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10 Reasons Why Minimalism Has Grown to be a Global Trend

09 June 2021

Despite the fact that minimalism has been out there for a long time, it has become now more than ever a new trend and a worldwide style as our world changes dramatically.

So, why is the "back to basics" design so famous, not just as an aesthetic option but also as an attitude and way of life? The following are ten reasons why:

1. Personal Taste in Terms of Appearance

Minimalism has had a significant impact on art and mainstream culture since the 1960s. Andy Warhol's infamous artwork, for example, encapsulates the banal and ordinary parts of life in a now-iconic art style that has influenced more current works of art.

Beyond fine art, the minimalism approach has taken root in the interior design business, with clean lines, neutral color palettes, and furniture that serves as a blank canvas for whatever decorations and things are more personal to you.

2. A Fairly Large Online Presence

Minimalism is gaining traction on a worldwide scale due to the profusion of knowledge available via the internet. Minimalism is easily explored and read about on a variety of blogs and social media platforms.

Because of its growing popularity on the internet, many people who may not have been exposed to minimalism's ideas are now coming across them even if they were not looking for them. Minimalist tendencies have spread quicker than ever before in the internet era.

3. Minimalism's Advantages are Increasingly Regarded For

A minimalist lifestyle is said to provide peace of mind, clarity, and focus. Minimalism is becoming a desired and widely sought-after lifestyle and mindset amid what appears to be an ever-changing and chaotic environment, as well as growing awareness of the importance of mental health.

Surprisingly, a philosophical and aesthetic approach originally popularized in the 1960s is still seeing such a significant rate of adoption around the world 70 years later, whether due to situational necessity, coincidence, or possibly a testimonial to its usefulness.

4. People Learn to Appreciate Materialism Less

It is becoming increasingly vital to renounce materialism in favor of searching out the things that matter most as the world moves away from excess and analyzes its genuine requirements in times of epidemic and economic uncertainty.

Most millennials say they want to spend their money on experiences rather than tangible items, which is a significant departure from the priorities of a generation ago. This, paired with economic necessity and environmental consciousness, has aided minimalism's rise in popularity.

5. Issues About the Environment

As much as the necessity of restricting finances causes many to become minimalists without even realizing it, an increasing number of people around the world have recognized the importance of minimalism as a means of reducing waste and preserving the environment.

While society has a long way to go before learning to conserve resources and reduce its dependency on single-use plastics, change begins with each of us. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle has far-reaching consequences that extend beyond our own lives and pervade the environment.

6. Debt Repayment

Because the credit sector thrives on the production of debt and the repayment of loans with interest rates, many customers are consciously choosing to minimize their debt load by foregoing those large purchases that they cannot realistically afford.

Though many types of debt are unavoidable for most people — college tuition, medical bills, car, and home payments, and now emergency financial assistance due to the pandemic — there are lifestyle choices we can make with a minimalist approach to reduce our spending by focusing only on what we truly need.

7. Hardware and Software Advancements in Personal Computers

In recent years, major computer companies such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft have all adopted minimalist design approaches. The software has shifted away from skeuomorphic themes in favor of "flat" colors and gradients, easier-to-read typography, and the elimination of extraneous lines and "3D" effects.

As a result, computers and smartphones have moved away from having a plethora of buttons and switches in favor of more streamlined, unibody designs. Minimalism is more popular than ever in the tech industry, as evidenced by the minimalist office arrangements seen in many startups and IT organizations.

8. In Line with the Ongoing Pandemic

COVID-19's global spread has had a devastating impact on the global economy. While some nations have been affected harder than others, global unemployment is at an all-time high, and both in the United States and abroad, it is expanding at an unprecedented rate.

Many of us have had little choice but to identify what is necessary and what we can live without as a result of increased uncertainty about the future, less income, and tighter budgets. In consequence, even if they do not realize it, minimalism has become the de facto lifestyle for many individuals who are struggling financially.

9. An Increased Awareness of Inequity

While wealth inequality and racial imbalances have always been a global occurrence, it appears that the internet's speed of information and interconnectivity is bringing more of these issues to light.

While there are many different perspectives on why these issues persist and how to best address them, recent studies suggest that up to 71% of people are spending less on items and more on individuals who cannot afford essentials such as clean food, water, and clothing. Rather than buying for the sake of buying, they must make decisions that are compatible with a minimalist worldview.

10. A Hybrid Workforce Allows for a Variety of Lifestyles

As more individuals work from home, minimalism has become a more appealing alternative for simplifying home offices and staying focused when working from home. If you want to be guided on what ergonomic and minimalist office equipment you will need for your home office, you can check out FlexiSpot's wide range of products.


Wherever you are, minimalism is a great lifestyle and aesthetic you can apply in your personal or professional life. You can design your desk or whole workstation to this trend, ensuring you are satisfied and motivated to stay productive.

While people throughout the world may adopt minimalism at different rates and to differing degrees, it is interesting looking at why it is becoming so popular and how it might benefit each of us in different ways. Have you considered adopting a minimalist lifestyle for yourself?