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10 Other Ways to Use Your Standing Desk

15 June 2021

Maybe most of us have already started going back to working in the office again. Standing desks have been one of the most sought-after office products for the past couple of years, notably during the COVID pandemic. Even before quarantine months, many employers have already made these ergonomic desks a must-have in their workplaces. Now that there's a chance that you may be using your standing desk at home a lot less as opposed to when you were working from home, you may wonder how you can use it.

You see, these desks may not be suitable just for your home offices, which makes it even a better investment anyway, especially if you've purchased standing desks like those from FlexiSpotIf you haven't yet and are considering it, or probably your employer is contemplating going hybrid or some roles or tasks to go remote, which may include yours, standing desks have been noted to benefit health by:

  • boost productivity
  • reduce risk of weight gain and obesity
  • improve posture and help tone muscles
  • improve mood and energy level
  • reduce lower back pain
  • lower blood sugar level
  • reduce the risk of cancer
  • lower risk of heart disease

I'm sure you've heard the claims by now. Those advantages are fantastic, but there's more. Those advantages are incredible but wait, there's more. There's a whole realm beneath the surface of your desk that you may use to your advantage. If you have purchased a standing desk over the past year for your work-from-home needs and are now wondering what else you can use it for, we've got some ideas.

Buffet or Pub Table

standing desk's increased height can offer some flair to a kitchen eating area while also keeping the desk distinct from the rest of the kitchen or home. Raised height-adjustable standing desks can be helpful for family members and guests to rest food and drinks on them while standing and socializing, thanks to the added height. You may use placemats, coasters, or a table cloth to protect the tabletop, though most standing desks are moisture-proof, just like FlexiSpot's. The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk comes in a glass desktop variant and is finished with rounded edges for superior safety, comfort, durability, and elegance.

Console Table

standing desk might look great beside a tall couch. It has less depth than a traditional console or sofa table, allowing it to fit into small spaces. It also has room for lamps, plants, and other furnishings. The white desktop and frame of the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) can hold some of your accent decors while visibly disappearing against a white wall or sofa. For a color and finish variation, the Vici Duplex Standing Desk has two tiers to hold even more items for display or ready for use.

Bar Table

What's the harm? You may have utilized a standing desk as a place to sit for drinks and conversation on the porch or in the living room. But have you considered using a classy standing desk, such as the Theodore Standing Desk, as a bar to store bottles and glasses and prepare cocktails? A one-of-a-kind table may offer a lot of visual interest to a room. The Theodore Standing Desk is ideal for tight spaces because it has a distinctive look while still emphasizing the exquisite liquor bottles, trays, and glasses.

Entrance Piece in the Hallway

A raised standing desk can double as a high table for storage and display in an entryway or hallway. The sight of the Esben Standing Desk UD5 every time you return home would undoubtedly lift your spirits as you see that it comes with four spacious hutch compartments for added storage. You may also use attractive bowls or bins to hold your keys and sunnies, then decorate the wall above with ornate hooks, containers, and message boards.

Breakfast Nook or Coffee Bar

Not every area needs a formal dining table or dining room set. A height-adjustable standing desk may give the space a more informal air. Furthermore, these somewhat taller tables fill a room with a higher ceiling more proportionally than a regular height table. You can also use a standing desk to create a secondary dining space in your house, such as a breakfast nook or coffee bar. Consider the available space in your dining area/kitchen to determine whether bar stools or counter height stools are a good fit.

Pretend Stage for Kids

Pretty sure this is already too familiar for most of us, even when we were our younger selves. Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series is so stable and sturdy that you can use it for your kids to practice performing in front of audiences and standing on a higher level to help alleviate stage fright as they polish their pieces. Please remember to use it with caution, especially regarding elevating the desk though the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series can support up to 275 lbs. But being able to adjust the height for your little one to get used to being the center of attention and get over performance jitters is the beauty of it.

Vanity Table

You can readily convert your standing desk into an all-in-one vlog-creation powerhouse. With integrated USB charging ports in the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Wooden Top, you can easily keep your lights plugged, cameras charged and, keep your cables as well as the need for validation away in its storage spacious drawer. Then, choose the ideal workstation height for the perfect angle to give your jawline a lasting impression. You'll be instafamous in no time.

Cat and Dog-Proof Tabletop

Just about everyone wants to work from home, but few consider the risks of having a canine or feline furworker. Each year, remote workers who use a standard desk report stolen sandwiches and toppled (or pushed) drinks. To counter this, we recommend eating your lunch while standing at your desk. You'll burn more calories while eating, and your dog or cat won't be concerned about that kale salad or green tea with honey. Suppose your furry friend becomes overly energetic and demands your attention. In that case, FlexiSpot workstations are solid and sturdy to prevent accidents, especially when your dog jumps to perch or, worse, your cat leaps out of nowhere. The same goes as when they decide to join your Zoom call!

Kids' Kitchen Buddy

Not only for home offices, but parents may also turn to standing desks to teach their kids the basics of cooking. Our kitchen at home is not built for kids, which is why our parents had been quite wary of our safety in it. It isn't the lack of security that makes parents shut kids out of the kitchen but the lack of tools to help kids learn. The standing desk has unconventional uses, which include facilitating learning inside the kitchen. It is height adjustable so that parents can configure it according to their kids' size. 

Portable and All-Around Surface

Casters may be mounted to the feet of your desk to create a moveable, height-adjustable surface that you may use for nearly any function. There is no need to have any other furniture for a completely different purpose if you can move your standing desk about your home or office.

Who knew we could use our standing desks for something else? Have you used yours for another purpose? The bottom line is, it's wisest always to try to find ways to repurpose something to at least find ways to utilize products we originally purchased for a specific purpose. A little bit of imagination goes a long way.