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10 DIY Desk Tips to Make Working From Home More Fun For You

29 November 2022

Sooner or later, every sphere of the corporate space would have to either fully or partially allow their employees to work from home. And this is fast coming to reality with some of our big tech companies.

And the cool part of the trend is that you get to slash down your regular commuting and maximize that time by spending it with your family, friends, and loved ones. However, the journey might be a bit difficult if you have no particular spot dedicated to your home office.

Or you have a home office but you're thinking of how to come up with some amazing DIY desk ideas? You're so lucky because we have curated some effective tips for you in this article.

Meanwhile, you can also find a perfect standing desk that'll align with your home office decor at Flexispot.

And before we dig much deeper, let's show you why your home office even needs a DIY desk. Let's get started.

Why DIY Desks for Home Office?

Considering investing in a standing desk for your workstation might bring you into the realm of wondering whether it's even worth it to build one all by yourself. Sure it is!

It's quite possible to come up with your DIY storage desk and here are a couple of reasons why you should give it a trial:


There's this warm feeling that flows through when you are in charge of your project. You get a chance to put the concrete effort that'll incorporate things that you deeply love into the work.

Since you'll be the one using the piece at the end of the day, building one would help you prioritize ergonomics as one of the top features that the DIY storage desk must possess. Therefore, building a DIY desk will push you to make it as comfortable as possible.


Building the office desk yourself will also help you make the right and more informed decision when it comes to determining where you need to buy the materials.

Hence, you would not have to pay anyone to do the heavy lifting for you. And through that, you get a chance to work in line with your budget and cut down the total cost of the entire project.

Height Adjustment

Most often than not, going for a ready-made desk might end up giving you one that's probably too small or big for your height and stature. And that's a problem many office and remote workers encounter - finding a desk with the perfect size fit their height.

But when you build the office desk yourself, you'll have the measuring tape right in your hand and you'll be able to easily identify which areas demand adjustments.

And if you're a bit dexterous in this regard, you can go a notch higher by creating your own standing desk. Wonderful, right?

How to Create Your Own DIY Office Desk

It's a good choice that you've decided to work on your office desk all by yourself. So here are the essential steps that'll make the project easier and more fun-filled for you:


This is the first and most important stage of the process, especially if you want to get a cheaper DIY office desk. So if utmost care is not taken, you might be getting the materials at the wrong store and that might attract making the project more expensive than what you've budgeted.

Therefore, you need to check out more than two stores and weigh their price tags on the needed materials before determining the store to patronize. Meanwhile, you should not forget to also consider quality while scouting for cheap materials.


This means taking the time to give the project some deep thoughts. You need to picture the type of office desk you want to have eventually and where in the home office you'll set it.

Or you don't have a dedicated home office yet? No worries, one step at a time. First, you need to consider where the home office will be located.

Therefore, we will advise that you take measurements very seriously here and you need to also put the available space into consideration.

Don't plan beyond what the available space can accommodate and don't plan in a way that there'll be empty and unnecessary space lying idle in the room. Strike the balance!


Now is the perfect time to get to the real deal - assembling the DIY office desk. So you need to be meticulous here because this is where the final look of the desk will be shaped and determined.


Once you are done fixing the desk, you'll have to determine the decorations or office accessories you want it to have. What makes it more fun is that you can do this based on your taste and preferences.

And to make everything easier for you, you can check out the following DIY desk ideas. We assure you that you are about to learn how to build the most comfortable and affordable piece in your home office.

10 DIY Desk Tips to Make WFH A Breeze

Make your home office a warm and posh place to work with the following DIY desk tips for 2022 and even beyond:

Conceal the Monitor

We understand that you might not have much space in the house, so your home office might just be a section of your bedroom or living room. If that's the case, we are sure that you don't want your computer monitor to be protruding every time, right?

So we will recommend that you opt for a desk idea that has a desk that conceals the monitor. You'll also end up loving the aesthetics this idea will add to the entire setup.

Get Some Decorations

Would you love your home office to give you some homely feelings? Like a personal space where you can be yourself and whole? Then a few office desk decorations are the solution.

Luckily for you, there are hundreds of decor options online ranging from Kawai to contemporary ones. However, you should always go for the option that makes you feel good and comfier.

Embrace a Simple Standing Desk

Do you even know that creating a standing desk is not as cumbersome as you've been thinking? All you need is a combo of the ideal materials and some work. And if you can apply a few skills more, your dream desk will be built!

Even if you don't see yourself going through the rigors of making the desk, you can also get a very stunning office desk from the Flexispot website right here and now. The good news here is that the other will also be delivered to your doorstep.

Bring in a Tiltable Desk

What's the essence of working from home and you don't feel some comfy and luxurious vibes? So if you want to get more comfortable as you use the DIY office desk, you can also consider bringing a tiltable desk into the room.

The advantage of this idea is that you can place your PC at an angle that will make you free of a sore neck or eye strain at the end of your work hours.

Explore Feng Shui

The simple purpose of Feng Shui is to strike a balance between your work life and recreational (private) life in order to achieve harmony. Oh, that sounds great, isn't it?

Therefore, you should give a Feng Shui bedroom desk a trial today. You'll also learn to see why we say it won't make you feel less productive and active. And again, your bedroom will be further amplified as a place of relaxation.

Switch Your Console

Don't forget that building a DIY office desk is all about allowing the spirit of creativity to take charge. And if you are gifted to apply some artistic touches, that makes it more awesome.

So if the available space in the house doesn't allow setting up a new office desk, you've got no cause for worries. All you have to do is check around, can you see a flat surface? Good!

You can easily switch a console to an office desk that you can shift across the room as it pleases you. You might even end up forgetting that it's a console that you transformed into a new piece in as much as the height is okay for you.

Maintain Simplicity with a Wall-Mounted Desk

Yes, a wall-mounted desk is another fantastic way of setting up a space-saving office desk. So without the legs, the desk will take lesser space since it will be fitted to the wall.

If possible, you should include a folding feature so that you can easily flatten it against the wall anytime you're not using it.

Add Wax and Chalky Finish Paint

Even if all your desk ideas are lit and top-notch, a decision as simple as the paint color to use might destroy or magnify all your design efforts.

In that case, you should go for a color that's not too bright and attractive - not drawing excessive attention. A very good example is using a chalky finish paint together with wax. Try it today!

Try a Suspended Desk

Yes, a suspended desk is amazing when you take a closer look at its appearance and how it beautifies the room. But do you know it can also serve as a shelf for your flowers or books?

Sure, it can. And this comes in handy when you are not using it for work. So we'll suggest that you have it within your reach and if you know working on the office desk won't be a regular practice for you.

Sleek Floating Desks Should be Added

What's your take on the illusion of a workstation floating in the air? Yes, it is wonderful. And we are glad to inform you that there are many DIY floating desk ideas that will give you the perfect inspiration.

Like the suspended desk, a posh floating desk will help you save more space since it comes with no regular legs. It's also a trendy design in the corporate and ergonomic world, so catching up with the most recent designs won't be a problem.

Bottom Line

Nothing outranks the ecstasy that accompanies sitting in your home office that you've taken your time to build from scratch alongside your favorite DIY desk tips. The sole benefit is that you'll be cool spending more time there and this is bound to spice up your level of employee efficiency.