pretty pricey for the business.

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Check Your Drawers

To keep your drawers neat, use trays. You'll always be able to find what you're looking for if everything has its own spot. Files should be kept in one space, supplies such as extra pencils, sticky notes, and staplers in another, and business cards for coworkers should be kept in another.

Enjoy Sightseeing

Enjoy Sightseeing

If at all feasible, position your desk by a window. While others may find this disruptive, there are countless advantages to being in a spot to see and absorb natural light. It's good to be able to take a break from peering at a computer screen all day and not getting sleepy and tired. When you're spacing out on your tasks, looking out the window might save you from eye strain due to lack of blinking.

Listen To Your Playlist

By restricting your center of concentration and drowning out the noise, you can enhance creativity and productivity. Music is also a modest yet powerful method to convey yourself creatively, even if you don't consider yourself artistic. It has the power to arouse your thoughts and desires, prompting you to envision yourself finishing the task at hand, excelling, and being appropriately rewarded for your efforts. For these purposes, having music at your workstation is essential.

Avoid Fatigue By Staying Hydrated

Avoid Fatigue By Staying Hydrated

If you don't want to lose your concentration, drink plenty of water. There's a solid correlation between how much water you drink and how productive you are. Even mild dehydration can cause you to feel weary, and exhausted people are more prone to consume coffee, which further dehydrates you, trapping you in a destructive spiral of exhaustion and migraines. According to numerous studies, 75% of working Americans do not drink the necessary ten glasses of water every day. Choose an eco-friendly refillable water bottle and keep it on your workstation as a daily reminder to save time heading back and forth to the water fountain.

Prepare For The Next Day

This is dependent on your preferred method of working. Some people prefer to put things away at the end of the shift so they can return to a clutter-free workspace the following day. Toss out any paperwork you don't need and store whatever you don't need for the next day. Pull out almost all of the stuff you'll need the next day if you're of the mindset that it's preferable to prepare yourself up for success with everything you'll need the evening before. To make a visual to-do list, arrange items in order of deadline.

Not all companies take steps to construct the workplace so that it becomes a source of inspiration rather than a source of hopelessness. Most workplaces are built with the primary goal of getting work done in mind rather than putting employee satisfaction first. And, while convincing the business world of how much our surroundings influence us and our quality performance takes time, you still have your workspace, which we hope you're free to set up however you want. Try everything you can to make your workspace a much more pleasurable area to work in, so you'll be able to accomplish anything with that sort of motivation.