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10 Remote Jobs to Try Right Now

16 September 2021

The future is remote. With more companies seeing the possibility and benefits of working from home or anywhere in the world, it seems like remote work isn’t going to return as an alternative option but rather become more of an accessible dream for most of us. 

In the past year or so, you’ve probably seen the rise of the digital nomad. People who never take a work trip nor a vacation because for them vacation is work and work is vacation. While these blurred lines may not sit well for some, digital nomads feel like they’re living their dream lives day by day, not dragged down by the normal 9 to 5 job in a traditional office set-up. So if you’re dreaming of a similar lifestyle, we’ve taken the liberty to list down some remote jobs you may want to consider if you want to live your life in a backpack. 

Language Instructor

1. Language Instructor

Teaching a language online has been around for a long time, even before the pandemic. If you speak English or even just your mother tongue, there will always be someone from another part of the world who would love to learn that. Apply on a platform or offer your own services then everything can be done online, from meeting your student for the first time to teaching your first module and conducting oral exams. 

2. Audiobook Reader

Invest in a good microphone and you can become an audiobook reader. A site like ACX pays well for those who’ll be qualified and get accepted by a book author to read their book. All you have to do is prepare voice notes as your portfolio---remembering to always speak clearly and enunciate every word. 

Luxury Travel Advisor

3. Luxury Travel Advisor

Want to experience the best life can offer? Travel for free and in luxury as a luxury travel advisor. You’ll be paid to try five-star services such as staying in a five-star hotel or traveling in first-class, all in exchange for your honest review to your client who wants guidance and reviews before going on their next trip. 

You don’t need any prior related experience or a specific educational background to become a luxury travel advisor. You just have to nail down your niche, have good skills in client relations, and back your opinions with research. 

4. Media Buyer

Your primary job will be to buy digital ad space for your clients. Since more people are spending their time online, companies want to target those consumers by making sure their advertisements are shown to them. A digital buyer would have to be knowledgeable in all media platforms, know the surfing habits of the client’s target market, and buy a great ad space for brands who want to reach their target market. 


5. Transcriber

Sites such as UpWork or TranscribeMe offer transcription jobs that pay per output depending on how long the job was and the degree of difficulty to transcribe an audio file. 

6. Vlogger

You can work anywhere you want as a vlogger producing digital content and earning based on the number of views your videos get. Once you secure a following, there are many doors that can open such as sponsored partnerships which will get you even more dough. As a vlogger, you would want to be as authentic as possible so that both your audience and clients trust you. 

Graphic Artist

7. Graphic Artist

You can work anywhere as a graphic artist provided that you have a laptop, software programs, and a portfolio to sell your services and win clients. You may work as a contributor for magazines and websites or create logos and publication materials for businesses. 

8. Photographer / Videographer 

Take your photography hobby up a notch by offering documentation services. Companies such as Sweet Escape hire remote photographers all the time to take photos of their clients while traveling or in transit. 

You may also book jobs as an event photographer or videographer. Whatever your niche is in photography, excel in that and build your network by mastering skills and knowing how to sell yourself. 

Social Media Strategist

9. Social Media Strategist 

Everyone is already online so there couldn’t be a perfect time to become a social media expert and strategize for companies' social media presence. You’ll be responsible in all stages, from planning down to executing the social media strategy of your client. 

10. Virtual Assistant 

Literally, work from anywhere or for anyone as a virtual assistant. Every industry needs it as most people don’t have time to do logistics. For example, a group of videographers has a wedding to cover this weekend but they don’t have the time to book flights, secure an accommodation, etc. It’ll be the job of a virtual assistant to do just that and make sure that the backend of their travel is all taken cared of so that they could focus on their main job as videographers. 

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